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Fic: Life is No Fariytale Chapter 6

Chapter 6

One year later

It had taken a while and a lot of talking before Jared felt that Jensen was serious about winning him back, six months ago the two had renewed their vowels in a ceremony that Jensen was still convinced the entire town turned out to despite it being just a private and small ceremony, but Jensen wanted everyone to know just who Jared belong to.

He still remembers how Jared look, Jared was breathtaking but that day Jared had turned Jensen into a stuttering and bumbling mess, the black tux had fitted Jared perfectly and the shy but loving smile Jared had given him as he walked down the aisle made Jensen fall in love with Jared all over again

Jensen had needed to make sure that Jared knew just how much he had meant to him, with a lot of searching Jensen found the right saying, and made sure he included it in his vows. Jared had been in tears as Jensen had used on of Jared's favorite quotes about soulmates in his vows.

“A soul mate is someone who has the locks to fit our keys and the keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for whom we are and for whom we’re pretending to be. Each of us unveils the best part of one another. With that one person, we’re safe, with that one person, we’re whole.”

Jensen certainly hadn't minded Jared being unable to stop himself, threw himself on Jensen, and covered his face with kisses all the while murmuring how much he loves Jensen. Of course Jensen had to return the kisses and maybe his hands did wander and things got a little heated and okay Jensen had been close to ravishing Jared then and there if it hadn't been for the rather amused priest asking them if they could please contain themselves till after he finished marrying them. Jared had blushed adorable and apologised and the only way that Jensen kept himself from jumping Jared was to remind himself that his family and Jared's uncle were here and he is a possessive bastard when it comes to Jared and he refused to share Jared bare skin with anyone.

But if they disappeared for a little while at their wedding reception well no one said a word.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jim Beaver working tiredly had found enough proof that Justin had done his best to keep Jensen’s family, including bribing a judge for the restraining order that kept his family from contacting him. Jensen had taken a copy of everything to Justin and threatened the man that he would go public with this info if he dared to try come after his family again.

Of course, two months later Justin had a whole other set of problems Erica Dunce had gone to People’s with the story that she was pregnant with Justin’s child, a child that they convinced when she was working on planning his wedding to Jensen; suddenly Justin was no longer the injured party in the ending of his and Jensen’s relationship.

Jensen loved waking up earlier than Jared did, he loved lying in bed next to him, taking in the view his sleeping husband offered, and he especially loved the sight of Jared's swollen belly bared to his sight. "Hey, babies, how are we doing this morning?" Jensen asked in a soft whisper as he ran his hands over Jared's stomach, smiling as he felt several flutters and kicks against his hands.

Jensen still remembered how nervous Jared had been to tell him the news.

Jared had been odd all day, he was jumpy and casting glances at Jensen, when he thought Jensen wasn’t looking, Jensen didn’t want to push him, he knew that Jared would tell him in time. In time turned out to be later that night when they were curled up on the couch.

“I’m pregnant.” Jared whispered almost afraid of Jensen’s reaction.

A bright smile appeared on Jensen’s face as he pulled Jared into a kiss. “Baby, that’s awesome.”

“My baby is having my baby.” Jensen murmured as he pressed kisses alongside Jared's neck, his hands find their way to Jared's still flat stomach resting them there knowing that beneath his fingertips his baby was growing. "This is the best news ever Jay, I couldn't be happier."

They would never forget Jennifer, Jared had made sure that Jensen had learned all he could of his daughter but there were times when Jared didn’t think it was enough, now with this new pregnancy Jensen could be there for everything.

Jensen treated him like a king, going to his doctor’s appointments with him, massaging his feet and his back, running him lovely bubble baths and even going out at midnight to get his hormonal lover a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. No one was more surprised or happier when Doctor Collins, call me Misha, had informed them that they were having twins. Of course, Jensen could have done without Misha's endless flirting with his Jared. The day after that particular eventful visit to the doctor’s office Jensen had strutted around like a proud peacock sharing the news with anyone who stood still long enough to listen. 

Jared carded his fingers through Jensen’s soft hair as he watched his husband continue to gently rub and scratch his belly. With two babies growing in one small space, his skin was stretched quite taut already and when Jensen grabbed the cocoa butter from their night table and started massaging it in, Jared’s groans of pleasure became almost orgasmic.

“Hey, look at this,” Jensen whispered, drawing his husband’s attention to his belly, “Watch.” He stroked one spot again and immediately their babies started poking and prodding his hand like crazy, making Jared laugh; just like him their children loved Jensen's touch.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" Jared told Jensen, mesmerised by the pure joy shining in Jensen’s eyes.

“All the time, but I could hearing it a few more times a day wouldn’t bother me," Jensen grinned up at Jared and waggled his eyebrows earning a hearty laugh from Jared. Desire suddenly flared the older man’s eyes and he surged upwards, intent on ravishing his oh-so-sexy husband.

“We have no time; we’re supposed to be meeting the others, to finalize Chris and Chad’s wedding and a pregnant Danneel is a scary.” Jared reminded Jensen.

The pout that graced Jensen’s face would have made any child proud. “But I don’t want to go! I want to stay in bed with you. I want to kiss every inch of your body and make slow and sweet love to you until we are too tired to move.” Jensen purred out as he rubbed his hand up and down Jared’s arm, while giving him his best set of bedroom eyes.

A traitorous moan escaped Jared’s lips, oh, he loved the picture that Jensen was painting and he wanted nothing more to do that. “Later, I promise that you can take me to the stars when we get back, because we both know that Danneel will and has walked in on us having so fun and refused to let us finish.” Jared reminded Jensen.

Jensen scowled at the reminder; it was kind of hard to make love to his husband when Danneel was standing in the doorway offering unneeded tips and comments. “Fine, we’ll go if only to keep her out of our bedroom. And I don't need the stars, not when I have you."

Happiness can be a fleeting thing, that was what Jensen believed at one time, that happily ever after only belonged in the fairytales, he had been so wrong and he would always regret the pain he caused Jared, but now he likes to think he was older and a little wiser, he didn’t need to be someone big shot to be important all he needed was Jared, their future children, his family and friends, to them he was a someone and that was all he wanted.


Danneel didn't bother to hide her grin as Jensen scowled at her as he escorted a waddling Jared up the stairs; she isn't a fool Jensen didn't want to be here he'd rather be back in bed with Jared.

"You know I didn't think it was possible but Jensen has gotten even more of a possessive bastard when it comes to Jared." Steve gave voice to Danneel's thoughts.

Danneel snorted. "Please, if Jensen had it his way he would never let Jared out of their bed. I heard he nearly took of Misha's head when he flirted a little too much with Jared and you can’t tell me you have already forgotten how Jared was limping after that guy Stephen hit on him, we didn’t see them for almost a week and Jensen was wearing the most satisfied smile Danneel had ever seen and even though he looked worn out Jared was truly glowing.

It was no wonder that Jared ended up pregnant again so soon, Danneel had actually thrown a bucket of water on Jensen when he got a little too frisky with Jared at the picnic they had thrown.

They all suspected that Jared was pregnant before he and Jensen got remarried but none of them said anything, but JD did glare daggers at Jensen for a month after they announced Jared’s pregnancy.

They quickly learned that Jared was very sensitive about his weight gain and that Jensen became even more growly and would punch someone in the face if they made a comment, a lesson that had only be taught once when Chad made a joke, the next thing they knew Jared was crying and Steve was pulling a snarling Jensen off of Chad while trying to keep Chris from jumping Jensen for punching Chad.

“Oh stop snarling it’s only for a little while then you can go back home and hide Jared away from us for another week.” Danneel muttered as she smacked Jensen on the shoulder before reaching over and hugging Jensen, “And how are my future god babies doing today?”

Jared smiled at Danneel and Steve. “They are doing just fine and how is my future goddaughter doing today?”

Danneel sighed, "Kicking up a storm I will be so grateful when she gets here if only to stop her from using my bladder as a football. She only seems to be able to settle down when Steve is talking to her, not even born and she's already declared she's a daddy's girl," at this point Danneel shot a look at Steve who tried and failed to look like he wasn't pleased at that outcome.

A sharp jabbed to Steve's side wiped away his smile a little, as he bent his head and kissed Danneel on her cheek,  "Sorry dear, we both know that she will be my little princess and she already knows that I will spoil her rotten."

Danneel couldn't deny that Steve had a point but still it didn't mean that she was going to let him off the hook, she rather enjoyed having him waiting on her hand and foot, she was going to miss that once this little one was born. "Come on Chad refuses to do anything without you here Jared, he wants you wise advise."

That had Jensen scowling, "Only for a little while Jared is suppose to be taking it easy after all." Okay so he might, and he stress the might part, a little overprotective of Jared but he didn't get to do this last time and he might be making up for it.

Danneel waved her hand about, "Of course we won't be that long, and no one wants to piss of the two pregnant people by making us wait for so long. Trust me we will be in and out in no time." Danneel promised.

Jensen would give it an a hour at the most and then he was calling it quits and dragging Jared home, he wasn't going to let anyone wear out Jared, unless it was him and he knows that Jared rather likes all the ways he comes up with the wear him out.

Jared felt his cheeks heating up at the way Jensen was looking at him it never failed to make him feel like he was the most important man in the world.

"Ugh, can you two please be sickening together somewhere else this is about my day not another day in the life of J2." He was rather pleased he'd come up with the nickname for the couple, although Jensen rolled his eyes whenever he heard it, Jared thought it was 'cute' so Jensen put up with it. Score one for the Chad-ster! Chad complained, he was happy for Jared but really those two were even worse this time around then they were the first time together, something he hadn't thought was possible.

While Jared blushed and shuffled closer to Jensen who happily looped a protective arm around Jared's waist it still didn't stop him from growling at the other man. "It's not my fault that you and Chris aren't as okay with public displays of affection."

That had Chad snorting, "Please what you two do is a little more than cuddling and kissing, or are you forgetting all about the football field?" Chad had only ever seen Jared turn that shade of red once and that was when Jensen and Jared decided to recreate their youth by getting frisky under the bleachers, that day Chad saw way too much of his best friend and just how Jared likes to take it from Jensen.

Jared could feel his face burning, that had been slightly humiliating experience made worse by his uncle being among the crowd as well, Jared might have promised his uncle that they would never do anything like that again in the football field there were plenty of other places and Jared couldn't deny he enjoyed the thrill of nearly being caught.

"No sex in the church." Chris reminded Jensen as he passed by him, he wouldn't put it passed Jensen to try such a thing, it was nearly next to impossible for him to keep his hands off of Jared, it seemed liked Jensen was making up for lost time.

Jensen's lips twitched into a smirk, "Trust me I'll do my best to keep my hands off of Jared but I make no promises," Jensen gaze drifted over to Jared and a look of a man in love entered his eyes, "look at him he's glowing."

Chris didn't need to look at Jared to see that what Jensen said was the truth, Jared had glowed in his first pregnancy with Jennifer but in this one he had an even brighter glow and Chris had no doubt it had to do with Jensen being there for this one. "Yeah man he is." A year ago, Chris would have threatened Jensen if he hurt Jared no one would ever find his body but this Jensen was different then before he left, this Jensen had finally figured out that his place in the world was wherever Jared was. Chris slapped Jensen on the back.  "Come on man the faster we get this over with the faster you can get your boy home to rest."


A month before the wedding Steve and Danneel welcomed into the world little Rose Carlson who quickly became the apple of her parents eyes and firmly declared herself a daddy's girl once she realised all she had to do was make a sound and her dad came a running.

Despite what Danneel wanted and tried to nag them, Chad and Chris opted for a smaller wedding. They didn't want anything too over the top and Chad was determined that Jared and Danneel were to be important parts of the wedding day, despite their advanced pregnancies. So after triple checking with Misha to ensure the dates of the babies births the wedding was planned to happen before they were suppose to arrive, even though Jared complained that he waddled and looked like a beach whale, Chad was convinced he only said that because it lead Jensen to praising him and worshipping him with kisses.

Note the suppose to part.

It would be just liked any child of Jensen and Jared's to have to do things their way.

It had taken a lot of amazing acting from Jared to hide the fact that he was actually having contractions all day from his eagle eyed husband. But for Jared it was worth the lecture his mother-henning husband gently gave him later as he had pleaded with the babies to let him get through the wedding and maybe have a piece of that delicious chocolate cake before letting it slip out that the twins wanted to come now. Jared had been determined to let Chris and Chad have their wedding as they deserved.

Clearly the twins were not down with that plan, which was a shame because it was really good cake. Jensen frantically promised he'd save some more for Jared afterwards as he hurried to get Jared to hospital.

The wedding was going off without a hitch the pastor had just asked if anyone had any reason why these two should not be wed speak now or forever hold their peace when Jared felt a stronger pain then before and could no longer hold back his gasp of pain.

All eyes flew to Jared.

"Jaybird, you know I love you but please do not tell me that you are in labor right now and didn't think to tell anyone." Chad demanded, he knew his best friend and it would be such a Jared thing to do.

Jared smiled weakly at Chad. "Uh, surprise!" He muttered not daring to glance at his husband.

Too bad Jensen was not going to let this go, "Jared how long have you been in labor?" Jensen growled out as he climbed to his feet.

He wasn't at all surprised when Jared let out a weak, "All morning," He should have known how important Chad and Chris' day was to Jared and he would get through it if he thought he had enough time. "We need a car and someone needs to alert Collins that we are on our way." Jensen barked out as he helped Jared to his feet.

Danneel whipped out her phone and started issuing threats of what would happen if no one patched her through to Misha right that second, while Steve, Chris and Chad aided Jensen. Unspoken Chris and Chad came to an agreement that the wedding would be postponed, neither wishing to go through it without Jared there as a part of it, it wouldn't feel right. 

"Of course your kids would have to be the centre of attention." Chad joked and he made sure that Jared saw his smile; the last thing he would want was for Jared to think that he really did blame him for this.

Jared smiled at Chad before reaching out for Jensen's hand, "Are you ready to become a daddy?" He asked his husband.

Jensen couldn't resist brushing a kiss against Jared's temple. "I am." He had been both dreading and longing for this day to happen and now that it looked like it was on its way he only hoped that he did at least a decent job at being a dad, he didn't have the greatest track record when it came to this kind of thing.

As if sensing Jensen's negative thought Jared squeezed his hand, "Hey, you are going to do great. They already love you."

"Alright enough of this mushy stuff we need to get Jared to the hospital or else these babies will be coming in the church because they sure as heck won't be born in my car and I want a front row seat to him cursing out Jensen." Chris grouched good nature as they moved as fast as they could down the aisle with Jared in labor.

Jensen smiled goofily at Jared. "He can curse me out anytime; he's utterly adorable when he does." Everything about Jared was adorable and he hoped the twins inherited that from their dad along with his belief in love.

The other three did their best to ignore the love feast happening next to them, they knew that it was Jensen's way of coping with seeing Jared in pain.

The ride to the hospital was a nerve wrecking one with Jensen snarling at Chris for every bump they hit which caused Jared to cry out. Chris got his wish Jared cursed out Jensen and then broke down crying telling Jensen he didn't mean it and that he loved him with all his heart. It was several hours of this before Caitlyn Elizabeth Ackles-Padalecki made her debut into the world showing off her rather impressive set of lungs, followed by her brother Tristan Ross who wasn't as loud as his sister was.

Jensen could only gaze in awe at the tiny bodies cradled in his and Jared's arms. He held Caitlyn close to his body and breathed in the perfect scent of that new baby, already looking every inch the doting father. He glanced over at Jared who held a rather content Tristan in his arms, Tristan might, hopefully, be quieter than his sister, unless you tried to take him from Jared or Jensen's then he showed off his lungpower. "They are perfect Jared. Thank you for this amazing gift."

Jared smiled tiredly up at Jensen. "I didn't create these precious gifts alone. I think Jennifer would have loved them and no doubt been the best big sister ever." It was still hard for Jared to talk about their little girl but he had Jensen had decided that Caitlyn and Tristan would know all about their big sister, she might be gone from this world but she was still very much a part of their lives and a part of their family.

Shifting carefully on the bed Jensen wished he could wipe the tears from Jared's eyes but feared freeing a hand and dropping Caitlyn. "I have no doubt Jay that she would have been the best big sister ever. We'll make sure that they know all about her, we won't forget Jennifer or the impact she had in our lives." Jensen promised solemnly. 

It had hit Jensen harder when he first got to hold Caitlyn, as he realised sadly that he never once has to hold Jennifer like this and it was a deep pain that would never truly heal but he knew he was granted a second chance with Jared and as a father and this time and that was rarely given.

He swore to himself would not miss a moment. He had gone searching for his star not realising that it was right here with Jared and their children, this was finally his true happily ever after and he wasn’t going to let it slip through his fingers a second time.

The End.
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