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Fic: Life is No Fariytale Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Jensen lost track of time as he sat in front of Jennifer's grave, talking about everything and nothing. He wasn't aware that he was no longer alone until his dad sat down next to him.

"I'd thought I'd find you here." Alan Ackles told his son, the look of devastation in his son's eyes tore into his heart. "I'm sorry son that you had to find out like this. You have to believe me son when I tell you that we tried our hardest to get in contact with you, no one especially Jared wanted to keep Jennifer away from you."

"I know. I wanted so badly to be a big shot, to be someone that I missed out on the most important things in life. I missed my baby girl, I missed getting the chance to see her once and that will haunt me to the end of my days.” Jensen admitted to his father.

Alan’s heart utterly ached for his son. “I’m so sorry Jensen; if I could I would turn back time and try even harder to stop that horrible night from ever happening I would. But that’s not possible, but son I would be happy to tell you all about Jenny and there are photos and videos that I can show you so you at least have that.” Alan knew it wasn’t much but it was the best he could offer.

For the first time since he learned everything, Jensen smiled at his father. “I’d like that a lot. I just need to find out who made sure that I would know nothing about Jennifer.” Jensen would find those responsible and they would pay.

“Son, I don’t know if it helps any, but on one of my last attempts I talked to a blond man who claimed that he was your fiancé, Jason or something. He said he was acting on your behalf when he gave me a signed court order telling all of us to keep at least one hundred feet from you, it was later dropped but that was after the first time Jared tried to kill himself.” Alan choked up on the last words.

Jensen froze he knows his mom hinted at Jared being depressed and attempting something like this but to hear the words from his dad was a little too much. “Wh... what happened?”

Alan’s gaze went distant he didn’t like thinking about it. “He tried to overdose on some pills. I’m still not sure how Chris knew that something was wrong with Jared but I am forever thankful that boy stopped by, we would have lost Jared. You’re brother was working in the ER that day and called us, he was devastated as was the rest of us. We should have known that he wasn’t handling Jennifer’s death well, he was so lifeless and then the papers came.” Jensen’s sharp intake of air let Alan know that he figured out what papers he was talking about.

“Is it my fault that Jared tried to kill himself?” Jensen asked when it looked like his father wasn’t going to answer Jensen turned pleading eyes onto him, “Dad I need to know, the last thing, the very last thing I ever wanted to do was cause Jared any undo pain.”

Alan knew that the truth would come out no matter what. “Yes, Jared tried to kill himself after he received the divorce papers, I do believe that it was the final straw, he believed he had lost everything that was worth living for and wanted peace he thought he could get only in death. He’s doing better but he’s not the Jared you knew and I suggest when you see him take it easy on him, he puts on a strong front but he is more fragile then he looks.”

Jensen wasn’t sure how to feel, he had come to town looking to get a divorce so that he could marry a man he thought worthy of him only to learn that someone had kept his family and his daughter from him. All he knew was he was not leaving town until he got some answers and saw Jared for himself.


It wasn’t unusual for them to crash at Jared’s place when they think that Jared needed their support. All around her, the guys were crashed out, half asleep. Steve was curled up against her back sleeping at an angle on the loveseat that made Danneel cringe in sympathy. ‘I’ll make sure to massage his neck later.’  Danneel vowed as she gentle eased her way out of Steve’s arms. A smile played upon her lips as she noticed Chad and Chris had fallen asleep together on the couch with Chad’s head resting on Chris’ shoulder with Chris’ head resting on top of Chad’s. Danneel’s heart went out to Chad, say what you want about him (and many people could say a *lot* about Chad) but all agreed he was a loyal friend and he had put aside his own feelings for Chris for Jared. ‘You are a good guy Chad Michael Murray.’ Not seeing Jared, Danneel’s eyes flickered to the stairs and she had a pretty good idea where Jared was.

Since Jennifer’s death Jared had left her room untouched, the only time he opened the door was to keep it clean and when he needed a moment to mourn what he had lost.

Danneel wasn’t at all surprised to find Jared curled up on Jennifer’s bed with her beloved stuff pink bunny in his arms. It utterly broke her heart to see Jared so small and valuable. “Oh honey.” Danneel didn’t wait for an invite just crawled into the too small bed and wrapped herself around Jared as best she could.

Jared sunk into her hold; Danneel had been one of the main female role models in Jennifer’s life. “I love him so much and he doesn’t even seem to care how much he is ripping my heart out. I want to hate him but I just can’t, I just can’t.”

If Danneel’s heart wasn’t already aching for Jared, it was now. “Oh sweetie, he is a fool, a grade a fool. He is so blinded by his belief that he needs to be a big shot to be important that he doesn’t see that he was already important and special to those who truly care about him and love him for just being Jensen. Someday he’ll wake up and see what’s he had and lost and then he’ll come crawling back to you.”

“I know I should be over him but I still love him and I think I always will. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I let him go like Jensen has done with me?” Jared pleaded with Danneel to help him out.

“Oh honey, it’s because Jensen is your one true love, your soul mate, he is your world and that will never change. I’ve seen Jensen when he is with you and he can lie to himself all he wants but the truth is when he looked at you; it was as if you hung the moon and the sun, you were the brightest star in his life. Someday Jensen will remember that, he will see that you are his soul mate.” Danneel did her best to reassure Jared. ‘Please Jensen don’t make me a liar.’


Jensen was numb when he made it back to his hotel room, he waved off his parent’s offer that he could stay with them, and he would probably take them up on that offer tomorrow, tonight he needed to be alone in order to process everything he had learned tonight.

Jensen didn’t want to believe it but the more he thought about it the more it became clear that there was only one person who could have the means to keep his family away from him. “But why would he do this?” Jensen couldn’t see the point. He needed someone he could talk to, someone from his new life who knew Justin better than him and there was only one person he could think of.

Aldis and his wife Genevieve were the only ones that Jensen could call friends among his and Justin's small group, not that they would call Justin a friend, Aldis had nothing but contempt for Justin and tried to warn Jensen that Justin was not the man he showed the world. But they weren't like the others they had been childhood sweethearts that realised they were each other's half, they had married right after college and seemed to be in love more and more every day. Jared would have liked them; they had the same beliefs in love as he did.

"Jensen, how many people did you invite from your old life? How many members of your own family and real friends are going to be there?"

Jensen looked away unable to answer Genevieve's questions, the truth was no one from his past was coming, Justin had made a case, would they really be the right kind to mix with the upper class and he had gone along with his wishes, he wondered when he stopped thinking for himself and started letting Justin control his every move.

"Aldis, I need some advice." Jensen said after heard Aldis greeting.

"Talk to me man, what's going on?" Aldis had never heard such a lost tone in Jensen's voice, something bad must have happened.

Jensen let out a relived breath and let the story come tumbling out.

"Man, that's rough; I can't even begin to image the kind of pain you are going through. I'm so sorry for your lost. However, I'm not surprised that Justin pulled something like this; I tried to warn you about Justin. He isn’t one to play nice. He wanted you and he would do everything in his power to cut off any connection to your old life. You’re boy Jared was here many things, always denied seeing you and the last time. I have never seen someone look so broken, so lost as he did. Justin made sure that he could never get in contact with you. I tried to tell you Jensen but Justin made sure that I never got the chance to."

“So you do think that Justin is behind all of this?” Jensen hadn’t wanted to believe it, that the man he was planning on marrying could be this cruel. ‘He really is the perfect man for me, I abandoned my old life because they weren’t enough for me and I missed out on everything.’

“I hate to say it man but yeah, I really do think it was Justin. I’ve known Justin for years and he is a man who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He wanted you as his partner, a man who doesn’t believe in love and expected nothing from him but the social standing that his name brings.” Aldis hated to be blunt with his friend but it was the truth.

Jensen winced, yeah Aldis had a point he had overlooked the fact that Justin was and would never be faithful to him and that this marriage was nothing but a sham, one that he had been willing to go along with just because it made him someone. ‘Man, Mac was right what has happened to me? When did being someone become so important to me?’ “I needed to hear that Aldis. I need to straighten out this mess with Jared first. I never ever wanted to hurt him and that’s what I did.”

Aldis could never understand it why Jensen was so gun-ho over marrying Justin, it was as if he didn’t hear how he talked about Jared. “Jensen, man, I can’t understand it the way you talk about this Jared guy it’s clear that you still love him so why did you ever want to divorce this guy? Love like yours doesn’t happen every day; you shouldn’t let it spill through your fingers.” Aldis advised Jensen.

Jensen knew his relationship with Justin was nothing like his relationship with Jared, with Jared there had been love, faithfulness and happiness, with Justin; sure there was great sex but not a whole lot more. And for him, great sex was never enough to sustain a relationship. Yes sex was important, but it was never the whole of his marriage to Jared, and their relationship, their marriage had been strong. The sex had just been another amazing layer, whereas with Justin it was really the only thing they'd had.“I’m an idiot aren’t I?” Jensen asked.

“Well man, I hate to say it, but yeah you really are." Aldis sighed and shook his head. Leaning forward he looked Jensen straight in the eye.  "Listen Jen, tell me, honestly I mean, are you someone you like when you’re with Justin or do you like the you that you are with Jared?” Aldis asked, to him it was pretty easy choice.

That question made Jensen stop and think, the guy he was with Justin made his sister cry, cut off all contact with his family and hurt his mother and father. “I’m a grade a jerk aren’t I?”

“I didn’t want to say anything but yeah you were kind of a jerk. So now what do you plan on doing?” Aldis was pleased to see that the Jensen he had gotten to know before Justin got his claws into him was coming back.

“I’m going to reclaim my husband.” Jensen declared.

“Good luck man, you’re going to need it.” Aldis stated and Jensen knew he wasn’t in for an easy time.


Hearing Jensen’s ring tone on his cell phone Justin extracted himself from his bed where Erica laid sound asleep, smugness filling him. Justin had certainly given her something to be tired about! “Hello Jensen darling, I'm surprised to hear from you! So, does this mean you have already finished up your horrid little business at that backwater place and are on your way home? I missed you a lot, it doesn't feel right without you in bed with me” Justin asked once he was out of the bedroom.

Jensen made a disgusted face, he knew that tone of voice of Justin’s it was the 'I just had amazing sex and am going to act like a smug bastard' tone as Jensen had dubbed it, because it was one Jensen heard a lot in his relationship with Justin. His fiancé was convinced he was an actual sex god. “No, that’s not why I’m calling. It looks like I’m going to be longer than I thought. I won’t be back as soon as I thought.”

“What do you mean you’re not coming back right away? Did you forget that we have a wedding to plan?” Justin couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You heard me right, there is more going on here and I’m not leaving until I get my answers, besides that’s what Erica is there for to help you plan the wedding.” ‘I’m not sure if there is going to be a wedding at this point but he doesn’t need to know that information a little bit.’ Jensen wasn’t going to do anything until he got his answers he needed. “I’ll call you when I know what I’m doing but until then have fun planning our wedding when you’re not too busy doing Erica.” Jensen had more satisfaction then he should have when he hung up on Justin.

Seated in his home office Justin admired the story and photos splashed all over the society page that gushed about him. On paper, he and Jensen were a perfect pair. They complimented each other so well. Plus the media loved Jensen due to his 'small town roots', and this in turn had made Justin more popular and there was no way that he was going to let some small town bumpkin ruin it for him. Dialling his personal assistant, he didn’t care about the time as he got a sleepy hello, or the faint sigh before he answered. “Alona, I need you to book me on the earliest flight to Provincetown, premium class only.” ‘I have a fiancé to claim.’


Two days later

Jensen had taken his time, adjusting to the changes his life had undergone in the last few days, but now he felt that it was time to talk to Jared and learning that Jared still lived in their old home had made him feel warm and tingling a feeling he hadn’t had for a while.

Jared wasn’t really expecting anyone so when his phone rang his face twisted into confusion; he knew that the others were working or at the shelter where he was just getting ready to head out to. “Hello?” He asked in a guarded voice, but nothing could have prepared him for who responded back.

“Hello Jay, we need to talk.”

Jared swallowed hard as several emotions can rushing to him, it had been years since he last heard that nickname addressed to him and once again he found himself weak in the eyes as the smooth whiskey voice worked it’s magic over him. “Jensen?”

The deep chuckle that answered Jared sent shivers up and down his spine. “Yeah Jay it’s me, now baby boy let me in, I’m sitting outside and you know how I hate being kept waiting.” Jensen growled out. He wasn’t sure why he called Jared that old nickname but it just felt right.

Jared swallowed hard as he looked out the window and sure enough there was Jensen leaning against the door of his rental car, he knew Jensen’s temper all right and Jensen didn’t like to be kept waiting, knowing that he didn’t have much of a choice Jared let out a deep shuddering breath. “Come on in Jensen.”

Jared would be lying to himself if he didn’t think that Jensen was still the most handsome man he had ever laid eyes on, it was no secret that Jensen wore sex and sin like silk, Jensen had a body made for sin and he used that knowledge to his power. Even when Jensen’s green eyes blazed like cold flames as they were now Jared still found his breath stolen by the mere sight of Jensen Ackles.

"When were you going to tell me that I had a daughter? Or did you think as her other father I didn't have a right to know?" Jensen demanded to know as he took a dangerous step forward. He still couldn’t believe that no one thought that he would care to know that he had a child.

This was one of Jared’s worst fears come to life that Jensen had learned about Jennifer and thought he kept her away from him. Anger that he had kept hidden came bubbling to the surface as he exploded, “I did! I tried my best to get in contact with you but your fiancé made it very clear that my visits were not welcomed nor wanted. I tried for months up until Doctor Collins put me on bed rest due to stress. Every letter I sent you was returned unopened, every text and phone call I sent went unanswered, I tried your email but it was no longer active. I did everything I possibly could to get in contact with you and was turned away. I got the message pretty quickly Jensen that you wanted nothing to do with me or our daughter."

"You claim you know me Jared and yet you believe that crap. I would never abandon you or our daughter if I had known. I would have done the right thing." Jensen couldn't believe that Jared thought that he wouldn't have been there for them.

"And how long before you hated me for robbing me of you achieving your dream? You longed for things greater than I could offer you. Can you tell me that you would have been happy here with me and our daughter and never come to blame us for robbing you of the life you wanted?" Jared asked.

"Yes, I would have.” Jared looked nothing like the man Jensen had left behind three years ago, sure Jared had been crying, pleading with him to stay his heart clearly breaking as Jensen told him that this town was suffocating him, that there was nothing there for him, that Jared wasn’t enough for him and that their marriage had been a mistake. Jensen had a lot to make up for.

Jared’s head shot up at Jensen’s words, his jaw dropping a little in shock, there was no way that Jensen just said that to him. “Don’t play with me Jensen, not about this. I can’t handle it.” Jared pleaded.

Hearing Jared’s plead it hit Jensen hard this Jared was shattered, fully and completely shattered and someone had glued back the pieces together, someone that wasn't him. He had a lot of damage to undo.

“You named our daughter after me, didn’t you?” Jensen asked finally seeking to break the uncomfortable silence between him and Jared; he couldn’t remember a time when he had such a hard time talking to Jared.

Jared swallowed hard; it was still so painful to think of his little girl. “I did. I was originally going to name her Christina, after Chris because he'd been there for me every time I needed a helping hand, he went to me to all my parenting classes and I had planned on him being in the room with me when I delivered ..." Jared trailed off part of him wanted to hurt Jensen just as much as he had hurt him, but he just couldn't it wasn't in him.

"Why didn't you and did you have Chris in the delivery room with you?" Jensen wasn't sure if he could handle hearing that Chris had got to be there for the moment his daughter was brought into the world.

"No, he wasn't. It felt wrong; the only person that should have been in that room with me was you. I had your mother instead that way it felt like I had a piece of you there with me." Jared admitted. "And the moment I held her in my arms for the very first time I knew she was going to be a mini female you and no other name but Jennifer would do, it just seemed right for her to have a little piece of you.”

That gave Jensen hope. Life isn't a fairytale, there are no fairy godmothers or magic wands to wave and grant you the life you dream of. No, there is only hard work and sacrifices you have to be willing to make if you wanted to make yourself someone important. And after working so hard to make himself someone, it suddenly didn’t seem that important to Jensen, not after he finally realised what his arrogance had truly cost him. If there were such a things as 'happily ever after', their beautiful little girl would have lived and he would have been there with Jared, giving him the support that he got from Chris.

“Do you love him?” Jensen asked in a small voice.

Jared Padalecki had fallen in love with Jensen Ackles the moment he laid eyes on the man and he never stopped no matter what. “No, I don’t love Chris like that. But I think I could with time.” Jared admitted in a soft voice.

Jensen wasn't Jared's hero anymore; he had been replaced by another and it hurt to hear that Jared admitted that he might be able to love Chris in time. For one moment, Jensen wanted to hurt Jared just as deeply as Jared had just hurt him. “Chad’s in love with Chris,” from the way Jared’s eyes widen it was clear he had no idea about Chad’s feelings for Chris and he wanted to leave as deep as a wound as Jared had left in him. "You call yourself Chad's best friend and you don't even see when you are stealing the man your best friend has been in love with since high school."

“I want you to leave.” Jared whispered softly to Jensen.

Jensen knew he had crossed a line the moment he struck back at Jared, Jared had done nothing to deserve his anger but he couldn’t help but lash out at him. “Fine, I’ll go for now Jared, but this isn’t over between the two of us.” Jensen warned.

Jared figured that was the case.


“You didn’t have to come; I know you have a class to prepare for.” JDM told his partner Matt Cohen.

Matt smiled at his husband and placed a comforting hand on JD’s arm. “Jared is my friend as well and I want help him in any way that I can. Plus given how upset you said he sounded on the phone someone needs to be around to stop you from ending up in jail when you attempt to kill whoever made Jared sound like this.” Matt pointed out to his husband. It would be interesting if Jeff’s own men had to come arrest their boss.

Okay so Jeff was maybe willing to admit that Matt had a point there. He was still very protective over Jared and would rip apart anyone who hurt his nephew; it was just in his nature. Besides who wouldn't be protective, after all his beloved nephew had been through, and really, Matt was no better, having the same protective instincts, he just hid it better! “I’ve known him for a long time and only one person could make Jared this upset and you just might end up bailing my ass out.” Jeff growled under his breath. He would kill Ackles if he’s done anything to hurt Jared.

Matt felt like they should have been prepared for this when the news of Jensen’s engagement broken, even though all of them had been blindsided by this sudden engagement, especially Jared, even more so when the divorce papers arrived while Jennifer was in the hospital fighting for her life, everything left Jared a broken mess.

“Jared!”  It was his husband’s frantic call that had Matt being pulled from his thoughts and it was then that he could hear Jared’s laboured breathing.

Jeff didn’t waste any time reaching to Jared’s side, having witnessed many of them after he found out he was pregnant. “He’s having a panic attack his medicine is in his bathroom cabinet, second shelf first bottle on the right.” Jeff made sure that he kept his voice nice and calm as he spoke to Matt. “It’s okay Jared.”

Jared shook his head. “It’s not.... Jensen’s knows... everything.”

Jeff closed his eyes, he knew this was one of Jared worst fears come to life. “Don’t worry Jared; we’ll deal with that mess later, right now I just need you to focus on yourself.” JD promised.

Oh, Jared wanted to believe the sweet lie Jeff was telling him but he knew Jensen was hurt and when he was hurt he lashed out and he was going to be the target of Jensen’s anger.


Jensen wasn’t at all surprised to find Chris waiting for him at his hotel. “How did you find me?” Jensen asked once he got close enough.

At one time Chris Kane thought of Jensen as both his brother and best friend, that was until he left him behind and crushed Jared’s spirit. “You’re sister. We have a lot to talk about.”

Jensen crossed his arms over his chest and snapped out.  “Like the fact that you’re in love with my husband.”

Chris shook his head at Jensen. “Yeah, like that. You have been gone for three years Jensen! The only reason you came back was to get a divorce from Jared. So if that’s what you want do so, without giving Jared hope, it would be cruel to him to do-so. I love Jared, I’m not going to deny it but I don’t know if it’s that kind of love but I do care about him and want him happy, he’s more than earned that happiness.”

Jensen knew that Chris had a point. He had come here to get a divorce, not caring if Jared had moved on or not. All he'd selfishly wanted was to be free to marry a man he deep down knew he didn’t love and when he learned that Jared might be moving on with Chris, his former best friend, all seen was it would be easier to convince Jared to sign the divorce papers. But now that he knew the truth, knew about Jennifer, Jared's grief, and how all the attempts at contact had been stopped, his whole reason for coming had been twisted around.

“Listen, I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’ll admit that I’ve been nothing but a pompous ass and a big jerk since I’m come to town and I’ve hurt Jared so deeply but now I want him back and I’m going to prove myself to him and to all of you. I will fight for Jared and if that means you as well then so be it.”

Chris couldn’t help but smile that was Jensen he had known, a possessive bastard when it came to his Jared. “I would willingly step aside if you can prove that you really are serious about winning back Jared. What the hell are you doing here you asshole?”

Jensen had known Chris for a long time never had he seen such a venomous and sheer hateful look in the man’s eyes. He was grateful that Chris hadn’t look or spoken to him like that, whoever this man was, he was Christian Kane’s enemy and Chris looked to be ready to rip this man apart. It took Jensen a moment to realise that the man in question was Jason Manns, and last time he check Chris and Jason were pretty good friends so for Chris to treat him like this the man must have done something pretty awful.

“It’s a free country Kane, despite what you think. I did my time and I’m back and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it, this is my home.” Jason sneered at Chris.

“It stopped being your home the moment you decided it would be a good idea to get behind a wheel and drive drunk, hitting Jared’s car.” Chris shot back; it was taking all of his control not to beat his former friend for the pain he caused.

Jason had been drunk, too drunk to be behind the wheel of his truck. “You? You we’re the one to hit Jared? You we’re the one to kill my little girl?! You fucking bastard, I'm gonna kill you!” Jensen growled shoving Jason hard.

Jason shoved Jensen back. “Some father you were Jenny, you didn’t even know you had a daughter! Kane was more of a father to that little girl then you ever were. Did you know that while Jared was daddy, Chris was pa?” Jason wanted to hurt Jensen and from the look on the others man face he had succeeded and when Jensen let his fist fly.

“Hey! Cut it out the two of you!” Chris snarled pulling Jensen and Jason apart. “You know that is a lie, I was Uncle Chris to that little girl and nothing more. She knew who her father’s were and I won’t let you mess with Jennifer’s memory in attempt to hurt Jensen. Now I suggest you get before I call JD and we both know that he would love to get his hands on you.” Chris shoved Jason hard. 

“I’m going there is nothing in this town, you had the right idea Jensen of getting out. But I will say this before you came back to town I was the most hated man in town, now I think it’s a tie between the two of us.” Jason needed to get one last shot in on Jensen.

“Hell no, asshole! I might not be Jensen’s biggest fan but no one is more hated in this town, than you! I suggest you get the hell out of here before Chris let’s go of Jensen and they both have a go at you, because you killed that man's baby girl, and since he didn't get the chance to know her, I doubt he or Chris will show any mercy, not that you deserve any!” Chad snarled as he came up to the trio, his eyes blazing with hate and his fist clenching at his sides.

Jason knew he was out matched. “Whatever.”

The three remaining men said nothing as they watched Jason leave, once he was out of sight Chad turned his attention to Jensen. "What’s your game? Why are you really here, asshole?"

"Listen I know you don't want to hear this but I am sorry for how we treated Jared before I left but I learned about Jennifer, everything changed. I have been an idiot and a major jerk."

"Nice of you being able to finally admit it, but what does that have to do with you trying to win back Jared? Because let me tell you something you won’t here to watch Jared fall apart as he was helpless to watch as his daughter fought for her life only to lose that battle.  You won’t here as Jared sat round the clock at his daughter’s bedside begging her to fight for him. You won’t here, you didn’t see him when Jennifer took her finally breathe, and you didn’t hear his heartbreaking cries as he begged, pleaded and screamed that his little girl be given back.” Now Chad was getting truly worked up as he shoved Jensen as hard as he could.

“You sure as hell weren’t here when Jared fell apart. He survived having the love of his life walk out on him after telling him he wasn’t enough for the oh-so-big Jensen Ackles! As if he were somehow holding you back, you assbutt! But losing that little girl destroyed Jared. He always said he couldn't hate you because you gave him Jennifer, but then she died and it was a million times worse than you leaving. We all tried to help,  but it was Chris who helped put him back together. He did what you didn't have the balls for. So what if they fell in love, you don’t have any place to pass judgement on them, they both deserve some happiness after all the shit piled on Jay. You've really got a nerve getting all jealous over Chris. You left, no one made ya. You've got a new shiny asshole fiancé who was apparently 'worthy' of you and you came here looking for a divorce. None of this is on Jared. You ended this marriage. So you just suck it up,” Chad finished off with a sneer.

Jensen couldn’t argue Chad’s point. The only reason he came home was to divorce Jared so he could marry Justin but now he was starting to see that was a mistake. “I know all of that Chad and if I could go back in time I would undo all of this I would, but I can’t all I can do is make things right.”

Chad turned his attention to Chris. “Are you okay with this? Jared has never hidden the fact that he is still in love with Jensen, I think part of him always will be no matter how hard he tries to move on. Jensen has owned Jared’s heart long before Jared knew what love was.” Chad hated the idea of causing Chris any kind of pain but he needed to face reality, Jared would never truly be over Jensen, the love he felt for his estranged husband was the kind that stayed with someone until the end of their days.

Chris knew that Chad had a point he just wished it wasn’t true. “All I want is for Jared to be happy, that’s all I want if it’s with me that’s great but if it’s Jensen that makes him happy then I will deal with that.”

“Good, now all you have to do is convince Danneel not to kill you where you stand.” Chad told Jensen and he looked a little too gleeful at the idea of Jensen having to face Danneel for Jensen peace of mind.
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