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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: All Your Secret Wishes Chapter 5

Thirteen years later

Jensen could hardly believe that Jared was eighteen years old.  He wondered where his little boy went.

Jared had gone from an adorable little boy to a beautiful omega that pushed Jensen’s control every time he got a whiff of Jared’s scent. Jared managed to retain his kind heart and shyness that made him all the more adorable in Jensen’s eyes.

He wasn’t the only one - other alphas were beginning to notice his Jared and Jensen didn’t like it one bit. Jared was pure sunshine; he lit up Jensen’s life and filled it with warmth. Jared was the best thing in his life and he wasn’t ready to share Jared with anyone.

Jensen wasn't ready to let go of Jared even if was only for college. ‘College is full of alphas who can't keep their hands to themselves I have every right to be worried about him.

Jensen's inner thoughts weren't helping him calm down any.

"Man, you're making me nervous here.  You're acting like Jared's run off to get mated." Chris was absolutely no help in trying to calm Jensen down. In fact, he seemed to take pleasure in riling him up every chance that he could.

For the past thirteen years, Chris had been closely watching the bond between Jensen and Jared. He had a front row seat to watching it change over the years. There was no doubt left in his mind that Jensen and Jared were true mates, even if those two were too blind to see it.

"Did you come over here for some reason other than to rile me up and drink all my beer?" Jensen demanded crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at his so-called best friend.

Chris thought about it for a moment before sending a smirk Jensen's way. "Nope, I'm pretty much here for the first two reasons." As if to prove his point, Chris settled down further into the comfy couch and lifted the bottle to his lips.

"I need a better best friend," Jensen growled under his breath.

"Well you could always call up Steve, but since he and Danneel have mated they've been pretty much locked in their house, thankfully for all our peace of minds."

Jensen made a face, while he was happy for his two friends Steve and Danneel, they weren't the best at keeping public displays of affection down to a minimum.

‘Something tells me that you and Jared will be just as bad or worse, that is if you two can ever open your eyes and see what is right in front of you.’Because the way they were going Jensen was going to kill someone, Chris actually felt sorry for anyone foolish enough to actually try and date Jared. It should be clear to everyone that he was taken.

"Jensen! I'm home!"

Chris wanted to roll his eyes at the look of pure happiness that overtook Jensen's face just from the sound of Jared's voice. ‘My friend you have got it bad.’ It was reaching the point that it was almost pathetic at this point watching Jared and Jensen dance around one another.

Sparkling eyes and a wide dimpled grin on his face, Jared barely noticed Jensen's best friend on the couch. He only had eyes for Jensen. "Hi, Chris."

Raising his beer bottle in greeting, Chris wondered just how in the hell Jensen managed to miss the hearts-in-eyes look Jared had going on considering that he always looked at Jensen like he hung the moon.

"Hey Jared, how's it going? Anything happening at school today or is it just as lame as I remember it?" Chris asked, in an attempt to remind them that he was here as well, so they wouldn't be tempted to stare all lovey-dovey at one another.

Before Jared could begin to answer Chris, a low growl came from Jensen and his eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. "Why do you smell like an unknown alpha?" Jensen had long ago learned all the scents that lingered on Jared, the strongest usually was Chad's considering that the other omega didn't know the meaning of personal space when it came to Jared and Jensen didn't mind as long as his was the only alpha scent to linger on Jared.

A faint blush appeared on Jared's cheeks at the possessive tone in Jensen's voice. ‘That's the last time I listen to Chad.’ His best friend assured him that he didn't have an alpha's smell on him. "Well, you see, it’s Stephen Amell's scent. He asked me out."

Jensen wondered if he should have seen that coming sooner.  He knew that there had been alphas beginning to take an interest in Jared and he didn't like it. "And do you like Stephen like that?"

‘Okay, this is my time to leave.’ Chris knew that this was not any of his business and he could see Jensen's alpha side beginning to come out. There is no way that Jensen's alpha would allow his true mate to be courted by another. "I'll talk to you later Jensen, Jared."

Neither really noticed as Chris took his leave.

Jared couldn't hear anything above his heart beating in his chest. He was surprised that Jensen couldn't hear it with how loud it was pounding. Nervously he licked his lips, his heart fluttering when he noticed Jensen's eyes drawn to the movement.

Jensen wanted nothing more than to claim that tempting mouth with his. For two years he had been fighting his attraction to Jared. Ever since Jared was sixteen and he went into his first heat, it had been a nightmare for Jensen trying to control himself from stopping to claim what was his.

Jensen’s shower still had the imprint of where he had slammed his fist into the wall of his shower. Jared's heat made the omega's sweet smell all that more irresistible to the alpha. He wanted nothing more than to slip into that bed with Jared and help him with the pain but he couldn't. For one, Jared was still too young for him and secondly, he didn't know if Jared thought of him like that, but it was a test of his wills not to give into his alpha side and aid an omega... his omega out.

Jensen needed to get his hands on some suppressants.  He couldn't trust himself around Jared without them.

"Did you say yes?" Jensen could barely believe that rough voice was his.

Jared knew who his omega side longed for, and he just wishes that it wasn't so impossible for it to be. "I didn't answer him yet."

"Why not?" Jensen tried not to let hope get the better of him. Just because he was in love with his step-son didn't mean that Jared shared his twisted and wrong feelings. “Do you like Stephen?” It tore at Jensen’s heart to ask that question and he dreaded to hear Jared’s answer.

“I like him as a friend but that’s about it. I don’t have romantic feelings for him.” Jared admitted in a soft voice. ‘How could I when I’m in love with you.’ Jared had been shocked when he realized that he was in love with Jensen.

Chad was the only person that Jared had ever told.  More like Jared blurted it out to him in a state of panic

Chad had just looked at him like he announced that the sky was purple. "You just figured that out? Man, I knew that ages ago."

The vise that had started to squeeze Jensen’s heart loosened and he could breathe again.

“But I think Stephen might have those kinds of feelings for me and I don’t want to lead him on.” Jared finished, looking shyly at Jensen beneath his bangs.

“I think you need to be honest with Stephen and tell him that you see him as a friend and that’s it. It’s better to tell him that now instead of leading him on to think that he has a chance.” If Jensen had it his way, Stephen would stay far away from his Jared.

“I will, thank you for the advice,” Jared whispered. He wasn't even sure when he moved in closer to Jensen - enough that he could breathe in the scent of his alpha. To Jared, Jensen smelled like a fresh ocean breeze.

Closing his eyes, Jensen breathed in the scent of Jared, of his omega. He loved Jared’s scent; he smelled like fresh rain on a field of sunflowers. There was no scent in the world that Jensen loved more than Jared’s.

‘His lips are right there, how easy would it be for you to bend down and finally have a taste of that which you have craved for years?’ The little voice taunted Jensen and there was nothing more than he wanted to do but to give in, to finally feel what Jared's lips felt pressed against his.

‘Please let him kiss me.’ Jared begged silently, his eyes trained on Jensen’s mouth.

Jared forced down the disappointment he felt when Jensen pull away. It felt like it was one step forward and ten back. He wanted his alpha and he knew Jensen wanted him as well, if only Jensen would let himself act on his feelings.

"Why don't you get to work on what homework you have and I'll get supper started." Jensen needed to clear his head; he needed Jared out of the room before he forgot why this was wrong and gave into the temptation that was Jared.

"Okay," Jared , the moment lost and he could see Jensen steeling himself once again from whatever he might feel for him and Jared's heart broke again.

Chad was the greatest best friend ever, even if it was himself praising, well, himself. But there was no denying that he was awesome. After all, how many people would listen to Jared gush about the color of Jensen's eyes, which shade of green they looked like today, did Jensen have new freckles and so on without losing it. Yep, Chad was pretty awesome, if he said so himself.

So when Jared showed up looking like a kicked puppy it was Chad's best friend duty to hunt down and mess up whoever hurt his buddy. Even if that person was Jensen Ackles.

"So what happened?"

Jared let out a dramatic sigh as he flopped down on Chad's bed. “Stephen asked me out again.”

Chad wasn't sure how he felt about the alpha who wasn't hiding his interest in Jared. "Well, you could always go out with him to make Jensen jealous," Chad suggested.  Jared had told him how Jensen reacted to Jared telling him that Stephen had asked him out the first time.

Jared's eyes widened. "I couldn't do that! It wouldn't be fair to Stephen. He has real feelings for me and I can't lead him on like that."

Shrugging his shoulders, the blond omega looked at his friend. "It's what I would do." But then again, Jared wasn't him and he didn't like the idea of using people.

Chewing his lower lip, Jared mulled over Chad's suggestion.  On one hand Jensen had almost kissed him but he couldn't - it wasn't him. "No, I'm going to tell Stephen tomorrow when he comes over to work on our project that I can't go out with him.  That I see him as a friend and nothing more."

Jared had been surprised when he had been assigned to work with Stephen for the English project instead of Chad, like normal. He got along great with the alpha but it had shocked him when Stephen asked him out.

Chad wasn't sure if he liked the idea of Jared being alone with Stephen. "Do you want me to come around tomorrow for support?"

While Jared would feel a lot more comfortable with Chad there, he shook his head no. "I know for a fact that you have your own project to finish and Gen did threaten to remove your balls if you bailed on her again."

Chad shuddered. "What's wrong with that woman? You don't go threatening a man's manhood." Genevieve might be a tiny omega but she was scary. "I still don't know if I pity Misha or am envious of him for finding his true mate in her."

"Gen is one of a kind and she's good at keeping Misha out of trouble."  Jared loved his friend but he agreed with Chad, she was one scary woman.

"Still, if you need me at any time you call me and I will come running. I know that you see Stephen as a good guy but it never hurts to have a little backup. Promise me you will call either me or Jensen if you feel uncomfortable at any time." Chad had heard the same horror stories that Jared had growing up, how sometimes an alpha cannot accept the fact that they have been rejected and will force themselves on the omega regardless of their wishes.

That was one of the worst crimes - to force an omega to mate against their will.  If that happened, once the crime was reported, the bond was terminated and the alpha could face jail time.

"I will." Jared was touched by Chad's worry.  Most people only saw him as a douchebag; they didn't see how loyal of a soul he truly was.

Jensen was not in a good mood. He had damn near ripped off the head of his personal assistant when she popped in to remind him of his meeting. He apologized. It wasn't her that he was angry with but with Stephen Amell, the alpha who had the nerve to ask out his Jared; the alpha that was working with Jared on a project right now at their house.

Jensen wanted to hunt down Stephen and rip that alpha apart for daring to ask out his omega.

It was safe to say Stephen Amell was not Jensen's favorite person right now.

Jensen disliked Stephen Amell the moment he laid eyes on the man and it had nothing to do with the alpha sniffing around his Jared.  There was just something about Amell didn’t sit right with Jensen.

Never did Jensen hate two words more than he hated the name Stephen Amell.  The alpha couldn't seem to take a hint that Jared was not interested in him. Personally, Jensen thought that it showed how low of a class the alpha was when he refused to take Jared's no as the rejection it was.

Technically Jared hadn't said no yet because Amell hadn't asked, but it was clear to anyone who looked, that Jared wasn't interested in Stephen like that. But really Stephen should have taken Jared's lack of response as proof Jared wasn't interested in him.