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Fic: Life is No Fariytale

Chapter 1

Provincetown, Massachusetts 2009

Small town living was never going to be right for Jensen Ackles but it did have a few perks like right now laying on top of a grassy hill with night sky clear and visible allowing the stars and the moon to shine the brightest, but the biggest perk was laying so close to Jensen that he could feel the heat coming off the young man. Jared Padalecki was the one thing that truly kept Jensen in this small town.

Jared blinked as the older boy suddenly sat up but he took the moment to admire the way Jensen looks in the moonlight, Jensen never failed to take Jared’s breath away the man was utterly breathtaking and it made him wonder how long he would be able to have Jensen in his life, he knew that Jensen longed for bigger and better things, things he couldn’t find in Provincetown. He would be soon left behind and he vowed to make sure that whatever time he had with Jensen would be enough to last him a lifetime. While Jensen didn’t believe in one true love and soulmates, Jared did and he had found his in Jensen and Jared would never love another as much as he loves Jensen.

“I love you Jared.” Jensen declared in a low voice not wanting to disturb the moment between them, the bright dimple smile that those four words brought filled Jensen with a sense of warmth; he didn’t believe in true love but if he did Jared just might be his.

“I love you too.” Jared would never get tired of hearing those words from Jensen nor would he ever get tired of saying them back.

“Marry me Jay I love you.” Jensen wasn’t sure where the words came from but he knew at that moment he wanted to marry Jared Padalecki.

That had been the last thing Jared had ever expected to hear from Jensen Ackles, the man never talked about commitment or where he saw their relationship going. “Are you serious?” Jared asked softly, it felt like time was standing still this was a moment he dreamed about but never thought would happen.

Seeing the fear in Jared’s eyes Jensen reached out his hand and rubbed his thumb gently along Jared’s cheek. “I don’t know what the future holds for us but I do know that I want you as a part of it. So yes Jared I mean it, will you marry me?”

Jared’s face lit up into a smile that could outshine the sun. “Yes, I will marry you Jensen Ross Ackles!” Jared declared throwing himself at Jensen.

A slight 'oof' escaped Jensen’s lips at the sudden attack before laughing as he wrapped his arms around the human that more resembled a puppy at that moment but he didn’t care. All of his dreams of the future, of leaving this small town behind faded to the back of his mind, as a future in this town did not seem so bad as long as he had Jared in his life.


New York City, 2015

Jensen Ackles wasn’t sure why he was thinking about his estrange husband Jared or their marriage that wasn’t nothing but a foolishly mistake on his part. He had been far too young and naïve when he'd married Jared, when he thought he could handle small town life.

‘No that is the past, this is my future I’m finally marrying a man who can make all my dreams come true.’ Jensen reminded himself as he straightened his tie once he noticed it was a little crocked in the mirror. This was an important day for him and he had to look his best after all it wasn’t everyday that someone announced they were getting married to one of the richest men in America.

Justin Hartley was the kind of man Jensen dreamed of marrying when he first realised that he was gay. Everyone knew who the Hartley's were; they were America's royal family. There wasn't a generation of Hartley's that hadn't served as Governor and those who didn't go into politics found their niche in business or the arts, and always at the centre of attention. Yes, the Hartley's were an important and dazzling family. Jensen could hardly believe that he had lucked out in winning and catching the heart of the youngest Hartley, Justin. The man offered him the world and Jensen would be a fool to turn it down.
He never believed in true love, the closest Jensen ever got to it was with Jared but it hadn’t been enough to cure him of his desire, no his need to shake off that small town and find the place he truly belonged. Jensen had been suffocating in his marriage and in that small town, marrying Jared had been an impulse and while Jensen could never truly regret marrying Jared, he really did love him as much as he could they were never meant to last and Jensen did mourn the friendship he lost.
“You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.” A smooth male voice whispered in Jensen’s ear as strong hands came to rest on his shoulders.
For one brief moment Jensen had the feeling that it was the wrong hands touching him, they weren’t nearly as strong but still so very gentle. It felt like he was cheating on Jared by letting another touch him.

‘No, Jared is my past and this man is my future. If anything I am cheating on Justin by thinking of Jared.’

Shoving all thoughts of Jared out of his mind and back in the past where they belonged Jensen turned his body just enough so he could look up at the man standing behind him. “I was just thinking about the press conference. Today is a big day for us.”
That had Justin smiling. “Indeed it is, I finally get to let the whole world know that I have finally found someone worthy to stand next to me as my husband.”
Bending down he pressed a kiss on Jensen’s cheek, taking the moment to admire how they looked together in the mirror.

‘Yes, we certainly make a handsome pair. Jensen is perfect for me, just like I am for him. I'll make him truly someone worthy and perfect.’ Justin had an image to maintain, he needed someone just as hungry as him and not bounded by the idea of true love, he cared about Jensen but he didn’t do love, he did partnerships, all he needed was someone to stand beside him, someone who will get something out of this just like him, “Ready to become someone?” Justin asked.

Jensen took a deep breath and looked at himself and Justin in the mirror, the expensive suit they were both wearing, something that the old Jensen could have never afford, it had been tailored made to fit his body. The ring he wore on his finger, one that Justin insisted he wear was white gold, the complete opposite of the one that Jared and he had gotten for each other; they had been simple golden bands with a sappy and romantic inscription on his. ‘Stop it! Stop thinking about Jared, he does not matter anymore that is the past and this is my future.’ “I’m more than ready.”

Provincetown, Massachusetts, 2015

“If you missed the news earlier this afternoon America’s son Justin Hartley, yes that Justin Hartley, has announced he is getting married. The lucky man is up and coming author Jensen Ackles the couple has been dating for nearly a year, the longest relationship Justin has ever had and many speculated that Mr Ackles just might be the one; well it looks like they were right. Here’s wishing you a long and happy marriage.”

Jared Padalecki-Ackles, 'I guess I'll have to change that,' had honestly thought that Jensen walking out on him, ending their three year marriage was the worse pain he could have ever suffered, he was wrong. Unable to hear anymore Jared turned off the radio, he took a shuddering breath as he fought to keep his tears in check until he got home where he could break down in private, right now he had precious cargo in the backseat that he had to get home and as if a soft whimper reached his ears and that had Jared smiling. “We’re almost home baby girl.” Jared promised, chancing a glance at his whole world through the mirror, smiling as he caught glimpse sleepy green eyes, green eyes that were exactly same shade as Jensen's.
Jared knew the roads like the back of his hand and that was the only reason he wasn't worried about heading back from his in-laws place so late at night, usually these roads were dead. He had no clue how wrong he was. Jared would blame himself for a long time, wishing that he had seen it sooner, wishing that he had seen the truck that ran the red light before it was too late and the front of the truck was slamming into his door, as the two cars slide and flipped Jared had one last thought before darkness claimed him, ‘Jennifer.’


Six months later

Jensen Ackles was pissed, more than pissed he was furious. He was one month away from his wedding, a wedding that was shaping up to be the wedding of the century! They were going to be on Barbara Walters for crying out loud! They were going to be on the cover of Vanity Fair and People’s! But now one thing threatened to ruin it all.
“This can’t be happening! I sent Jared those divorce papers years ago and you’re telling me that he never signed them? You didn’t think that this was rather important to tell me before I set a date! This is what I pay you for Mark!” Jensen ranted pacing back and forth the office of his lawyer.
Mark Sheppard watched with amusement as his client paced back and forth. “Don’t wear out the carpet, it’s imported.” Mark informed him as he took a sip of his brandy; after all, it was five o’clock somewhere in the world. “As for your estranged husband, I left you messages telling you that he hadn’t signed, but you never got back to me so I thought it was no big deal.”
That had Jensen pausing in his pacing, he couldn’t recall any messages from Mark, but right now that wasn’t important what was important was he was still a married man. “What am I going to do?” Jensen asked as he fell down onto Mark’s couch.
Mark studied his client, he usually didn’t do touchy feely stuff, he was a lawyer he wasn’t suppose to care above making sure those who could afford him stayed out of trouble so they could continue paying for him. “Well I guess you’re going to have to go home and talk to your darling husband yourself. I’ve tried to get in contact with him; the only time I did manage to talk to someone I was told very creatively what would happen to me if I didn’t leave Mr Padalecki alone.” Mark knew that Jensen didn’t keep in contact with anyone from his old life, so he was sure that he had no clue what had happen in Jared’s life since he left.
Jensen froze before looking horrified at Mark. “Wait, you think I should be the one who goes and gets Jared to sign the papers? That’s not my job, that’s your job; it’s what I pay you the big money for.” Truth was he didn’t want to go back, he couldn’t look Jared in the eyes as he asked for a divorce, and he couldn’t be there to see the pain in Jared’s eyes.
“If you want this divorce so badly I suggest you take some time and go down and talk to your estranged husband because he’s not responding to me.” Mark had his doubts about how serious Jensen was in wanting to marry Justin, making sure he was legal divorced should have been at the top of Jensen's to do list, not at the bottom. 'Not that it matters to me, I get paid either way.'
The idea of going to see Jared, to be the one to ask for a divorce from him left a hollow filling in the pit of Jensen's stomach. He could never stand the idea of hurting Jared. 'Of course you already did that when you walked out on him, reminding him that he wasn't enough for you.' That little voice at the back of your head, the one who liked to pipe up reminding you when you've been a asshole chose to remind Jensen that he had indeed hurt Jared and deeply.
There was no way that Jensen was about to agree with the voice in his head as he tried to convince Mark that this was a job for him. "I don't have the time to go back to Provincetown; I have the wedding of the year to finish planning! Everything needs to be perfect! Do you know how many people will be there? Do you realise how big of a deal this is? I can't be bothered to run off to chase down my wayward husband and ask for a divorce and plan the perfect wedding at the same time!" Jensen knew he was being dramatic, but desperate times called for desperate measures.
Mark, for his part looked completely bored. "Well then darling you have a problem on your hands; I have my hands full with a rather long and costly divorce coming up, one that is filled with cheating, lies and all those good little things I love. I get to be a bastard and rake my client’s soon-to-be ex-husband across the colas and getting Hartley level money to do so. Now why would I give that up in order to deal with your little domestic?" Mark questioned with a raised eyebrow as he took a sip of his brandy.
Jensen hung his head, there really was no getting out of it, and he was going to have to go home.
"Cheer up love; you're acting like it's a death sentence." Mark had no clue how true those words were to Jensen.



In a rarely used room in the house that once was filled with love and laughter now felt more like a tomb, on an unused desk sat the unsigned divorce papers a pen resting on top of them waiting for the owner to find the strength to sign them. Next to the papers sat a much-loved stuffed pink bunny, whose colour had faded from one too many washes and a left arm had loos stitches caused by someone dragging it on the ground. Dust collecting everywhere but the table and those items on it. This was a room that someone avoided at all costs, for it carried too many painful memories that he was desperately trying to run away from.


Right from the start Justin had expressed no interest in planning their wedding; he left all details to Jensen and their very expensive wedding planner. He trusted that they could handle all or any hiccup, or crisis that could possibly arise, after all that's what he paid a ridiculous sum of money for.
He just never imaged that Jensen’s estranged husband ‘Jason? Or is it Jeremy? Whatever, it doesn’t matter, but I’m pretty sure it starts with J.’ would have been a problem at all.
His name didn’t really matter to Justin, what did matter and what had him clenching his fist was that Jensen was stilled married to that nobody. He couldn't understand why Jensen hadn't divorced that silly bumpkin years ago. It made no sense why he hadn't got the divorce as soon as he left that awful place.
“Damn it Jensen! We are getting married in a month! How could you have let this happen?” Justin demanded.

‘Oh hell no!’ Jensen wasn’t about to let Justin lay all the blame on him. “Maybe because I’ve been the one working his damn ass off getting this damn wedding ready and perfect, for you! You have been too busy to help, so forgive me if I haven't had much free time to do anything else. I’ve done everything! I’ve picked the venue, the band, the cake, the menu, I’ve arranged the guest list, a media area, I’ve done everything and you haven’t been lifted one finger to help. So I’m sorry if I’m not perfect. I sent those divorce papers to Jared over a year ago and I let Mark handle everything, how was I to know that Jared hadn’t signed them yet! That’s on Mark, not me.” Jensen snapped back. he wasn't taking the blame for something that wasn't his fault.

For a moment, Justin was taken aback by Jensen’s outburst, but he had forgotten that Jensen wasn’t some delicate flower who would roll over and do as he demanded like so many of his previous lovers and boyfriends. Jensen had fire that burned hot, it was one of the things that liked about Jensen, and that fire was certainly a plus in the bedroom. ‘Still right now I need to make amends with Jensen; this is a mess easy to be dealt with.’ Like a flip that had been switched Justin went from angry to smooth. “I’m sorry Jensen; I know you are doing your best and I can’t thank you enough for handling everything.” Justin cooed as he crossed the distance between him and Jensen, pulling the other man into his arms, he didn’t think anything of how tense Jensen was he would melt soon enough. “I just want to make you my husband and that can’t happen if you’re still married to another.”
It was no secret that Justin had away with words but for once they didn’t seem to be working on Jensen, they never had. Try as he might Jensen couldn't help but compare this wedding planning to that of the one he planned with Jared, when he and Jared had been planning their wedding Jensen had lost count over how many nights that they had stayed up into the early dawn hours just going over wedding plans, it was something he and Justin would never do and part of Jensen was grateful that Justin was nothing like Jared in that regard. “Mark suggested that I go to Provincetown myself and talk to Jared in person and get him to sign the divorce papers.” Jensen admitted.
Justin forced himself to keep his tongue, he hated being reminded that his perfect Jensen was small town trash, he had done his best to bury that part of Jensen’s past an effort that Jensen seemed to fully support. “I hate to say it but maybe Mark is right, it might get done quicker if you show Jason that you’re completely over him, he might have been holding out hope that you might come back to him, this might force him to face the truth that what the two of you had is over and he needs to move on with his life like you’re trying to.”
Jensen found himself trying not to bristle as Justin got Jared’s name wrong, he had a feeling on purpose. But there was no denying that Justin had a point it might force Jared to face the truth that he and Jensen were truly over, but Jensen hated the idea of being the one to smash all of Jared’s hopes, his soon-to-be ex was a sensitive soul and he hated the idea of being the to shatter that hope, but it had to be done. “You’re right, it might mean coming from me. I’ll make arrangements in the morning to head down there; I’ll stay only as long as it takes to get Jared to sign then I will be free to become Mr Jensen Hartley.” Jensen would never get ahead in life if he kept putting the needs of others before himself. ‘Jared needs to see that we are done. That there is nothing left for the two of us, we both have our own lives and different paths to take.’
Justin, long ago perfected the art of faking so he had no doubts that the understanding and sympathetic smile he flashes to Jensen looks real. “It’s for the best Jensen. I’m sure that Erica can handle planning the rest of the wedding; it’s what we are paying her the big money for after all. I’ll even do my best to clear my schedule to be available if Erica has any questions." Justin had seen Erica and he would have no problem spending long hours working with her and they might actually get around to planning his and Jensen's wedding.
Jensen let out a sigh and sunk into Justin's hold. "Alright, I'll book my trip tomorrow and hopeful I can get this all settled in a couple of days." He really disliked the idea of going back to that place he worked so hard to get away from.
Tilting Jensen's head up Justin pressed a quick kiss to his lips. "Why don't I help take your mind off your trip? Help you relax a little." Justin asked with a leer.
Since leaving Provincetown and Jared behind Jensen hadn't lived like a monk and normally he would be all over Justin's suggestion, unlike with Jared where he topped exclusively he and Justin switched, but tonight with memories of Jared fresh in his mind Jensen just couldn't do it. Pulling away Jensen gave Justin a soft smile hoping he could soften the blow, "Not tonight, if I'm going to be taking a impromptu vacation I better make sure that all my work is caught up."
Now Justin wasn't used to being turned down but he had to admit that Jensen was being logical about this. "Perfectly understandable, don't let me keep you from your work."
Jensen did his best to make sure that none of his relief showed on his face he needed to be alone, to once again be able to bury any lingering feelings he might have for Jared back into the deepest parts of his mind where they belonged.

Two days later, Provincetown

Jensen disliked the simple Ford Edge that he had been forced to rent from the rental at the airport, after being behind the wheel of some of the world's most elite cars it was hard to down grade. Behind his hundred dollar sunglasses, Jensen was able to mask his dislike of being back in this one horse town. 'It's just for a few days and then I will never have to step foot in this town again.'
Jensen wasn't ready to face his folks just yet but he needed to gather some info and there was only place in town he could get that. "Some things never change." Jensen murmured as he pulled into the parking lot of Ferris the local diner that served as a hangout for all the young people, Jensen remembers spending days and weekends at that place, curled up in the back booth with Jared.
Jensen wondered what kind of welcome he would get, he hadn't left on the best of terms, hell he broke not only Jared's heart but also his parents when he rode out of town and that wouldn't put him on too many people's Christmas list. Jensen wasn't sure how long he sat in the car, unable to make his body move, his fingers drumming on the steering wheel. "Come on Ackles, you can do this. It's just a small town diner; you've outgrown this town and its opinions of you." Jensen reminded himself as he steeled himself for the confrontations he was sure to face.
It might have been a few years since Jensen last step foot in Ferris but nothing had changed. Which was hardly a surprise in a town where nothing much changed generation to generation. It still had the red vinyl booths, that while didn't look like much were still the most comfortable seats that Jensen ever had the chance to sit in, there was a real jukebox that last time Jensen had been there played. 'I wonder if mine and Jared's song is still on there.' Once that thought crossed his mind Jensen shook himself, he had been back in town a few minutes and he was already letting down his defences.
"The walls are still as white as they have been since you left; now I suggest you sit your butt down and stop blocking my doorway." Samantha Ferris, sole owner of Ferris, had seen some amazing things but seeing Jensen Ackles back after three years was at the top of her list, piped up pinning Jensen with a stern look.
Jensen couldn't help but smile some things never change and at the top of that list would be Samantha Ferris and her kind heart and no take attitude. "Hello Sam, it's good to see you again." Jensen told her truthfully, as he took a seat at the counter.
“Damn boy it's good to see you, but honey, you aren’t going to be all that welcomed around here.” Sam warned, she loved Jensen like he was his own, she had watched that boy grow up and he had a special place in her heart and it had broke when he left, but she couldn’t fault him for following his own dreams, but what she couldn’t forgive was the way he left Jared behind, that boy was still recovering from losing the love of his life and then that horrible day Jared lost his whole reason for living.
Jensen figured that might be the case but it didn't make it any easier to hear. He just didn't know why it stung he shouldn't care what these small town folks think about him, they were nothing to him.
“You damn son of a bitch!”
That was the only warning Jensen got before Danneel Harris' punch landed on the side of his jaw and the redhead hadn’t held back and Jensen knew that he was gonna to have a bruise. Jensen figured he was lucky to stay in his seat, he had seen Danneel knock a football player onto his ass when he couldn't take no for an answer.
“You have a lot of nerve showing up here after three years of no contact with anyone. I guess we’re not worthy of the great Jensen Ackles attention.” Danneel sneered at Jensen; there was no trace of their old friendship they once shared in her eyes.
Not that Jensen was surprised when he left this town in his rear-view mirror he had known that he would be saying goodbye to all his old friendships, he had burned a lot of bridges when he left. “Nice to see you too Danni...”
Danneel’s snarl caught him off in mid speech, “Don’t you call me Danni, only my friends get to call me that and you are no friend of mine Jensen Ackles, not anymore.”
Jensen had known that might be the case but it didn’t mean it did sting something deep to know that he has lost a friendship from first year of high school. "It's nice to see you again Danneel, you're looking as lovely and feisty as always."
It took all of Danneel's willpower not to punch Jensen again. "What are you doing here Jensen? Don't you have some big wedding of the century to be planning?" Danneel wanted Jensen out of town before Jared learned that he was back in town.
"I do and I don't plan on being here long. I just need to tie up some loose ends and then I will be out of here." Jensen informed Danneel.
Danneel's eyes narrowed. "Good, the sooner the better. You don't belong here any more and people aren't going to welcome you back so you better be quick with whatever you need here. A word of advice Jensen, stay away from Jared, he doesn't need you mess up his life when he's finally starting to move on." Danneel wanted to hurt Jensen as much as he had hurt those, especially Jared, when he left.

'Jared's moving on.' Jensen wasn't sure why he was having such a hard time wrapping his head around Danneel's words, he should be jumping for joy this should make getting Jared to sign the divorce papers all that much sooner. Then there was another part of Jensen, a part that wanted to roar with jealousy over the idea of Jared belonging to anyone else but him, Jared had been Jensen's for so long that even so long apart couldn't stop the possessive and jealous side of him come roaring back to the surface and it took a lot more willpower than it should to shove it back down. "I'll do my best to keep out for your way." Jensen promised, he really had no plans on interacting with anyone but Jared and then he could be out of this small town in a few days.

Danneel gave a sharp nod, "See that you do," she would still be warning the others to keep an eye on Jared to make sure that Jensen gets nowhere near him and that Jared never finds out that Jensen is in town. Danneel doesn't know why he is here but she is sure it has something to do with Jared and she will not let Jensen cause any more damage to Jared.
Jensen watched as the fiery redhead made her exit, she was in full on pit-bull mode and he was going to have to watch his step once word got out that he was here to get Jared to sign a divorce papers, Danneel wouldn't be the only one coming for his head. "I take it that I can expect more of that treatment?" Jensen asked Sam.
Sam wanted to lie to Jensen, to tell him that he was welcomed here, but she couldn't. She could see the pain in Jensen eyes, despite the mask he wore. He wasn't the only hurting party in this, there was Jared another boy that held a piece of Sam’s heart and she knew that many of the townsfolk blamed Jensen for walking away from Jared and not being there for him when Jared reached out in his time of need. "I'm sorry honey, a lot of people love Jared around here and you're leaving the way you did hurt that boy deeply, there are going to be a few overprotective souls that you will run into. The worst being Chris, that boy is overprotective over Jared worse than any guard dog. If you want to have a working jaw for your wedding, stay far away from Chris. I mean it Jensen, you see Chris heading your way you turn the opposite direction." Sam knew that when it came to protecting Jared from all kinds of harm Christian Kane took the role of watchdog very serious.”
That stunned Jensen for a moment, Jared and Chris had never been that close, not to say that they weren’t friends, they were but they weren’t that close. ‘It seems things have changed.’ Jensen had a terrible thought. “Are Chris and Jared more than friends?”
Sam wasn’t sure but she swears she could hear an underline of jealous in Jensen’s voice. ‘I wonder if your truly as over Jared as you like to claim.’
“I can’t say, they definitely have the potential to be something more then what they currently are. Personally I think they're good together, they make each other happy. The feelings are there but neither man has taken that first step. I’d say it’s only a matter of time.”
Jensen wasn’t sure how he should feel at that news, he wanted Jared happy, and he wanted him to move on and be happy, but now that he might be, Jensen found himself feeling just a little jealous. “A lot has changed since I’ve been gone. I never thought that Jared and Chris were that close.”
A deep sadness entered Sam’s eyes as she smiled sadly at Jensen. “Things change, tragedies can bring the most unlikely people together. A lot has changed Jensen, Jared most of all. I love your Jensen as if you were my own but I can’t promise you that I won’t smack you upside the head if you hurt that boy again.”
It bothered Jensen more than he thought it would to be cast as the villain in this story, sure, he was the one who broke up with Jared, but he wasn’t the first person to leave a partner and he would not be the last. It didn't make him a monster that he couldn't live in his hometown and it was unfair he was suddenly the bad guy in this.
He was truly sorry that Jared got hurt but everyone knew that he didn’t believe in true love and Jensen dreamed of leaving this one horse town behind. “I never meant to hurt Jared but sometimes life takes on down different paths. I will always care about Jared but maybe we are just not meant to be. But no matter how much you all want to blame me I am not the villain of this story. I’m just the guy who wanted more out of his life and I’m sorry that it didn’t include Jared but that’s no reason to look at me like I’m lower than scum.”
Sam could only stare at Jensen, “You really have no idea what suffering Jared has gone through since you have been gone. Jared lost a lot more than you and while you leaving cut him deeply he survived and went on with his life, even though everyone who saw him could see he was a shell of himself, but he survived and he found a reason to live and then that reason was ripped from him in such a brutal way that we nearly lost him. Until you know the full story I would be very careful what you say, there is more to this story then you know. And you might want to start with your family, ask them how many times they came to visit and were turned away by your fiancé.” Sam suggested.
That confused Jensen, he hadn’t seen his family in years, he had sent invite after invite and at first they came but when he got involved with Justin he began to lose all contact with them. He had been hurt at first but Justin had pointed out to him that they never seemed to understand why he had left and seemed that they were just waiting for him to come back home to Jared. He had Justin, he was his new family and if no one from his old life could understand that, well then that was their loss, Justin kept telling him that he didn’t need them and sometimes Jensen believed him, it made the loneliness in his heart a little less.
Sam could see the walls coming up in Jensen’s eyes, she wasn’t sure how this Justin fellow blinded Jensen so badly but he was in for a wakeup call. ‘There is something fishy about this Justin fellow. Oh Jensen, what happened to you? Can’t you see that caring about people and love is not a sign of weakness?’ Sam wanted to say something but it wasn’t her place, Jensen was going to have a big wake-up call when he meet Jared and learned just what his estranged husband had been through these years, just what he has lost. “I know you came here for a reason, a reason that most likely involves Jared and I'm saying this to you because I do love you and care about you Jensen, be very careful when approaching Jared, he's not the same boy he was when you left him. He is a shell of his former self, be careful with him."
Jensen's eyes narrowed as he growled out in a protective tone that many had gotten use to when it came to Jared, "What do you mean a shell of himself?" There was no way his leaving could have damaged Jared that badly, he was too strong to let a little heartbreak destroy him.
Jensen always hated it when anyone looked at him with pity and there was no denying that was what was in Sam's eyes as she looked at him and informed him, "Oh honey, you have no idea what you are walking into."
A frustrated sigh escaped Jensen's lips, he was getting really tired of this game of riddles. "I might if you would just tell me the damn truth or at least give me a hint of what has happen to Jared!"
Sam could not break the trust Jared had placed in her."It's not my story to tell, only Jared can tell you. Or you could talk to your family they have more right to tell you then I do, it affect them almost as much as it did Jared."
With Danneel already knowing he was in town it was just a matter of time before word spread and while Jensen knew that he would have to see his family some time during this visit, Jensen had hoped to do so on his last day here which he knew would be impossible but at least after he talked to Jared, now it looks like he will be stopping to visit them next. "Thanks for the advice and for not kicking me out when I first stepped foot in your dinner but if I want answers I guess I better go talk to my parents." That was a conversation that Jensen was dreading having.
Sam knew that Jensen leaving as he had didn't just deeply hurt Jared but Alan and Donna Ackles as well, there was a lot of hurt there, it made Sam wonder just how deep it went on both sides. "You're family will be happy to see you again Jensen trust me on that. And if you want answers they are the best place to start."
Running a hand through his hair Jensen knew there was no putting this meeting off. "Thanks Sam, I'll see you later."
"You're always welcomed here Jensen, you should know that. But one last word of advice, if I was you I'd also watch out for JD, he didn't take to you breaking the heart of his nephew all that well." Sam warned.
Jensen actually winced at the mention of the town's sheriff, the man had never really approved of his relationship with Jared. Jeffrey Dean Morgan raised Jared after his sister, Jared's mom and Jared's dad had been killed in a car accident when Jared was five. JD was Jared's hero and JD loved Jared as if he was his own son. JD had put the fear of god and the gun he owned into the first man who had broken Jared's heart, so it was safe to say that he would be at the top of JD's shit list. "How badly does JD want my head?"
"Well let's it put it this way, if you see JD across the street run, run as fast as you can and not stop until you reach the other side of town." Sam suggested.
"Yeah, that's what I figured, thanks for the advice Sam." This trip was turning out to be more trouble than it was worth. 'Jared why couldn't you just sign the divorce papers when I first sent them to you? It would have saved us both a lot of trouble.'
Tags: fic: life is no fairytale, pairing: jensen/jared, spn_j2 bb
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