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Fic: Lost in Shadows Chapter 3/9

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Chapter 3

For weeks Ianto and Malcolm lived in bliss far away from the outside world as they nurtured their new relationship but sadly as all good things must, that was about to come to an end. Malcolm had plans that he couldn’t change no matter how much he wanted to, but he did notify all parties involved that those plans now included Ianto whom he was inordinately pleased to see was embracing his darker side.

Ianto wasn’t exactly sure when it happened but one day he realised that his darker side was not something to be feared and hidden away, but rather to be embraced and used. In his old life he’d been ashamed of the side of himself that had so easily conned Jack without guilt in order to save Lisa and he found he rather enjoyed the new freedom he was being offered. He was tired of being old reliable Ianto, the doormat, the servant, the Tea-Boy and the one to be pitied because he was nothing more than Jack’s bit on the side. No, Ianto decided, it was time he showed the world what he was truly made of, it was time to bring out the part of him that could con a con-man and then hide his cyber-girlfriend right under the noses of his teammates for months without being discovered.

Tucked up in the haven that was their bed, Malcolm curled himself around Ianto in a possessive hold, now that he had the Welshman he wasn't about to let him go. “I think you're going to like Starling City and you’ll have to meet Tommy sooner or later.” Malcolm wasn’t sure how his son was going to react to his new lover; he hadn’t had anyone steady in his life since he’d lost his wife and he’d rarely introduced them to his son, but he knew that regardless of what Tommy thought of Ianto he wouldn’t give him up.

Ianto shifted in Malcolm's hold and cocked his head with curiosity; he wasn't sure how he felt about meeting his lover's son – he’d never been in that position before – but he knew it was probably inevitable. Deducing what was worrying Malcolm, Ianto planted a kiss on the end of the man’s nose. "It doesn't matter if he accepts me or not; all that matters is that you like me."

Malcolm’s grin was fully of wickedness as he pushed Ianto onto his back and then pressed himself fully along the length of his lover. "And you know I do like you," he purred out as he began trailing his hand up and down Ianto's side, feeling him jump and twitch whenever his touch tickled.

As Ianto caressed the well-formed muscles of his lover’s shoulders and chest, a familiar golden glow began dancing across each finger and Malcolm's chest tingled as the power of time that lived within Ianto caressed his skin. Since arriving in this new world and with Malcolm’s subtle guidance Ianto was slowly beginning to understand how his new-found powers worked and with Malcolm’s encouragement he was learning to use his ability to control time. Truth be told, he thoroughly enjoyed using the powers that flowed through him.

Ianto smiled wickedly as he saw the heat building in his lover's eyes, he knew how much Malcolm loved it when he used the Rift energy on him. "You know…” he dragged his fingernails across Malcolm’s back, causing the older man to shudder violently which in turn ground their cocks together, “…I think I need a refresher course." He made sure to let his Welsh accent thicken, knowing that it would drive his lover wild with desire.

A dark and possessive growl rumbled up deep from within Malcolm's chest, he knew how much his lover enjoyed teasing him and he couldn't help but respond hungrily. None of his previous lovers had ever stirred such incredibly possessive yet highly sexual feelings in him and the urge to make sure everyone knew Ianto was his charged like a tiger through his body. "Oh, I would be more than happy to remind you," Malcolm growled shifting lower on Ianto’s body until his mouth was lined up just so… and then he pounced on his oh-so-delicious prey.


Two weeks later

At first glance, Ianto wasn't sure what to think of Starling City, it wasn't what he was used to; it was certainly no London or Cardiff, but he hoped that someday he would come to think of it as home.

'Plus the view certainly helps.' Ianto found his eyes drawn to the sight of Malcolm dressed in a fencing outfit, which highlighted one of Malcolm's most interesting assets, which coincidentally just so happened to be number two on Ianto's list of his lover’s most favourite bits.

"You know while I don't mind your eyes on my ass, it is rather distracting!" Malcolm called over his shoulder as he gracefully blocked his opponent’s move. He could feel Ianto's eyes raking over his body and while he normally didn't mind his lover undressing him with his eyes it was rather hard to focus on his fencing lesson when all he wanted to do was drag Ianto to the nearest surface and take him hard and fast, over and over again.

"Sorry, I can't help it; you're just far too tempting in that outfit," Ianto purred as he settled back to watch the men thrust and parry in an elegant pas de deux. He knew his lover was using the fencing skills to blow off steam and relax before his son arrived. Malcolm had confided in him last night, saying that he planned on cutting his son off financially thereby forcing Tommy to stand on his own two feet. Ianto wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do but it wasn’t his place to say anything; he knew his lover had a reason for doing this. Malcolm always had a reason behind everything he did.

Malcolm knew exactly what Ianto was doing with his seductive distraction and he worshiped him for it’; he also knew that Ianto didn’t really understand why he was cutting his son off but as a father, Malcolm knew it was the only way to force his son to grow up and start taking responsibility for himself. Feeling Ianto’s eyes boring into his ass again, he glanced at his fencing partner, “Let’s take a little break,” he ordered, he needed to pay Ianto back for his teasing.

Without waiting for an answer Malcolm spun on his heel and pulled off his face mask, purposely stalking closer to Ianto with every step. The reason for his interruption looked so very tempting leaning against the wall and the moment they met Malcolm pulled his lover into a deep kiss. They lost themselves in one another’s embrace as Malcolm happily welcomed the distraction his lover offered him. They barely made it through the back door and onto the floor of the living room before clothes were being tossed away and they were naked. Thankfully, the fencing instructor was already gone and missed seeing what came next.


Believing that discretion was the better path, Ianto made sure to stay out of sight while Malcolm was talking to his son. He didn't think that was quite the right time to meet his possible future step-son, not when he was being cut out of his father's life. His heart went out Tommy; it had to feel like a knife was twisting in his gut and Ianto knew that feeling all too well. He  never wanted to make the younger man feel like he was being forgotten or replaced.

Ianto raised an eyebrow as he watched Malcolm stomp into the living room. "I take it that didn't go well?" It was a stupid question, he knew, judging by the thundercloud that was Malcolm’s face.

Malcolm threw his fencing helmet onto the sofa so hard it bounced back off and clattered to the floor before he began stripping out of his uniform for the second time in an hour. "He hates me, my son hates me!" he exclaimed angrily as he stalked back and forth in front of Ianto.

Ianto hated to see his lover in any type of pain and at the moment it was radiating off of Malcolm in waves. "He just doesn't understand your reasoning yet, but once he does, he'll forgive you." Ianto wasn't sure how he knew it but he saw Tommy standing at Malcolm's side just when his father would need him the most. Ianto fought the urge to growl protectively as he suddenly realised that Malcolm was bleeding. 'No one harms him as long as I'm around and if I have to I will erase them from time itself,' Ianto vowed darkly feeling his powers rush through his veins.

Stopping in his pacing Malcolm raised an eyebrow as he spotted the dark look on Ianto's face; someone had earned his lover's wrath and all he could do was pray it wasn’t him. "I wouldn't want to be in the same shoes of whoever’s gotten you so mad right now."

"Well that's something you'll never have to worry about. I'll never plot on removing you from the time stream unless you do something to really really piss me off," Ianto warned with a raised eyebrow.

Malcolm couldn't help but shiver at the dark promise in Ianto's tone; his young lover was truly starting to embrace his darker side and he loved this new more confident Ianto. "I will never give you a reason to have to, I promise," he vowed reaching out and stroking Ianto's cheek and that was a promise he intended on keeping no matter what.

"I know you will." Ianto knew that his lover would never go back on his word; it wasn’t in him to break a promise.


Ianto didn't like the upcoming situation and he wasn’t afraid to tell his lover exactly how he felt. “This is foolish, Malcolm! You’re going to be a sitting duck out there in the open with no one to protect you. What it someone tries something?” Ianto could feel something vital tingling in him, a primal instinct that was telling him that when Malcolm stepped up to the podium to accept his award he was going to be in grave danger.

Malcolm, on the other hand, either didn’t see the problem or he simply refused to accept that there was one. “I’ll have you waiting in the wings like my knight in shining armour, ready to save me if things go wrong. Besides, I took your advice and invited Tommy there; I’m hoping we can use this as a way to start bridging the gap that’s between us. I want him to know that what I did was in his best interest but more importantly, I want my son to know how proud I am of him turning his life around.”

Wrapping his arms around Ianto’s waist, Malcolm tugged the Welshman back against his chest and nuzzled his neck for a moment; he could feel Ianto’s powers humming through his body like a live wire. “I promise you, nothing will happen to me, not when I have you watching my back.” Malcolm knew that Ianto’s greatest fear was being unable to save those he loved. He knew that the young man had nightmares about failing with Lisa, Toshiko and Owen, and now he was afraid he was going to let Malcolm down just when he needed him the most.

Ianto willingly leaned back against Malcolm’s hard chest and rested his head on his lover’s shoulder. “You’d better come back to me in one piece or you and your horny self will be sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future.” Ianto twisted around so that Malcolm could see the warning flashing in his steely blue eyes.

Malcolm tried not to let his mouth twitch up into a smile like it wanted to, Ianto wasn’t in the mood and he knew that would only be asking for trouble, but on the other hand, Ianto just looked so damned adorable when he was making threats. “I wouldn’t want that so I promise I’ll be perfectly safe and come back to you in one piece, okay?” and he pulled Ianto into a searing kiss to seal the deal.

Tags: crossover: arrow/torchwood, dcu big bang, fic: lost in shadows, pairing: malcolm/ianto
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