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Fic Rec

stranded / survival scenario isolation surprise sexswap

15 stories for the h_c bingo March challenge :


J2 stories:

Bottles on the Beach by morganaDW:Why I rec this story: I felt for Jared, he gave up his life, his family, everything by isolated himself to keep the one person he loves the most, safe. It’s not until Jensen learns what happens to Jared and comes looking for him. It shows how far someone will go in order to protect the one they love the most and sometimes the good guy does still get the happy ending.

Shift Change by Lyri: Why I rec this story, it’s a really great read. The main cast are werewolves and Jared has been locked away isolated for over sixty years and struggles to adjust to being outside in such a wide big world after being locked in a small cell. I felt for Jared as he struggles to adjust to the changes, luckily he has Jensen to help him out.

Teaching Him to Trust by morganaDW: This one is a tear jeaker and makes your heart hurt and make you believe in happily ever after. Jared has had a tough life, kidnapped and used and abused by a cult once he escapes he isolates himself so that no one can ever get close to him again to hurt him or use him again, that is until Jensen enters his life and teaches him that it’s okay to trust someone, that not everyone will hurt him. Read the warnings they are there for a reason, but it is a amazing read.

Worth Having by Greenbird: This one is set in a/o/b world. Why I rec this story, I love the idea of a world of a/o/b, this one omega’s are frowned upon and have very few rights, Jared has been isolated from the rest of the world by his traditional family, he has very few rights. I love his struggle of how he learns to trust Jensen and realized that just because he is an omega not everyone thinks the same as his family. I love watching as Jared comes out of his shell.

Dream Him Free by: TwoBoys2Love: I love everything about this world, there are special those with powers. Jared witnessed his parents murder as a young boy and since then has locked himself away in his mind and it’s up to Jensen to bring him out of his mind. It’s a really great read showing what some will do to cope with a horrific or tragic event in their life.

Whatever You Wish For, You Keep by: juice817, :This one is a take on Cinderella, it has humour while addressing child neglected. Jared is isolated away, kept as a servant in him home not even allowed to go to college. I enjoyed reading this story, Jensen is a hoot as the spoiled Prince.

Wincest Stories:
Living on Flood Tides by cherie_morte:This is amazing story, I really don’t have words to describe how much I enjoyed reading it. Sam is back from hell and broken and it’s just a lovely journey of how Sam and Dean over come everything.

Perpetual Motion by cherie_morte: This story shows why Dean and Sam are soulmates they are not whole without one another. Dean has isolated himself from living, he goes through the emotions but without Sam he doesn’t have the will to live.  

to change the course of the future by: authoressjean: There are a lot of stories where Bilbo finds out he has the one ring and decides to get rid of it, but none are as amazing and as heart gripping as this one. It will make you cry as you read as one lone heartbroken hobbit vows to rid Middle Earth of the one ring .

Surprise sexswap:
Don’t Be Such a Girl, Sammy by LoveThemWinchesters: This is a fun read and I enjoyed it, especially as Dean and Sam must deal with what they want after Sam is turned back to his normal self.

You’re the One That I Still Miss by tebtosca:I normally don’t read turned into a girl!Dean but this one is just so good. It takes place before the series. Being a girl isn’t easy for Dean but with Sam’s help he comes to see he’s still him no matter what. This one is more angst but amazing read.

Breaking the Girl by: cherie_morte: This should be cracky but it’s not, Sam gets turned into a girl and goes after what he wants and what he wants is Dean, now all he has to do is get Dean onboard with his plan. It’s a great read.

Through the Looking Glass by: MildayDragon and cyberdigi If you’re like me you can never have enough Ianto Jones. This one is great when two different Ianto’s switch places they must figure out away to get home. Two different authors wrote this story both using their own Ianto’s and its interest to see how the misplaced Ianto’s deal with worlds not their own.

Like Constantly Shifting Sand Beneath Your Feet by: choccy_grl: I love this story it’s one of the first stranded stories I have ever read. It takes an alternate route to season one of Torchwood. If you want to read Jack and Ianto trapped on a stranded island where Jack looks after a wounded Ianto and both men grappled with Jack’s desire not to return to the real world. It’s a wonderful read.

Welcome to the Jungle by: TheResurrectionist:I love this one, Dean as a survivalist and Sam as his cameraman, it has the wonderful hate turning into love relationship that I adore. It has everything humor, romance, action, drama and angst.  



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May. 5th, 2015 06:22 am (UTC)
I left you a post about your little Janto stories. I recently started a livejournal website of my own and I am currently writing a corresponding stories to you little janto Halloween/Christmas stories. They are sequels to yours. The differences is that my story takes place when the boys are 5 to 6 years old, and the stories will take place on Thanksgiving and Easter. I would like to incorporate sections of your Christmas and Halloween stories in with mine. I would like you opinion before I post the first chapter; I also want to know if you'll be okay this. If not I'm sorry but I would like to my stories and post them.
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