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Fic: All Your Secret Wishes Chapter 3

Justin Hartley knew a catch when he saw one and Jensen Ackles was the whole package. His only flaw was the fact that he was raising someone else's brat and that just wouldn't do. He needed to separate them, make Jared believe that Jensen hated him. ‘He's just a kid, it will be so easy to do’ he thought to himself.

He hated the way that Jensen fawned all over Jared. He hated how Jensen's whole world was centered around Jared. Justin knew that was the only reason that Jensen refused to commit to him. ‘I know that little brat is trying to turn Jensen away from me.’ Justin knew all about Jensen's failed marriage and it baffled him that he would even want Jared around - surely the kid was a reminder that he would want out of his life?

Jared was a kid and Justin remembered  how gullible children could be - he just had to be careful that no one overheard him.

Jared didn't like Jensen's new friend Justin. The man felt wrong to Jared and he said the meanest of things to him when Jensen wasn't around. But Jared didn't say anything because he didn't think anyone would believe him; that he was just jealous.

But Chad would believe him and Chad was the only one he had told.

"I could kick him for you if you want me to," Chad had offered.

For a moment Jared had been tempted, but in the end ended up saying, "No I don't want Jenny mad at me."

Smiling as he watched the two children talk, Justin could see that his words were beginning to get to Jared. He just needed something big to break their bond and he knew just the thing. "Soon that little brat will be out of the way and I'll have Jensen all to myself," he thought.

It was the day of Jared's play and no one could tell who was more nervous about the play him or Jensen who was running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to make sure that everything was perfect for Jared's big day.

Jensen had even taken the day off of work so that he could be there early and get a good seat. Though he had doubts that he would beat his mom and Kim there, still he was going to try.

A knock at the door surprised Jensen; after all, he wasn't expecting anyone. After all, everyone knew that all his focus was on Jared's big day. "Justin, what are you doing here?" Justin was the last person that Jensen had been expecting to see today. He had told the other man that he would be too busy to see him and Justin had seemed okay with that.

Justin smiled at Jensen. "I know you said you were busy but I missed you and thought I'd stop by."

A groan nearly escaped Jensen's lips before he fought it back. ‘It looks like Chris is right, looks like I'm going to have to have a talk with Justin.’ He had thought he made it clear to Justin that this wasn't an actual relationship. Jensen had come to realize very quickly that he and Justin had nothing really going for them but sex and that wasn't enough to build a relationship on.

Then there was Jared. Jared hadn't warmed up to Justin at all and that was rather unusual. Jared was usually so open and friendly that Jensen feared that someone would take advantage of that kindness.  And while Jensen couldn't prove it, he had a very strong feeling that Justin was jealous of Jared's role in Jensen's life.  Jared was everything to Jensen and he wouldn't get involved with someone if they couldn't open up their heart to care about Jared.

Seeing the protest forming on Jensen's lips, Justin moved forward and kissed Jensen, stopping him from saying anything. Justin had a way about him that made Jensen forget all rational thinking.

"We have a few hours till you need to be somewhere, how about I help you relax?" Justin suggested cupping Jensen's hardening dick through his jeans.

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan." Jensen would talk to Justin later about their relationship.  Right now he had plans for the other man's talented mouth.

Chris was going to kill someone. He knew that there was only one person who would have the balls to keep Jensen away from Jared's play. His anger only grew as Jared's bright eyes dimmed as he searched desperately for the one person he wanted to see.

"I'll help you kill Hartley," Steve whispered. He already knew where to hide the body and given how loved Jared was by the community he doubted that many would care if Hartley went missing.

Danneel was muttering very impressive and creative things she planned on doing to Justin and Jensen and if Chris wasn't sure that Steve was already gone on Danneel the awestruck look in his eyes would have clued him in big time.

Jared felt his heart breaking the longer the play went on and there was no sign of his Jensen. ‘Jensen's never broken a promise to me? Could that mean man be right when he says Jenny doesn't love me?’ Jared thought miserably. Jared somehow found the strength to continue on with the play despite the fact that he wanted nothing more than to go running into Donna's arms and seek comfort with her. He would do that after the play.

No one was surprised that when the play finished, a heartbroken Jared, still dressed in his sunbeam costume that he had been so proud of, rushed off the stage and into Donna's waiting arms.

Donna felt her heart breaking in two as she held Jared in her arms and listened to the little boy cry his heart out. Nothing anyone did could soothe his aching heart.

Donna did her best to comfort Jared but there were no words that could ease this kind of hurt all she could do was be there for him.

"Poor thing, he's cried himself to sleep." Kim murmured sadly as she bend down to brush the hair out of Jared's eyes.  It broke everyone's heart there to see the dried tear tracks on Jared's cheeks.

“You find our son and you drag his ass here. I have a few words for him.” Donna snarled to her son Jeff, careful to keep her voice low so not to wake the little boy sleeping in her arms.

No one wanted to be on the bad side of Donna Ackles.

“On it mom.” Jeff turned to Chris, “I have a pretty good idea of who kept Jensen away from the show tonight, care to help me kick some ass?”

“You damn well better believe I do.  No one makes Jared, cry not even Jensen.” Chris was going to make someone hurt and if he got to mess up that pretty face of Hartley as well, he called that a win-win.

Jensen awoke to pounding at his door and a cold side of his bed where he was sure Justin had just been. He glanced at his clock and swore if he didn't hurry he was going to be late for Jared's play. He wouldn't even have time to shower.

Throwing on his clothes that littered the floor, he had just finished buttoning up his shirt.  He approached his door, fearing for it as the pounding got louder and the door shook under the force.

“You bastard.” Jensen had barely gotten the door open before Chris’ fist was hitting the side of his jaw and his ass was hitting the floor.

“What the hell was that for?” Jensen demanded holding his jaw as he stared up in disbelief at his best friend, in the dark as to what could have prompted Chris to hit him.

“That was for making Jared cry.” Chris ground out as he clenched his fist at his sides, looking like he was just itching to hit Jensen again.

Jensen felt his blood freeze., “Jared was crying?  Why?”

Chris was pleased to note the pure panic in Jensen’s eyes and his friend had gone pretty pale. “Yep, cried himself to sleep in Donna’s arms because the person he was most excited to see him perform in his first play didn’t show up.”

“The play already happened? It couldn’t have.  I swear my clock says it’s only four now.” Jensen would never willingly have missed Jared’s play; he wanted to see his little man perform.

Something wasn’t right here, Jeff thought.  He had been poking around while Chris dealt with Jensen (they all knew Chris was the much better fighter out of them all) and he couldn’t understand why his brother’s clocks were all set back two hours. “Jensen, was anyone else here?”

“Yeah, Justin.” Jensen felt a sense of growing dread filling him.

“Did you leave him alone at any time?” Jeff asked.

It took only a moment for Jensen to think, “Yeah I had an important phone call and took it in my study. Are you saying that Justin changed the clocks?” Justin hadn't been impressed that a phone call had disrupted them from reaching Jensen's bedroom, but he had put on a smile when Jensen told him to go wait in his bed and he would be joining him as quick as possible.

“It makes sense. He’s been jealous of Jared for some time now and has wanted him out of the way because he feels like you shouldn’t be saddled with a kid that’s not yours.” Chris knew he should have punched Justin sooner.  The blond was a weasel doing what he could to insert himself into Jensen's life by shoving Jared out of it.

Jensen was furious.  The next time he saw Justin he was going to kill him and he figured that his brother and Chris would help him hide the body.

“Where’s Jared now? I need to make this up to him.” Jensen ran a hand through his hair. He felt horrible for making his boy cry.

“With your mother, and I’ve got to warn you if you think we are mad, we ain’t got nothing on Mama Ackles. She might be out for blood.” Chris warned.

Jeff clapped his brother on the back when he saw his brother wince. “Hopefully, mom will let you explain what happened before she rips you apart for making Jared cry. If you can explain yourself, she might turn that rage onto Justin.”

That actually sounded pretty good and was what Justin deserved.

Upon awaking from his impromptu nap, Jared had been disheartened to learn that he hadn’t dreamt that Jensen missed the play and had broken his promise to him.

Clutching his stuffed dog that was kept at Donna and Alan’s for him Jared carefully climbed out of his bed and softly padded towards the door of his room that his grandparents had set up for him.

Not feeling up to being cuddled at that moment, Jared slipped silently down the hallway, keeping away from the living room and kitchen where he could hear voices coming from.  He didn't want comfort right now. He wanted to be alone.

Spying the back door open, Jared could smell the food cooking like it was when his grandpa had guests over.   His stomach growled, but since Jared wasn't allowed near the grill by himself and he wasn't ready to see everyone else food was just going to have to wait.

Huffing and puffing Jared managed to get himself up on the porch swing without slipping off. Settling his stuffed dog Harley against his side, Jared played with one its floppy ears, "Why Jenny not come?" he asked it mournfully.

Justin couldn’t believe the luck he was having when he arrived a few minutes earlier unnoticed, it seemed Jensen missing the play and what it was doing to poor Jared had everyone’s attention. Now he found Jared all alone, staring down at the stuffed dog in his arms in Alan and Donna’s backyard. He had known that the little brat had to around here

Justin couldn't believe his luck when he found Jared all alone, staring down at the stuffed dog in his arms in Alan and Donna's backyard. He had known that the little brat had to be around here somewhere. Jensen had let it slip that his mother had a huge party planned for Jared after his school play. It disgusted Justin that Jensen was upset that his mother had stolen his chance at throwing the party.

There was no sign of Jensen and given how upset everyone seemed to be he had missed the play, Justin felt just a little smug to himself that he had worn out Jensen even though the sleeping pills he slipped into Jensen's drink when he had been on the phone helped.

"Hello, Jared."

Jared made a distasteful face as he heard the last voice he wanted to hear. "What do you want? Do grandpa and grandma know you are here?" Jared just wanted to be alone, his heart still broken over Jensen breaking his promise to him.

"You know that Jensen doesn't really care about you?" Justin informed Jared, crossing his arms over his chest. "You're just a little brat that hung around him and he felt sorry for you."

Jared shook his head in denial; not wanting to believe what Justin was saying was true. "You're lying, Jensen loves me, and he likes having me around."

Justin raised an eyebrow. "Really?  Then why did Jensen miss your play when he promised to be there? Jensen told me himself that he wishes you would just go away and stop bothering him."

Jared couldn't understand why his heart felt like it was being ripped out of his chest as he stumbled back from the beta. He rubbed at his eyes not wanting to give the other man the satisfaction of seeing him cry.

Justin could only grin as Jared ran off. He watched as the little boy disappeared into the trees. ‘That was almost too easy.’ Justin didn't really have anything against the rugrat, except for the fact that he was standing in his way of completely having Jensen. For some reason Jensen actually was fond of the little brat, something Justin just couldn't understand. Jared wasn't even his son.

He knew that Jensen would be mad if he found out that he had caused Jared to run away. "I better lay low for a while." Uncaring about the small boy that had run off, Justin whistled happily to himself he wandered out of the Ackles yard just as unseen as he had first arrived.


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