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Fic: Life is No Fariytale Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Jared had called out of work for the day, needing time to deal with coming face-to-face with Jensen. He was grateful that Danneel claimed a sick day to hang out with him, he really needed her support. The two were chilling out on Jared’s couch when the doorbell broke the calm.

Danneel could feel Jensen tense next to her. “I’ll get it.” Danneel patted him on the arm and climbed to her feet; Jared let her go without protest he trusted her to deal with whoever was at the door.

Opening the door Danneel stiffened as she came face-to-face with a man she had only seen in magazines and on TV, a man she hated on sight. “What the hell do you want?” She snarled at Justin Hartley, wishing she could punch him in the mouth.

Justin smiled at the feisty redhead who answered the door, his eyes dragging across her body; he wouldn’t mind having this hellcat in bed for a quick roll. “I thought you small town folks were suppose to be polite and welcoming? I’m here looking for my fiancé Jensen Ackles, he called me to tell me that he was going to be delayed and I thought I would come to offer my support. I was hoping that I could talk to Mr Padalecki, there is no reason for him to be dragging this out, Jensen had made his choice and he chose me.”

“You’re an asshole. How dare you come to someone’s home and think you can act like this! I don’t care who you are or who your family is, you are an asshole. I suggest you leave now or I will call the police and since Jared’s uncle happens to be the Sherriff, he won’t take too kindly to you harassing his nephew. Now get lost.” Danneel didn’t want for a response as she slammed the door in Justin’s face. A small whimper had her turning around to see a broken Jared standing there. “Oh honey, don’t listen to that jackass.”

“Maybe he’s right, maybe it’s time I let Jensen go.” Jared whispered and Danneel hated the defeated tone in Jared’s voice and she wished she could have throttled Justin Hartley when he was in front of her.

On the other side of the door Justin smirked as he straightened the cuffs on his hundred dollar shirt, this was going to be too easy.


When Jensen got back to his hotel the last thing he expected to see was Justin looking completely out of place in the room, it clearly was not the five star hotels he was use to.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jensen demanded.

Justin frowned at Jensen’s greeting this wasn’t his loving fiancé from a week ago, could really being in this town caused this much of a change in him.  ‘The sooner we are away from here the better.’ “Is that any way to treat your fiancé who came all this way to be with you and to help move this divorce along?”

Jensen’s eyes narrowed. “What did you do? Did you talk to Jared? You had no right!” Jensen snarled wondering how he could have been so blind to Justin’s faults not to see what kind of man he really was.

“I had every right to talk to that low life; he is clinging to something that has been long over. I just made it clear to him!” Justin shot back.

“You lied to me! You kept Jared’s visit a secret from me! You kept the knowledge of my daughter from me! What kind of monster does that? How can the man I am supposed to be marrying do something so deliberately cruel?” Jensen exploded at Justin.

Justin glared at Jensen, who did this little person think he was? “You should be grateful to me you little punk! I made you someone, you where a nobody before I met you! You should be licking my boots in thanks for giving you an ounce of my time. I am Justin Hartley; I have men and women tripping over themselves at a chance at the life I can give them. You should be thanking me for not telling you about the little brat! How do you even know that she was your child? Padalecki could be lying to you?” Justin sneered at Jensen.

Jensen can’t remember deciding to throw the punch until his fist was connecting to the side of Justin’s cheek. “Don’t you dare ever say that about Jared again! Jared is the most honest man I know, he would never cheat on me, once he gives his heart it is forever. Jennifer was my daughter and it shows what kind of man you are by the fact that you are threatened by a little girl and my Jared.”

“You’re Jared? I thought he wasn’t you’re Jared anything, after all you are planning on marrying me.” Justin felt a twinge of jealousy at Jensen's rather possessive claim over Jared.

Jensen snorted, "Yeah about our marriage, I gotta tell ya, that ain't happening, not in this life time. Sorry I didn't ring,"

"You can't be serious? You're going to give up the life you've been so desperate for, the one only I can offer you over a few little white lies I told? You must be joking. I thought you wanted to be someone?" Justin sneered at Jensen.

"I am someone; I was just too blind by what I thought I wanted to not see that what I needed was here waiting for me to get my head out of my ass. I want you out of my life! You think just because of who you are and that you have the money and the power, that you can walk all over people and not have to face the consequences. Well you’re wrong!

“You seem to forget that you were a nobody before you met me! I made you Jensen and with a snap of my fingers I can unmake you.” Justin threatened.

Jensen lifted his chin and glared at Justin. “Go ahead, because truthfully I didn’t like the man I was with you. It’s time I start being Jensen Ackles, the man who Jennifer Padalecki-Ackles would have been proud to call papa and to once again be the man who Jared loved with all his heart.”

If looks could kill Jensen would be dead from the force of Justin’s glare. “If I walk out this door it’s over between the two of us, I don’t give second chances.” Justin warned.

“Goodbye Justin, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Jensen had never been surer of something in his life then ridding himself of Justin Hartley.

Justin shoved passed Jensen, he would find away to spin this to his advantage after all he was Justin Hartley and he didn’t need Jensen Ackles.

Jensen took a deep breath as Justin left, now he had to undo all the damage that Justin had done with Jared.


Every since Jensen told him that Chad was in love with Chris, Jared had taken to looking back to see if he could see what he had missed and it didn’t take him long to see what Jensen had seen, there was no denying it, Chad was in love with Chris. ‘How could I have missed this? Was I so blind to my own pain that I didn’t see that Chad was giving up what he wanted?’

“Hey man, how are you doing?” Chris asked as he joined Jared, Danneel had called them to let them know about Justin’s little visit.

Whatever Jared planned on saying it certainly wasn’t, “Chad’s in love with you.”

Chris could only stare gobsmacked at Jared that was unexpected, before he could think of saying anything Jared continued.

“Which is a good thing, you deserve to be with someone who can love you like you should be loved. You deserve to have someone who can give you their whole heart, not just a part of it. I wish I could say that man is me, but it's not. I want to love you Chris but Jensen might not believe in soul mates or true love but I do and no matter what happen I know that he is the one for me. I can't let you settle for second place, you deserve someone who can give you all their heart; you deserve to be someone's first and only choice.” Jared had no clue when he suddenly lost control of his mouth.

Chris could only stare at Jared. “We could have been great Jared. But neither of us should settle for second best.” Cupping Jared’s face between his hands Chris pressed a soft and gentle kiss to his lips.

Jared melted into the kiss, it had been so long since anyone had kissed him like that and he wanted to savour this moment for as long as it would last. The kiss lasted for several moments before ending on its own. Chris smiled at Jared as he stroked Jared’s face. “Be happy Jared and if that’s with Jensen then fight for it and I’ll try to do the same.” Chris whispered as he let Jared go.

Jared could only watch Chris go before his attention turned the envelope on his coffee table and wondered if he was doing the right thing.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan stared at the young man who had broken the heart of his nephew and it was taking all of his willpower not to punch Jensen in the face. “We’ll I’ll admit that you have guts kid, then again you always did. What do you want?” Jeff wasn’t going to lie he had been amazed that Jensen had the guts to seek him out.

“I’m here to ask you for a favour, Justin Hartley my former fiancé did everything in his power to keep my family away from me, even going as far as to get a restraining order against them.” Jensen knew it was a gamble but one he had to take, after all, he wasn’t Jeff’s biggest fan.

“I’ll see what I can do. I’ll get Jim Beaver to look into it. The Hartley’s are some pretty powerful people it won’t be easy to prove any of this. Is he the one who kept Jared from reaching you about Jennifer?” Jeff asked, he might not like Jensen all that much right now but he did not deserve to have his daughter kept from him like that.

Jensen swallowed hard. “Yeah, he was.”

Jeff gave a sharp nod. “Then I’ll do my best. And Jensen, hurt Jared again they’ll never find your body.” Jeff threatened.

Jensen smiled at the old threat. “I wouldn’t expect any less from you JD.”


Jared was surprised to see Jensen sitting on his front step. “Come on in, I have something for you.”

Jensen did not like the sound of that but followed Jared dutifully into the house.

Jared could barely look at Jensen, it hurt so much but he forced himself to get the words out, “He’s prefect for you Jensen, Justin is clearly everything you have ever wanted. I hope you two have a long and happy life with one another.”

Jensen felt the air knocked out of his chest as he pulled out signed divorce papers, he couldn’t believe it Jared had signed them, he had given him want he wanted and yet as Jensen looked at the papers that made him a free man he found he didn’t like the idea as much as he did before, he didn’t want to be Jensen Ackles ex-husband to Jared Padalecki-Ackles.

“You got what you came for Jensen, now please leave. Because it’s too hard to be around you and know that, you’re not mine. I can’t do this again, I watched you walk away from me once, now it’s my turn. I have a chance at starting over maybe not with Chris, but someone, he's not you and he can never replace your place in my heart but I do care about him. No one will ever be able to replace you.” It was breaking Jared’s heart to say this to Jensen but he wanted what was best for him.

A ripping sound had Jared head shooting up and his jaw dropped open in shock as Jensen ripped the papers in half. “Jensen? I don’t understand. Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“I’ve made mistakes Jared. Some very big ones, but none are bigger than walking away from you and not getting a chance to meet Jennifer

“You hurt me, Jensen. Out of everyone in my life, you were the one person that I believed would never hurt me. I don’t know if I can trust you again.

“Then let me earn back your trust, let me show you that I do love you as much as you love me.  I once said you were my guiding star, that with you guiding me I would never lose my way. I lost sight of my light and lost my way and allowed another star to act as my guide because I foolishly believed that his light was shiner and brighter than yours and I allowed myself to be led astray.” Jensen couldn’t tell if he was reaching Jared and that scared him there was a time he always could read what Jared was thinking.

Taking a chance Jensen moved in closer to Jared. “But his light was a false light, one designed to lead me further away from you and into the cold empty space he called home.  Without you to guide me, I don’t like the man I have become. Be my guiding star once again; help me to find your Jensen; I know he’s still in there somewhere. We’ll take this as slow as you want, I won’t push but I was wondering if you could tell me about Jennifer. My parents offered but I would like to hear about her from you.”

“We had a daughter. She was the most beautiful amazing little girl; she was a light in this world. I wish you could have met her, you would have loved her. I told her all about you and she adored her papa.” Jensen settled in next to Jared and let him tell him all about their little girl. He would win back Jared no matter how long it took.

Jared looked up at Jensen shyly. "She had your eyes, the most amazing shade of emerald; they were brighter than any known jewel. She had my energy; she was a ball of pure energy.  She was our little angel, she adored being the center of everyone's attention but she had her bad days and she could give you a run for your money on grumpy days. Jennifer had no problems in letting people know when she was having a bad day, once she figured out how to throw her stuff animals I was beamed in the nose more than once when our little princess wasn't happy." Jared felt his throat closing up just like it did every time that he talked about Jennifer.

Jensen could see the pain in Jared's eyes as he talked about their little girl, he could hear it in his voice, and he wished that he could do something to ease the pain Jared was going through. "I will live to the end of my days regretting never getting a chance to know her. I'm so sorry that you had to go through this alone."

For the first time since Jensen had returned Jared reached out and wrapped his arms around Jensen. "It's not your fault Jensen; you were lied to and tricked by a greedy and selfish man. Jennifer might have never known you personally but she did know you. I told her stories of you, her second word was papa, which was how she knew you because regardless of our relationship no one else had that honour, you were always her father. I played her tapes of your singing and that was how she went to sleep, lulled off to sleep by your voice. You were a part of her life and I will do my best to make sure she is a part of yours. Would you like to see some pictures?" Jared asked in a small voice.

Jensen reached out and took Jared's free hand in his. "I would like that. Thank you Jared for not cutting me out of her life even though you had every right to do so." He was amazed at how big Jared's heart was, he was a fool for thinking that his life could ever be better than what it is right now, Jared made him want to be a better person.

Jared shook his head; he could never do that to Jensen no matter how mad he was at him. "No matter how hurt or angry I was with you, I could never do that to you. You had a right to be a part of Jennifer's life. And it eased a pain a little remembering the good times between us. She seemed to have our love of stars and I had plans that when she was old enough to set up our old telescope and teach her all I know."

"You're a better man then me Jared Padalecki." Jensen admitted, it felt wrong not adding Ackles at the end but he didn't know if Jared had kept his name or not. 

"Padalecki-Ackles," Jared whispered in a soft voice a dark blush painting his cheeks, he had never given up his last name, and he had planned on hanging onto it until the very end.

Something in Jensen surged with possessiveness at the knowledge that Jared was still his. He couldn't stop himself from reaching up and stroked Jared's lower lip. "I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure that I prove to you that I'm serious about a second chance. I want to make this up to you and I will." Jensen vowed.

Jared knew Jensen and he was not one to break a vow, he was sure that his estranged husband was going to make it up to him and gain his trust back. "I know you will Jensen. Would you like to see some pictures of Jennifer?"

Jensen swallowed thickly. "I would like that."

Jared squeezed Jensen's hand before climbing to his feet and heading over to the bookshelf and pulled out a rather thick photo album and returned to Jensen's side and opened the album so that he and Jensen could both look at it.

The first picture was of Jared who was heavily pregnant, Danneel and Mackenzie next to him holding a sign that said 'It's a girl!' Jensen always figure that Jared would look breath taking pregnant, these photos proved it. 'How I wish I had been here to see his baby bump.'

"It wasn't the easiest pregnancy that's why Misha put me on bed rest. I was pretty much a weak kitten, if it wasn't for Danneel and Chris I would have been driven insane at the time. I'm sure someone told you about my attempt at killing myself." Jared whispered, ashamed of what he had done.

Jensen blinked at the sudden change of subject. One look at Jared and he could see the pain and shame in Jared's eyes. "Hey, I will not blame you for something you did. I am the last person who has the right to judge you. My mom told me a little about what had happen and I'm glad that you failed, I'm glad that Chris was here to save you when I couldn't."

"I was at a dark place; losing Jennifer made me feel like there was nothing left to lose. I couldn't understand why I wasn't worthy of love, why I kept losing those I love the most. I felt like there was nothing left for me to live for on earth, I thought everyone would be better off without me and I didn't want to hurt anymore, I didn't want to have to watch those I love and care for leave me again." Jared admitted tears in his eyes.

"I'm glad you failed this world would have been a much darker place without you in it. I promise Jared that I will never make you feel that way again." Jensen knew it was a very big promise but there was no way he was going to break it.

Needing a break from the sudden darkness that engulfed them Jared gave Jensen a small smile it wasn't his normal dimpled smile but still it was a real smile. "Would you like to see our daughter?" Jared asked his fingers ready to flip past the pages of him pregnant; he could see that they would be tough for Jensen to see him pregnant with their child another reminder of what he had missed out on.

Jensen knew what Jared was up to and another person would have not offered to flip through that, it hurt to see a reminder of what he missed, but at the same time man did Jared look hot pregnant and he hoped that someday he would get to see Jared like that again. "I'd like that."

Jensen had thought he was prepared to see his first picture of his little girl but when Jared flipped to show a page full of baby pictures Jensen's breath caught. "She had your dimples," Was the only thing Jensen could say, “And your curly hair.” Jensen felt his throat close up as he noticed the head full of dark curly hair.

Jared swallowed hard as he watched Jensen reach out a shaky hand and slowly stroke on of Jennifer's pictures. It was one of Jared's favorite photos. It showed Jennifer's first Halloween and even though she wasn't old enough to remember it, Jared couldn't help but dress her up in the most adorable little ladybug costume he had found. Her smile was large; she was so full of life, a life that was cut short.

The sound of Jared's choke sob had Jensen's head flying up and there was nothing Jensen hated more than the sight of Jared in tears.

"Why was our little girl taken from us? No parent should have to bury their child." Jared choked out.

Jensen didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around Jared and pull him close; he pressed a kiss onto the top of Jared's head. "I don't know baby, I don't know."

Together the two men mourned the little girl that had been taken from their lives all too soon. 


Danneel Harris glare had made a grown man quake in their shoes before and being the one it was aimed at Jensen could see why she was one woman you never wanted to be on her bad side.

"So you think that you've kicked your Sugar Daddy to the side you can just waltz's right back in here and pick up where you left off with Jared like nothing happen? That you didn't toss him aside when something better came along? How do we know that you won't do this again?" Danneel demanded to know as she stared them down.

Jared groaned sinking into his seat at Ferris', he had tried to tell Jensen that this wasn't a good idea having lunch at Sam's it wouldn't take long for word to get out. Jared had wanted to keep him and Jensen attempting to recoiled a secret for a reason, not that he was ashamed of trying to work on his relationship with Jensen, no this was a dream come true. But Jared did have a valid reason besides wanting to have a little alone time with Jensen after telling him about their little girl and that reason was there friends. Oh, Jared knew that his friends meant well it's just that they were a little over protective. 

Jared could see Jensen's flinch and Jared had enough. "Danni." Jared whispered in a soft voice.

Danneel's gaze shot to Jared's and her eyes soften. "Jared, I'm just looking out for you. I can't see you like that again." Danneel admitted in a soft voice.

Pushing away from the table Jared got up and wrapped his arms around Danneel. "I know and I love you for it but Jensen is sorry and he wants to make us work, I have to take this chance even if it does end up with me getting my heart broken again. I love him. I don't expect you to understand or like my decision but it is mine to make." Jared pleaded with Danneel to understand.

Danneel wanted nothing more than to lock Jared up away from all and everything that could harm him and that included Jensen. "Just be careful sweetie. I hope it works out for you." Danneel whispered into Jared's ear, pulling back she cast one more glare at Jensen, "If you hurt Jared again I will make sure that no one ever finds your body."

Jensen's gaze didn't meet Danneel's but stayed on Jared's, "I swear to you that I will do my best to never hurt Jared like this again."

Danneel looked between the two men. Sensing that this was something she really shouldn't be a part of, Danneel realised Jared. "I'll be keeping a close eye on you Jensen Ackles and if you look to be doing something stupid I will knock some sense in you."

This time Jensen did look at Danneel, "I'm counting on that."

Jared and Jensen watched as Danneel took her leave. "Well at least Danni is done and she was probably the scariest, it should be easy to tell the others about us." Jared commented and it took all of Jensen's willpower not to bang his head against the table.


It wasn’t easy dating with the whole town basically watching you to make sure you didn’t fail or slip up, but Jensen was more than up for the challenge. He would walk through fire if it meant getting Jared back. Jensen found himself on double dates with Danneel and Steve and Chris and Chad, and that was something Jensen never thought that he would ever say. And yeah that wasn’t weird being on a double date with your former best friend who had feelings for your estranged husband that he was trying to win back. It also didn’t help that Chad would get this evil looking gleam in his eyes every time he suggested they go bowling, Jensen figured he planned on dropping a bowling ball on his foot or something.

Jared was rather sensitive and he could feel the tension between Jensen and Chris and Chad wasn’t helping any by egging on Jensen. Jared knew that his friends wouldn’t make it easy on Jensen to gain their forgiveness but he had hoped that would at least try. Jensen was making an effort and he couldn’t understand why the others couldn’t.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay with this Jared; I don’t need their support not when I have you in my corner cheering me on.” Jensen could see the tension building in Jared’s shoulders. Jensen didn’t need the others approval he had Jared’s support and that was all that mattered to him. But he could see the lack of support was getting to Jared.

Jared shook his head, his hazel eyes full of sadness. “No, you shouldn’t have to put up with this. Sure, you made some mistakes but you’re trying to make it up to me. I’m willing to give you a second chance so should they? Why can’t they at least pretend to be okay with us?” Jared asked in a soft tone.

If there was one thing that really Jensen really hated was seeing Jared sad or in pain of any kind and yeah he knows that he had been the root of a lot of pain and hurt in Jared's life recently but he would be damned if he sat back and watched Jared's friends hurt him as well.

Squeezing Jared's hand Jensen turned to pin Chris and Chad with a steely-eyed gaze. "Alright, I know I have to prove myself to you all before you will trust me not to hurt Jared again. But for his sakes do you think you could cool it with the hate? Don't you see how much it is hurting Jared and if you really cared for him you would put him first."

Chris hadn't fooled himself into thinking that Jared would ever be truly over Jensen, how many times had he heard Jared say that Jensen was his soul mate, his one true love? He hadn't meant to fall for Jared in the first place, but the longer Jensen stayed away the more Chris had hope that maybe someday Jared might be able to move on from Jensen. He might not ever be able to fully understand how or why Jensen managed to walk away from Jared for so long, anyone with eyes could see that Jared and Jensen just fit, they are two halves of the same soul, they were meant to be together.

Chris studied the man glaring at them for upsetting Jared and he knew in an instant that this was the Jensen he had known since childhood, the Jensen who defended Jared with every breath he took, who was a possessive and overprotective son of a bitch. Chris grinned at Jensen happy that his friend was back but still feeling that ache of what might have been with Jared as he punched Jensen in the arm, “Welcome back jerk, it took you long enough to come to your senses.”

Jared could never understand why Jensen and Chris always showed affection for one another by punching them in the shoulder or arm. “Thank you Chris, for everything.” Jared whispered, he knew that Chris didn’t have to be the bigger man here, he didn’t have to show Jensen any kind of friendship after all if Jensen had followed through with his idea to get a divorce Jared might have eventually have ended up with Chris.

Chris smile was soft and tender a rare sight from the man. “I would have done my best to make you happy Jared but I would have never have made you smile the way only Jensen can. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

Jensen felt a mixture of jealousy and sadness. Jealous of the way Chris was looking at Jared like he was something precious after all only he should be looking at Jared like that and sadness knowing that if he hadn’t wised up and fought for Jared it would have been Chris here on a date with Jared maybe not today but someday.

Chris eyes shot to Jensen’s. “You don’t deserve him and not many would be granted a second chance don’t mess it up.” Chris warned.

Jensen could hear the warning in Chris’ voice if he messed this up, Chris was reminding him without words just who picked up the shattered pieces of Jared last time and would do so again.

Worried about how this might look to Chad, Jared chanced a glance at his best friend and was amazed to see that Chad didn’t look at all hurt by the reminder that Chris had feelings for him.

Knowing Jared as well as he did Chad wasn’t at all surprised to see Jared glancing at him worriedly, the question ‘are you all right?’ screaming in his eyes. ‘You always have such a big heart Jaybird.’ Chad thought fondly as he winked at Jared hoping that he was okay with this, and he was managing to get his message across without words. So when Jared relaxed slightly Chad knew his message was received, and he relaxed.

Chad was grateful for a friend like Jared, no matter what he always had his back and even though Chris had a special place in Jared’s heart Chad knew that Jared would have his back and be on his side if this relationship didn’t work out. Chad wasn’t a fool he knew that Chris couldn’t magically turn his feelings for Jared off with a flick of a switch, no his feelings were still there for Jared all Chad could do was hope that Chris’ feelings for him might become more then what he feels for Jared.

Chris had approached him in typical Chris fashion.

“Jared tells me you’re in love with me.”

Chad almost choked on air, of all the things he was expecting to hear when he opened the door to his apartment. For a moment, Chad could only stare slack jaw at Chris and once he regained the power of speech, again the only sound he could make was an embarrassing squeaked, “What?”

The corner of Chris’ mouth twitched up into the beginnings of a smile at Chad’s squeak. “You might be hanging around Jared there a little too much; you’re starting to sound like him.” Chris couldn’t help but point out, it was kind of adorable. “So are you going to invite me in and we can continue this discussion in private?”

Terrified that he would squeak again Chad could only nod his head and take a step back to allow Chris in. He was torn between wanting to kill his best friend and wanting to thank him for telling Chris something he never could. ‘At least tonight whatever happens I will know if Chris could ever feel the same as I do for him.’

Clearing his throat, a few times Chad was grateful when he managed to form words and not squeaks, “Would you like a beer?”

Chris could see that Chad was nervous but trying his best and failing not to show it, he figured Chad getting a beer would give him a moment to collect himself. "Yeah, that would be great." Chris doesn't think he's ever seen Chad move as fast as he did to get a beer, it was pretty impressive if he did say so himself, but it wouldn't do them any good if Chad were afraid of him. "This isn't going to be as easy as I first thought." Chris hung his head as he tried to think of away to approach Chad without scaring him off.

In the kitchen Chad was having a minor freak out, his hands shaking as he pulled out two bottle of beers from his fridge, he eyed the phone part of him was wanting to do nothing more than to pick it up and call Jared and tell him how he felt about him sticking his nose were it doesn't belong, but at the same time he knew that Jared was a soft hearted fool and only wanted those he cared about to be happy. "No one can stay mad at that big puppy, especially when he breaks out those blasted puppy eyes of doom." Chad grumbled to himself. 'All right Chad time to man up, you can do this.' "It's time to stop hiding in the kitchen like a coward." Squaring his shoulders Chad walked confidently back into his living room and can to a stop as he saw Chris looking as lost as he is.

"Look man I don't expect you to return my feelings, anyone can see that you're in love with Jared and that's why I kept my mouth shut." Chad explained as he approached Chris holding out his bottle.

"And everyone can see that Jared is still in love with Jensen and once Jensen starts fighting to win back Jared, Jared won't see anyone else." Chris muttered feeling utterly sorry for himself.

And suddenly Chad was pissed off. "So you came running to second best, is that it? Why do you think I never told you how I felt? I refused to be a pity choice or someone's second choice; I have my pride and self worth. So if you think that I'm just going to accept that then you have another thing coming. If you want a booty call I suggest you hit up a bar." Chad declared crossing his arms over his chest.

Chris blinked at the sudden anger was spewing and taking a moment to reflect he wanted to punch himself. 'Could I have sounded any more like a douchebag?' Chris asked himself, he had some serious damage to undo. "Hey, I didn't mean it like that. Chad you could never be anyone's second choice, you would never let anyone use you like that. And I'm not here because you are the second choice or the easy choice. I will not lie, yeah I have feelings for Jared, I've had them for a while but I've always known that Jared would never be mine because he belongs to Jensen even when Jensen didn't realise it." Putting down his beer and climbing to his feet Chris, approached Chad carefully as if he was one of his frighten horses. "I can't tell you for sure what you mean to me but I know that you would never be second choice for me, nor would I date you out of pity. I can't offer you much Chad but I can at least try, if you'll give me the chance." Chris pleaded softly with Chad.

Chad stared at Chris, long and hard studying the man for several moments, forcing himself not to smile as Chris started to shift from foot to foot, he was making Christian Kane nervous something that Chad had rarely seen. "Alright Kane, here's the deal we take it slowly, start out as friends doing stuff together and if it moves on beyond that then we still take it slow and if it doesn't at least we remain friends." Chad offered Chris.

Chris gave Chad a small rare but true smile. "I can live with that."

Of course, their first date would have to be a double date with Jensen and Jared, not that Chad minded, someone needed to keep an eye on his boy Jared.

"Well now that this settled how about Danni and I whoop all of your asses at this game. Let's face it you all suck." Steve spoke up as he and Danneel joined the foursome.

Chris could only stare at his friends before his eyes narrowed. "How long have you two been here?" Bowling wasn't his game and the only reason he agreed to this was because Jared had looked so hopeful.

Danneel grin was pure wicked. "Long enough to see that you have no business being in a bowling alley, I'm surprised that they let you near one you are a danger to everyone around you with a bowling ball. And frankly you suck there was no way that I was missing that. Come one boys let me show you how it is done."

"Sorry our date got crashed by the others, I had hoped that tonight could have just been about us.” Jared whispered softly so that only Jensen would hear him.

Jensen gave Jared a heart-stopping smile. "Hey know worries we can always try again, they can't crash every single one." They could try but it was not going to happen, Jensen would get some alone time with Jared no matter what it took.
Tags: fic: life is no fairytale, pairing: jensen/jared, spn_j2 bb
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