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Fic: Nice Horns or We Met in the Forest!

Title: Nice Horns or We Met in the Forest!
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairings: Jensen/Jared, JDM/Chris and Chad/Danneel
Summary: Jared never fit in with his herd and his chances of finding a mate were next to none, but he refused to change his belief that friendship and love could be found outside of his herd. Jensen knows that his mother would love for him to settle down and start giving her more grandbabies to coo over, love just wasn't for him until he crashed into the most adorable moose.
Beta: The always wonderful RoyalLadyEmma
This was written for the SPN Reverse Big Bang and I was lucky enough to work with dulcetine who created a set of wonderful art, which you should check out here

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Tags: fic: nice horns, pairing: jensen/jared, spn reverse bb
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