backrose_17 (backrose_17) wrote,

I'm Free!!!!!

I did it, I mange to finish up everything that means a free weekend. So now I should have sometime to work on my fics. I do have a scheulde planned, to work on my main fics which are: 

Title: Belongs to you
Fandom's: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Luna, Tom/Martha, Owen/?, Tosh/?, Andy/?, Gwen/Rhys/?, and Donna/?
Summary: In the year that never was Torchwood three lived every different lives. Those lives are about to merge.
Note: Second story in my Star!Ianto universe

Title: To be with you
Pairings: Dean/Ryan, one-sided Eric/Ryan, and pre-slash Eric/Sam
Fandom's: CSI Miami/Supernautral
Summary: Sam will let no one ruin Dean and Ryan relationship, which leads him to comfront Eric. While a call from Bobby about a new hunt, has Dean making Ryan an offer that's had to refuse.
Note: The next story in my Dean/Ryan universe

Title: It's a broken hallelujah
Fandom's: Supernautral/CSI Miami/and others to be announced
Pairings: Castiel/Ryan/Dean, Sam/Valera, Eric/Gabriel and others to be announced
Summary: Au of the CSI Miami 'Wolfe in sheep's clothing'. Ryan is a prophet, and his Archangel Guardian has decided to play match maker. Gabriel will do whatever it takes to keep her charge safe.
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