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Fic: Lost in Shadows Chapter 5/9

Chapter 5

It hadn’t been easy tracking through the mysterious past of the Hood, trying to figure who was underneath the hood but Ianto persevered and no one could have been more surprised when it turned out that the Hood was none other than Oliver Queen, recently returned from the dead and Tommy’s best friend.

In the process of coming up with a plan to capture his lover’s oh-so-annoying rival, Ianto instantly ruled out using Tommy as bait, even though he’d learned that there was nothing Oliver wouldn’t do for his friends. He knew that Malcolm was willing to do a lot of questionable things in order to achieve his goals, but he would never knowingly harm his own child.

Next on the list of possibilities there was Laurel Lance and his investigations had revealed that she and Oliver had a past, a very complicated one that Ianto couldn’t help but feel a kindred spirit with. He knew well the pain and pleasure of loving someone who couldn’t… or wouldn’t… commit to just one person. However Laurel currently faced two paths, one with Tommy, where they were happy and carefree, while the other was with Oliver but with him, happiness would not come easy. Between the trauma and adventures of his missing years, his secret life beneath the hood, and the fact that there was another who was slowly but steadily gaining more and more of Oliver’s heart Laurel had her work cut out for her if she chose her college sweetheart.

Yes, Ianto had successfully found Oliver Queen’s and therefore the Hood’s greatest weakness just as he promised he would and he didn’t even know it.


“Excuse me, are you Felicity Smoak?” a softly accent voiced asked.

Felicity Smoak blinked in surprise as she found herself face-to-face with a very handsome man. “Yes, I’m Felicity Smoak,” she responded hesitantly and then she couldn’t help but gulp as the man’s eyes began glow blue. "Can I help you?" She edged away from the man slightly.

Ianto grinned darkly as he reached out and gently stroked her cheek with a knowing look in his eyes. "So you’re the Hood’s greatest weakness, only you have no idea, do you," Ianto leaned in closer, "and neither does he.” His grin grew wider as the blond-haired woman took another step away from him and look of confusion, fear and wariness appeared in her eyes. With one long stride forward Ianto stood toe-to-toe with his prey and leaned forward to whisper softly in her ear, “If the Hood is wise he will keep you close, very close."

Felicity shivered both at his words and at the feeling of his breath on her skin; this man was powerful and menacing and he actually scared her. Working for the Hood she was used to being around dangerous men but this one was unlike anyone Oliver had ever faced before. “Right… well since I don’t know who you’re talking about, you clearly have the wrong woman, so I’ll just be going now.” She nodded curtly and tried to step around her human roadblock but he swiftly countered her movements.

Ianto couldn’t help but roll his eyes with amused exasperation as Felicity tried to bluff her way out of this situation; it reminded him so much of Gwen’s ridiculous attempts, but Felicity had one thing Gwen never did, she had an innocence that was far too pure to allow her to pull off the look of a true liar. “I’m afraid that’s not possible, Miss Smoak, as you can plainly see.” Ianto gestured around them at all the people who stood frozen in mid-moment.

Even though she knew she should be worried, Felicity couldn’t help but gape in amazement. "How are you doing this?" No matter where she looked time had stopped and Felicity knew without a doubt that somehow this man was behind it.

Ianto grinned at the woman standing next to him because despite her fear he could see true awe in her gaze. "It's a little gift of mine. I am a rift in time and space; I carry a piece of time within me, and it is as much of a part of me as I am of it, which means you have no chance of escaping me."

Thinking she’d better humour he man just in case he was actually telling the truth and not just using some sort of hypnosis on her, she smiled politely. “Well course you can control time. Why wouldn’t you be able to? Although for a kidnapper you’re actually pretty nice and why are the villains always the well-dressed ones or is that some code of conduct for you to be so courteous and wear a suit?” Felicity knew that she was rambling but she couldn’t help it; when she got nervous her mouth had the tendency to run away from her.

Listening to her with barely contained amusement, Ianto just shook his head a small smile playing at the corner of his lips, he had to admit that Felicity reminded him of another lovely woman who tended to ramble when she was nervous. ‘I do miss you, my sweet Toshiko and I hope that you’ve managed to find some kind of happiness in the next world.’ Ianto refused to believe that Jack had been right when he’d said that there was nothing but darkness waiting in the afterlife. He couldn’t bear to think of Lisa or Tosh and even Owen lost forever wandering through the endless darkness. No, he preferred to believe that they had finally found the happiness in death that had been denied to them in the living world.

Eyeing the blonde woman standing before him, Ianto couldn’t help but think that for all his street smarts, the Hood was a fool if he couldn’t see how much Felicity meant to him.

“Miss Smoak, I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with me. You are the Hood’s weakness and I need you to help me deliver a message to him,” Ianto purred as he took a step closer to Felicity.

“Well, if you think I’m coming along without putting up a fight, you are sadly mistaken,” Felicity declared as she darted to the side and pushed a chair between her and Ianto.

Ianto sighed. “Miss Smoak, please, I appreciate your efforts but I can control time, I can freeze you where you stand if that would make things easier for you,” he pointed out.

“Well, then you’re just go...” Felicity stopped in mid-speech as Ianto did precisely that.

Ianto sighed again. “This would have been so much easier had you just cooperated with me.” Ianto shook his head and quickly got to work, he placed a note onto the shaft of an arrow he had borrowed from his lover and stabbed into the wall where there was absolutely no way Oliver could miss it. Taking a hold of Felicity’s hand, they dissolved into a golden cloud and vanished in to the time stream.

“…ing to have to…” Felicity stared around her in amazement and then finished her sentence with a gulp as she realised she wasn’t in her office anymore. “…which you umm… clearly have.”

“You would be correct, Miss Smoak; unfortunately you left me little choice,” Ianto informed her with a soft smile. “Would you care for a cup of coffee? I’m told I make an excellent brew.”

“You’re not like other villains, are you?” Felicity cocked her head at her kidnapper with curiosity. “You’re nice. Isn’t that against your code or something like that?” She wasn’t use to polite bad guys, just nasty thugs; Ianto was truly something extraordinary.

“Thank you, I pride myself on being above most common criminals. Now, would you care for a cup of coffee and before you ask, I would never wreck a perfect cup of coffee with poison or anything else.” The look on Ianto’s face when he mentioned ruining a cup of coffee made Felicity smile; it was one of pure horror and distaste.

“Well then, I guess a cup of coffee would be nice.” The blond woman couldn’t help but find herself liking the other man. ‘At least he’s a nice bad guy,’ she tried to comfort herself.


Oliver Queen was not in a happy mood. “How can someone just walk in to Queen Industries and kidnap Felicity without one single person or camera noticing?” Oliver demanded as he paced back and forth at a furiously agitated pace.

Diggle watched as Oliver stalked the length of his office and back again; the man was like a giant ping pong ball and Diggle was beginning to get dizzy. ‘Man, I’m wondering when you are going to wake up and see what Felicity really means to you.’ He had never seen two people more blind to their own emotions than the two fools he was working with, anybody with eyes could see that there was something there between them. “Calm down, Oliver, we’ll find Felicity. I mean her kidnapper did leave you a message with a pretty detailed map,” Diggle pointed out.

Oliver stopped in his tracks and glared menacingly at the offending piece of paper as if it was solely responsible for Felicity being kidnapped. “Which means we’re either dealing with a really confident kidnapper or it’s a trap, either way, we need to rescue Felicity and the sooner the better.” Oliver hated the feeling of hopelessness and loss that had entered his gut from the moment he’d discovered Felicity was gone. He knew that it wouldn’t go away until she was safe and sound back with them. ‘And then I am never letting her out of my sight again!’ Oliver was quite surprised by that last thought, popping into his mind out of nowhere as it did.



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