backrose_17 (backrose_17) wrote,

Follow the Plot bunnies

The plot bunnies have been feeding me over time. Here are some future stories I am working on.

CSI Miami/CSI: New York Plot: Ryan unable to take the lab treatment any more leaves. His frined Danny invites him to come to New York. There Ryan finds the one thing Ryan has been searching for, love. And he finds it in a certine tall, dark and handsome det. Couples: Flack/Ryan, Danny/Hawks, Mac/Adam, Stella/Aiden

CSI:Miami/IronMan(movie) Plot: There is a reason Ryan has never really talked about his family but his Uncle Ron, and the lab is about to find out in a big way. It's kind of hard keeping the fact your dad Tony Stark when the world now knows he is IronMan. Couples :Eric/Ryan, Tony/Pepper, Horatio/Speed.

Smallville/The Dark Knight Plot: Some meetings are just destined. With the help of Lois, Clark discovers just how true the is. Couples: Bruce/Clark, Oliver/Lois, Clark/Lois(friiendship)
Tags: bruce/clark, clois, eric/ryan, flack/ryan, tony/pepper
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