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Fic: It Takes a Kingdom Chapter 1

For centuries the kingdom of Astarii has long been a bright shining beacon in the land of fairytales, where humans, elves, fairies, and all races were welcomed and greeted as friends. This land is ruled over by a kind royal family who care for their people just as much as the people care for them, but none is more loved than the young Crown Prince Sam.

Sam is the bright star of the kingdom and there is not one person who wouldn't give their life to protect him. For all the people loved Sam, no one cared for him more than his personal knight and bodyguard Dean Winchester. To everyone who saw them saw two souls meant to be, soul mates were respected and cherished. It didn't matter what your station was in life, soul mates were meant to be, and the kingdom was growing despondent as their prince's arranged marriage grows ever closer. Princess Jessica was a nice woman but she was not for their prince.


Prince Sam Singer will always remember the day he met Dean Winchester. For as long as his family had ruled they were always guarded by a Winchester, the most loyal and bravest of warriors the kingdom had to offer. The oldest son of his father Bobby’s bodyguard and good friend John Winchester had stood proudly in front of his father, mother and younger brother Adam, his green eyes focused on the small shape hiding behind the gown of Queen Jody.

Four year old Sam shyly peeked out from behind his mother's leg, only to duck again as he noticed Dean looking at him, earning an aww from the women in the room and fond smiles from the men.

Jody chucked as she picked her son up and smiled down at Sam, "There is no need to be shy, this is Dean Winchester and when he is old enough he will take on the role of your bodyguard." She explained as she turned Sam around to meet his future protector.

Sam said nothing as he shyly hid his head in his mother's neck, but he stole a glance at his future protector.

Dean made sure that Sam saw his smile every time he looked his way, the kid was cute and he felt pride filling him knowing that he would one day be in charge of protecting and keeping the beloved prince safe.

"I've heard stories about you Dean, all your trainers say that you will one day most likely surpass your father. You must be proud of that, John." Bobby could see the pride shining in John's eyes. At eight years old Dean was already proving to be quite the warrior.

Dean puffed up with pride. "Thank you, sire. I want to be the best knight for Prince Sam." Dean informed him.

From the safety of his mother's arms Sam perked up and stared at Dean. He wanted to protect him? No one ever wanted to protect him before. Sure Sam had royal guards, but never his own protector.

Bobby smiled softly as he saw his son's attention being drawn to Dean. There was no doubt in his mind that Dean would be a good match for his son; and maybe he’d even help bring Sam out of his shyness. "I have no doubt that you will be. Now come here, boy, and meet your future charge."

"Sam is yours to protect, Dean; it's time to make that clear." John explained as he nudged his son forward.

"Go ahead son, Dean won't bite." Jody urged as she placed Sam back on the ground.

Biting his lower lip Sam slowly moved forward to Dean who was waiting for the young prince to come to him—he didn't want to frighten the small boy—but as Sam took another step closer to him, Dean felt a sense of belonging uncurl in his chest as he gazed at the young prince.

"Mine." Dean whispered as he gazed down at Sam.

Sam wasn't sure why that one word made him feel so warm, but he couldn't help agree, "Yours."

Above their heads their parents exchanged looks, having heard the small exchange. They would have to keep a close watch on them both as they grew older. At least there was no doubt that they would have a strong bond.

Seventeen years later

Sam tried not to sigh dreamily as he watched Dean move about on the practice field. The man always looked like he was dancing as he moved gracefully with his sword. There was no denying that Dean had grown up to be one of the most handsome men in the entire kingdom; it was no wonder that he had his own fan club, one that Sam was secretly the founder of.

"Sam, how did we know we would find you here watching Dean training?"

Sam groaned at the female voice and turned around to find Ruby, Jo and Meg standing behind him with knowing smiles on their faces. Sam had no clue how he always ends up with all the girls hanging around him; Dean said it was because he was just as much as a girl as they were. "So what if I was watching Dean training? He is my bodyguard after all; I just wanted to make sure he was keeping up with his training." Sam could tell right away that none of the three women believed him; dejected, Sam hung his head. "Am I really that transparent?"

The three women shared a look before Jo step forward and placed her hand on Sam’s arm. "Sorry to tell you, but you really are. On the plus side, Dean is just as bad," She hoped that this time that Sam would believe her.

Sam's shoulders slumped. "Dean doesn't think of me like that, he only sees me as his charge and a friend, someone as wonderful as Dean would never be interested in someone like me. Why would he want me when he could have anyone in the kingdom?" Sam sounded utterly broken. "Oww! Why did you hit me?" Sam pouted at Ruby.

The blond woman merely rolled her eyes. "Please. When you start talking like an idiot I'm allowed to hit you. You're hot, Sam, we all know it, everyone in the kingdom knows it, you and Dean are tied for the hottest guys in the kingdom and we are all waiting for the two of you to smarten up and get your act together and start giving us your gorgeous offspring."

Sam blushed as he fidgeted and looked down at his feet; it was secret longing of his to one day gift Dean with his children. "It doesn't matter what I want—and even if Dean did return my feelings, I'm not free to be with him. I'm engaged to marry Princess Jessica, after all." Sam reminded them softly and it wasn't that he didn't like Jessica, she was a sweet girl, but his heart had belonged to Dean and only Dean since he was old enough to know what love was. In the end it didn't matter, though; he was going to marry someone else and he would never be good enough for Dean.

The three women shared a look. That was a problem. Sam and Jessica’s marriage was one of convenience and not love. If Dean and Sam could prove that they were soul mates, then Sam and Jess' wedding would be called off, as no bond is greater and more secrete then that of soul mates. The sad thing is everyone knows they are, even if they were too blind to see it themselves, which was rather sad and pathetic as the whole kingdom was behind them getting their act together, the wedding was already planned out by the entire kingdom, damn it they could announce in an hour that they wanted to get married and the kingdom would only need half ‘n’ hour maybe not even that, they were a very organized kingdom.

“Sam, you should have to settle for someone if you don’t love them! It’s not fair to you, Jessica or Dean. We all know who your heart belongs to, maybe it’s time you let Dean know that.” Jo pointed out softly, hoping that this time she could get through to Sam.

Sam shook his head. “No, I can’t. I am destined to marry Jessica and I’m sure that I will learn to love her.” Hanging his head and shuffling his feet Sam moved away from the window, he had studies to get back to.

Meg waited until Sam was out of sight before voice her thoughts. “They are both fools. We are going to have to take over and do something before this sham of a wedding happens.”

Next to her, Jo and Ruby nodded their heads in agreement.


Queen Jody was not happy, not happy at all; and she wasn’t afraid to let her husband know. "I'm tired of watching my baby suffer from what he believes is unrequited love! Do something!" Jody growled she did not want to see her son suffer any longer. "We all know that Sam and Dean are soul mates, so why are we going along with this arranged marriage?" She liked Jessica, she really did, but her son had already found his soul mate in Dean.

Bobby sighed. He knew his wife only wanted what was best for their son and for him to be happy. "I thought for sure given how possessive Dean can be over Sam that the news of his engagement would have made him snap already, he's scared off all other suitors at the first sign of interest." Bobby couldn't understand what was stopping Dean this time, the man had a possessive streak kingdom-wide when it came to his charge.

“We need to do something; Sam and Dean are both going to be miserable if Sam has to go through with this wedding.” Jody loved Dean like a second son and she didn’t want to see him hurt any more than she did Sam.

Bobby sighed and moved towards his wife. “We can only hope that they act on their feelings before it’s too late. We’ve already interfered as much as we can, it’s up to them to do something.”

Jody gave her husband a knowing look. “Or we leave it to their well-meaning friends to make our boys get their act together.”

A smiled played at the corners of Bobby’s lips. “Well if they’re going to be idgits about it, let them suffer through whatever those fools come up with.”


Ellen took one look at the dejected slump to Sam’s shoulders and posture and didn’t hesitate a moment to place a piece of chocolate cake in front of the young prince. “Nothing cures heartache like chocolate.” She advised.

Sam found the strength to muster up a small smile to Ellen. He felt at home in the kitchen with her, and no matter what some said, Ellen let Sam help out whenever he wanted.

Ellen returned to her cooking once she saw Sam pick up the fork and begin eating; she knew that Sam would tell her what was bothering him when he was ready and not before. She had a pretty good idea what was bothering him, it was the same thing that had been bothering him since he turned thirteen and realised that he was in love with Dean and the hopelessness that came when he learned of his engagement to Princess Jessica.

For a several moments there was no sounds other than the occasion moan from Sam and Ellen cooking. It wasn’t until the piece of cake in front of Sam had been devoured did Sam speak, “My wedding is in a few weeks and I still don’t love Jessica and I’m not sure I will ever be able to, not when my heart belongs to someone else and it’s not fair to me or to her to commit myself to a loveless marriage. The others think I should tell Dean how I feel, but I’m afraid what if he doesn’t feel the same way that I do.”

Placing her spoon down Ellen turned to face Sam. “Now you listen to me, Sam Singer. There is one thing that can be certain, and that is that Dean cares about you. There is no mistaking the way he looks at you, he loves you, but neither of you will be happy until one of you takes that first step. I’ve known both of you your whole lives and I’ve never seen anybody but true soul mates look at each other the way you two do. Look at Dean, I mean really watch him and you’ll see that your feelings aren’t as one-sided as you think they are.” Ellen advised Sam with a soft smile on her face.

Sam said nothing as he mulled over Ellen’s advice. He didn’t want to get his hopes up, but one thing he loved about Ellen was she wouldn’t lie to him. That was why Sam sought her out so much. Before he could open his mouth and voice his thanks, a new voice cut through the air.

"Hey Ellen, something smells good. Hey Sammy, I didn’t know you were in here, what did Ellen give you this time?"

Sam tried to get his heartbeat under control as Dean called him Sammy, a nickname that only he could use. “Hey Dean, I saw your training session. You looked amazing out there.” Sam whispered, feeling suddenly shy.

Dean felt his heart speed up at Sam’s admittance. Nothing mattered to him more than Sam’s approval.

Ellen fought the urge to roll her eyes; they really were hopeless at this. “Sit down and I’ll get you a piece of pie. I would offer you the chocolate cake like I did Sam, but I know you and your love of pie.”

Sam was blown away by the smile that graced Dean’s face as he quickly took a seat next to Sam. The prince was sure he was blushing. Everyone knew that Dean loved his pie; so much that Sam had gone to Ellen and asked her to teach him to make Dean’s favourite as a gift one time. Sam had been so nervous that he nearly spilled it all over Dean, and while it hadn’t been as perfect as Ellen’s, Dean had devoured it, only offering a piece to Sam. Since then Sam has made it his mission to make Dean pie any time he could.

“Thanks Ellen. Say, Sammy, when are you going to make me another pie?” Dean asked, flashing Sam his special Sammy-only smile, the smile that always had Sam’s blood boiling. Dean loved making Sam blush, the prince looked so beautiful with a flush to his cheeks. “You make the best pie—next to Ellen, of course.” He said as Ellen placed a piece of pie in front of him.

Ellen wasn’t easily taken in by Dean’s charm. Watching the boy grow up had made her immune, just like Sam’s lethal puppy-dog eyes had no real power over her, a feat not many can replicate. “Nice save, but I have to agree with you. Sam makes some good pie.”

Dean fought down the wave of jealousy that flared up in him at the idea of his Sammy making anyone else pie. ‘But that’s the problem. He’s not your Sammy, in a week’s time he will be Princess Jessica’s Sam.’ A wave of bitterness and longing mixed with his returning jealousy threaten to make his pie taste like ash. He’d been in love with Sam since he was old enough to know what love was. He had hoped in time those feelings would fade, but they hadn’t. They had only grown stronger, and the more he was around Sam the more Dean knew that Sammy belonged to him.

The blush on Sam’s face grew at the praise. “The only reason I am any good is because of your teachings, you are an excellent teacher.” Sam wasn’t used to praise and he wanted Ellen to know that he couldn’t have done it without her.

Dean chose that moment to let out a low moan, one that shot right through Sam. He had to clamp down on the urge to pounce on Dean and see if he couldn’t get him to moan in a much different way.

Little did Sam know, Dean was having similar thoughts. ‘I wonder how pie would taste being licked off of Sam?’ Dean fought the urge to groan as another part of him sprung to life. He rather liked that idea and wished he could try it out.

Ellen wasn’t sure what was happening but the sexual tension between the two men had risen to the point where she could practically taste it in the air. ‘Well, if all else fails, we can always lock them in a room together with only a bed and see if that forces them to act on their feelings.’ Ellen fought back the urge to fan herself at the heat pouring off the two men.

“So you were watching me train? You could have come down to the training field and watched from there.” Dean offered. He wasn’t sure if it was the smart thing to do—he could barely concentrate when Sam was nearby, but having him watch him might make it all that much harder, it might make him give in to his basic instincts and claim Sam, right then and there on the training field for all to see that Sammy was his and his alone.

“I’d like that.” Sam agreed in a shy voice as he looked down at the table. He wasn’t sure if being so close, watching Dean get all sweaty, would be the best thing for him to be around. He might give into temptation and jump Dean and beg him to take him right there on the field, not caring who could see; in fact, a part of Sam wanted everyone to see that he was Dean’s and Dean’s alone.

“Well why not tomorrow morning, you do have the new recruits to test out.” Ellen spoke up, having a pretty good idea about what was going on through both men’s minds. After all, her husband was a former knight and she knew what the sight of him all sweaty did to her and it looks like it affected Sam the same way.

Dean nearly choked on his piece of pie as he swallowed hard and Sam reacted by whacking him on the back. “Are you okay?” Sam asked with pure worry lacing his voice.

Dean smiled at Sam weakly. “I’m okay, that piece just went down the wrong way.” Still, he didn’t mind feeling Sam’s hands on him.

“You know Sam, someone really should take a look at those cuts Dean got from training. I take it it was Charlie or Benny who managed to land a blow on you?” Ellen asked with a knowing look in her eyes.

Both Sam and Dean blush at her suggestion. It was no secret that Dean only allowed Sam to tend to his wounds, glaring and hissing at anyone who dared to touch him unless it was life threatening. Then someone would just have to mention Sam being left unprotected, everyone knew that was Sam was Dean’s weakness—well, everyone but Sam—and Dean would never risk leaving Sam unprotected.

“They got lucky, I was a little distracted.” Dean mumbled under his breath. He wouldn’t say why he was distracted, even though he had a pretty good idea that Charlie and Benny had a pretty good idea that he was distracted by the knowledge that his Sammy was to be married soon. A feeling of bitterness and jealousy settled into the pit of his stomach at the very thought of his Sam belonging to anyone but him, but right did he, a simple knight, have to court the Prince?

Ellen watched the two of them and shook her head. This was getting really pathetic and if something didn’t happen between the two of them soon, she was going to scream.


“This is not good.” Jody was pacing back and forth the messenger fairy sitting in the window watching the Queen with a worried till to her head.

“I take it that Prince Sam and Knight Dean have yet to state their feelings for one another.” The fairy asked.

“No! They haven’t. And the whole kingdom is pretty tired of this dance they are doing. The engagement was suppose to push Dean over the edge and claim Sam; instead they are both being idiots. None of our people wish to see this wedding happen; if it does I do believe that they will revolt. Not that I blame them, they all long to see my son and Dean settled down. Oh they would have the cutest children! I want my adorable grandbabies!” Jody cried.

The fairy fluttered about nervously, Queen Jody was really rather scary when she got into her grandbabies rant, she wanted Sam and Dean married giving her lots and lots of grandbabies to coo over.

“They would be so beautiful, with my baby Sam’s looks and Dean smoking hot looks, they would be the most gorgeous children ever.”

The fairy sighed as Jody slipped into her daydream about how perfect Dean and Sam’s children would look, crossing her legs the fairy made herself comfortable, she knew from experience that she would be here for a long time. 'Why is it always me? ‘The fairy thought in despair.



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