backrose_17 (backrose_17) wrote,

Fic update

'Belongs to you' the next in my Star!Ianto universe is in the works. But I will not get much chance to work on it for a couple of weeks. I have two major assignments to do, a research paper and a visual essay all due by Feb.15. But after that I will have more free time to focus on the sequel. So far I have seven stories planned in this universe and a few one-shots and short stories. 'Belongs to you.' Is the rewrite of the rest of season two of Torchwood with some big changes.

Also all my others stories that were in the prossces of been written have been lost. My main computer was hit with a pretty bad virus and I have been using my lap top which has none of the other stories on it. Hopefully I have the written copies somewhere.

But any free time that I get the next couple of weeks will go to working on 'Belongs to you' or my Dean/Ryan/Castiel fic or my Dean/Ryan series of stories.

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