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Fic: It Takes a Kingdom Chapter 3

"We could always kidnap Sam." Balthazar suggested as he popped one of Ellen's chocolates into his mouth.

The now off duty knights along with Meg and Ruby had gathered together to plot out what to do to stop the wedding and so far none of their ideas had been winners.

"Do you want to die? Dean would skin us all alive for trying something like that. No, we need a plan that doesn't involve any kind of harm coming to Sam, Dean would kill us." Charlie pointed out, anything that would put Sam in danger or put them on the wrong end of Dean’s sword was on the no-no list, and Charlie liked living.

"How about a spell? I've heard of a sleeping spell that requires true love kiss to wake the sleeping beauty. If we put Sam under that spell then Dean will have no choice but to kiss Sam after everyone else fails." Meg spoke up; she had seen her fair share of love spells casted and that was the most powerful, only true love could break it.

“If Dean finds out we cast a spell over Sam he will gut us.” Charlie felt the need to point out; Dean lost all rational thinking when Sam was placed in danger.

“Well he might just be a little too busy with Sammy to kill us. Let’s face it we are running out of time we need to find away to get them together before the whole kingdom revolts. Besides what do we really have left to lose?” Ruby asked.

“Our lives but I doubt we would survive much longer if Sam does marry Jessica, Dean would kill us with his so-called ‘training’.” Benny pointed out.

 Charlie had to admit that Benny had a point; she wasn’t sure how many more training sessions anyone would survive with Dean. “Will it harm Sam in anyway?” She liked Sam and didn’t want to see any harm come to him.

Meg tried not to growl at Charlie, she knew the knight was only looking out for Sam’s well being. “I would never put Sam in any danger; all the spell is designed to do is to put Sam into a deep sleep.”

 Out of all the plans it was the only one that had any promise Charlie could only nod her head it looked like Operation Sleeping Sammy was a go.



Crowley could only stare at the motley crew standing before him looking rather hopeful. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I must have something wrong with my hearing. It sounds like you wanted me to give you a spell to put dear Prince Moose to sleep so that squirrel can wake him with true love’s kiss. You can't tell me that those two are still that blind to what everyone knows?"

"Sadly, they are still that blind, and with Sam's wedding growing closer we’re getting desperate. Dean's in denial about his feelings for Sam and Sam's convinced that Dean will never see him like that." Ruby explained with a frown.

Crowley sighed. At first he had found it rather amusing that two smart men could be so blind as to not to see their soul mate was right next to them, but then it started getting old, and if this way he could annoy Dean. "You do know that every one of you will have to kiss Sam in order to prove that none of you are Sam's one true love. Then again, it will bring out the green-eyed monster in Dean very quickly, and he’ll most likely plot each and every one of your deaths. I'm in." 

“You sound far too cheerful when you say that. Do you picture our deaths often?” Balthazar asked as he sipped the drink he had stolen from Crowley’s table.

“Only when I’m bored,” Crowley admitted with a shrug, “And put that down, it’s very expensive and worth more than you could ever dream of seeing.” Crowley ordered Balthazar.

Balthazar returned Crowley’s shrug with one of his own. “So bill me.” Balthazar informed him as he took a long sip of the rather delightful wine.

“You’re just lucky that I want to see Moose and Squirrel happily married and having their own little moose and squirrels.” Crowley moved back into his shop and grabbed a certain vial that held a purple potion. “Take this and pour it into Prince Sam’s cup only, it is a powerful sleeping spell and can only be awoken by true love’s kiss and not everyone has a true love.” Crowley warned.

When Balthazar, Ruby and Charlie all reached for it Crowley turned on his heel and handed it to Meg. “You’re the only one of this lot that I trust not to mess this up. Now, for it to work you need to pour all of it into Sam’s drink. Do not use water, he will be able to taste it. Try wine or something like that.” Crowley explained.

Meg nodded her head and slipped the vial inside of her shirt for safe keeping. “Just tell me that it won’t hurt Sam?” Meg wanted Dean and Sam together, but she would do nothing that would bring harm to Sam.

“I promise it will not hurt my favourite moose in anyway.” Crowley promised her.

Surprisingly enough, Meg believed him. “Now all we have to do is convince Ellen to go along with it.”  

It hadn’t been easy convincing the king and queen along with Ellen to go along with their plan. But with the wedding day of Sam and Jessica growing closer, it was a desperate time, and they were out of ideas. So Ellen agreed to slip the sleeping potion into Sam’s goblet.



Sam and Dean were utterly miserable which was making everyone else miserable. Since Jessica arrived Dean had gone out of his way to avoid Sam, he claimed it was because Sam and Jessica needed the time alone without him around. It broke Sam’s heart to know that Dean would rather avoid him then want anything to do with him.

Sam longed for the time when he was enough for Dean, when he was the reason Dean’s face lit up into a smile. ‘Maybe there is a reason Dean is avoiding you, maybe he doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do him. Remember Lady Lisa?’ The little voice whispered.

There was no doubt that Dean was one of the most handsome man in all of the kingdom and Sam wasn’t the only one who thought so. Sam knew that Dean wasn’t a virgin by any means and he was usually a love them and leave them type but there had been two who turned Dean’s head.

First there had been Lady Cassie, fiery and passionate she had been more than a match for Dean and Dean had cared deeply for her and Sam had feared that Dean would go with her when she returned to her home land, that had been Sam’s first heartbreak but in the end Dean had kissed Cassie good-bye on the cheek and moved to stand back to Sam.

Dean had made Sam a promise that day, “I will never leave you Sammy until you ask me to. Without you Sam I am nothing.”

Dean had no idea how much Sam clung to those words.

Lately there was Lady Lisa, another beautiful woman who had been flirting with Dean so far Dean had not been looking back but Sam feared it might be only a matter of time. 

"I take it your daydreaming about Dean again."

No matter what anyone claims Sam did not jump at the sound of Jessica's voice as the blond princess managed to sneak up on him. “Jessica, I didn’t see you there.”

Jessica Moore knew all about falling in love with the wrong person, but unlike Sam’s case hers really was hopeless one, the person she was in love with didn’t see her as anything but a princess who needed to be protected and they would never see anything but that since she only got to see her crush when she came to visit Sam, so she couldn’t fault Sam for being so lost in his thoughts of Dean.

Sam shifted on his feet and looked everywhere but Jessica. “I don’t know what you mean.” Sam might not love Jessica but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings by mooning over the one he was in love with.

Jessica favoured Sam with a soft smile. “Sam, I am not blind, I see the way you look at Dean and Dean has never truly hid his dislike of me, oh he’s tried to downplay it but it’s clear that I will never be his favourite person. Not that I blame him after all I am marrying the man he loves.”

Sam’s face turned an interesting shade of red. “Come on Jessica we have a banquet to get to.” Sam made a distasteful face he never cared for banquets, this one even less because it was to start the celebration of his and Jess’ upcoming wedding.


Dean wanted nothing more than to stab something, preferably his so-called friends as they dragged him to the feast, a feast that it would seem no one wanted to be at.

But Dean could not deny that Sam looked breathtaking in his silk blue robes, only Dean noticed the veil hidden panic in Sam’s eyes as he glanced around the room looking franticly for something. Dean hated that look in Sam’s eyes and he moved out of the shadows that he had been hidden in to see what Sam needed. The moment he did, Sam’s eyes landed on him, and the hint of panic faded from Sam’s eyes and a shy smile graced his lips, a smile that never failed to make Dean’s heart skip a beat.

King Bobby saw the look exchanged between Sam and Dean. ‘Well, if this plan works, I do hope that Dean remembers that I am his king.’ Bobby thought as he climbed to his feet to make the toast. “Ladies and gentlemen, today we start the celebration of the upcoming wedding of my son Prince Sam to Princess Jessica. I have always been a firm believer of true love and I know my son has found his true love and I wish them all the happiness in the world.”

Dean’s heart shattered at the King’s words. He had hoped that Jessica wasn’t Sam’s true love. Sam saw the pain in Dean’s eyes and he wanted to stop his dad from causing Dean pain. He wanted to shout it from the top of the castle that while Jess was a good friend she was not his true love. Dean Winchester was his true love.

“To true love.” Bobby announced.

“To true love.” Sam along with everyone else echoed his eyes never leaving Dean’s as he took drank down his cup of wine.

Now, the spelling potion was a powerful one, and at the first touch of it on Sam’s tongue, it took immediate effect.

Unable to control himself. Sam let out a loud yawn. He struggled to stay awake, even though his eyes began drooping.

“Sam, are you alright?” Jess asked, placing her hand on Sam’s arm.

Sam tried to answer her, but he couldn’t get his mouth to work as he felt the strong pull of sleep calling him and before he knew it he was falling face first into his plate, sound asleep.


The moment Sam yawned Dean knew something wasn’t right. He was moving instantly, and he beat everyone to Sam’s side and gently he pulled the prince off of his chair and into his arms. “Sam! Wake up! Sammy!” Dean ordered as he gently slapped Sam’s cheeks.

“Call for Missouri!” Bobby ordered.

Appearing next to her son, Mary placed a hand on Dean’s arm. “Come, let’s get Sam to his room, I’m sure he’ll be much more comfortable there.” Mary suggested and a nod from Queen Jody showed her support.

Dean refused to let anyone else touch, let alone carry Sam, and he carried his precious cargo all the way to Sam’s chambers, where he placed Sam gently on his bed, stroking his cheek. “Please be okay Sam, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. There is no me without you.” Dean whispered.

“Sam is not complete without you either, Dean. Now I need you to move aside and let me get a good look at that boy.” Missouri spoke up. She hated the idea of breaking up a tender moment between the two of them, but she had to make sure that Crowley didn’t mess this up. ‘If he pulls this off I will owe that demon, something I don’t really care for.’ Missouri knew she would owe Crowley big time.


It was the longest ten minutes of Dean’s life as he paced up and down the hallway in front of Sam’s chambers, but not even the king or queen dared to ask him to stop. The look on his face was terrifying.

The moment the door to Sam’s room opened, Dean was there, practically pouncing on Missouri. “Well? Is Sam okay?” Dean demanded, no longer caring who he was talking to.

A sharp slap to the back of his head had Dean taking a step back. “Boy, I know that you are worried about Sam but you’re still not too big for me to use my spoon on.  Now take a deep breath and remember to breathe.”Missouri ordered.

Dean’s eyes dropped to his feet. “I’m sorry Missouri, I’m just worried about Sam. Is he going to be okay?” That was the only thing that mattered to him.

“Prince Sam is under a sleeping spell, one that he can only be awoken from by true love’s kiss.” Missouri declared.

Dean had heard about those spells. They were powerful, but didn’t do any lingering damage to the ones cursed. Dean swallowed hard as he turned his gaze to Jessica, who was standing between her mothers. “Well, Princess Jessica, it looks like this is a job for you.” Dean stepped aside to allow Jessica entranced to Sam’s room.

Wanting to scream Jessica hiked up the edges of her pink skirt and marched into Sam’s room and in front of everyone, in front of Dean, kissed Sam smack on the lips. She pulled back when nothing happened. “Maybe’s it’s time you open your eyes and saw what is right in front of you.” Jess snapped as she shoved passed a rather stunned Dean.

John hung his head. He couldn’t believe how blind his son was.

“He gets that from you.” Mary whispered to her husband, and John really couldn’t argue that point.

Since Princess Jessica was proven not to be Sam’s true love, all those closest to the young prince were asked to come and try their luck.

It took all of Dean’s willpower not to rip the heads off of his friends as they all took their turn in trying to wake Sam up.

They could see that Dean was close to his breaking point, but he still did not break. Finally, when King Bobby announced that they would have to let the rest of the kingdom have a chance at breaking the spell and if no one from the kingdom could do it then they would send word to the other kingdoms, it came.

There was no way that Dean was going to allow someone like Lucifer or anyone else who was not worthy touch Sam. He had to at least try to see if there was a chance that he meant everything to Sam just like Sam was his whole world.

Everyone held their breaths as Dean lowered himself down onto Sam’s bed, his eyes trained on Sam’s peaceful face. Dean was blown away by how breathtakingly beautiful his prince was. ‘Please let me be the one, let me be your true love.’ Dean pleaded silently as he lowered his head and brushed his lips against Sam’s.    

The moment Dean’s lips touched Sam’s, it seemed like the whole kingdom held its breath as they waited to see if Dean was Sam’s true love.

Dean pulled back thinking he had failed and couldn’t look at Sam as he began to move away.

“Why did you stop?”

 Dean’s eyes flew back to Sam and he grinned at the sight of those eyes that reminded him of sunflowers finally open and looking back at him.

“I finally get you to kiss me and you end it before I can kiss you back.” Sam pouted. He had no clue what had happened to get Dean to kiss him, but he was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

“But how?” Dean asked. There was no way that Sam was his true love.

“Boy, don’t you make me spell it out for you. True love’s kiss. Only Sam’s soul mate, his other half could break the spell, that’s you. Now kiss the boy again.” Missouri ordered.

Dean shot her a quick grin. “Yes ma'am,” that was one order Dean could get behind.

Sam still had no clue as to what was going on, but he didn’t care as Dean’s lips once again covered his and he melted into Dean’s kiss.

Dean nearly groaned at the feel of Sam’s lips pressing back against his, and if they didn’t have an audience, he would do a lot more than kissing Sam.

“Don’t you even think about it, you will wait until after you are married.” Jody declared. Sam would have protested, but Dean was doing something with his tongue that drove him wild.

“I think we should give them a few moments alone.” Bobby declared. After all, he had to let the rest of the kingdom to know that not only was their prince awake, but the two blind fools finally had gotten their act together.

Sam and Dean never noticed that they were alone, even after they broke the kiss.

“I love you Dean, you have been my whole world since I was four and I have only loved you since I knew what love was.” Sam admitted.

Dean didn’t normally do chick moments, but this was Sam. “You are my world; I don’t know how to function without you. There really is no me without you. I love you Sammy, and I’m going to make sure that everyone knows you are mine.” Dean’s deep possessive growl sent shivers up and down Sam’s.

“How soon can we get married?” Sam asked in a breathless tone of voice.

Dean shifted so his body completely covered Sam’s. He might not be able to make love to Sam, but there were other things he could do, things that he knows Sam has never done before and will never do again. “As soon as possible baby boy, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you for long.” Dean vowed.

Sam’s whimper had Dean smiling as he covered Sam’s mouth with his own and Sam’s moans were drowned out by the loud cheers from outside.




The wedding between Sam and Dean was a whirlwind, the kingdom had everything set up within a week. Still, that seemed like a life time for Sam, as Dean had taken to teasing him and showing him things Sam had only heard of. Every touch Dean gave him sent Sam’s skin on fire.

Sam couldn’t even recall the wedding ceremony. Everything was a blur until you may kiss the groom and Dean’s lips were on his.

“How long do we have to stay here?” Sam asked as he cuddled next to Dean at the head of table.

"A little longer. Trust me, you're not the only one who wants to be alone." Dean thought he had done a good job in keeping his hands to himself, but damn it he wanted his alone time with Sam.

There was a loud whoop and both their eyes were drawn to the sight of Jessica pulling Charlie into a heated kiss.

"I think we can make our escape soon. It looks like they have something new to gawk at." Dean let his eyes flicker back over the pie table Ellen had created especially for him and a wicked idea began to take shape.

It didn’t escape Sam’s notice the way Dean was eyeing the pie table. “Do I even want to know what put that look in your eyes?” Sam asked. He knew that Dean loved pie, but never before had he seen such a wicked look in his new husband’s eyes, and the fact that Dean was his sent Sam heart soaring.

Dean’s lips curled up into a wicked smile that promised nothing but naughty things. “I was just wondering how you would taste mixed with pie.”

Heat coursed through Sam and he licked his lips as he dragged his eyes over Dean’s body. “Well let’s snag us some pie, sneak off to our room and find out.”

“God, I love you.” Dean pulled Sam into his arms.

Sam’s eyes were lit with untamed desire and love as he stared back at his soul, “I love you to, so very much.” Sam murmured before Dean’s lips covered his.

In the history of kisses there have been only five that were considered the most passionate and most pure, this one left them all behind.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End
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