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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: All Your Secret Wishes Chapter 10

It was a week later before anyone saw Jared and Jensen and it was easy to see the change to their relationship. Still, everyone knew to give them time; alphas were well known to be aggressive towards their newly claimed mates.

And everyone did but one.

"Could you two be anymore sickeningly sweet together?" Chris demanded as he once again walked into Jensen and Jared's house to see Jared sitting on Jensen lap and the two of making out like horny teens.

Face flushing Jared buried his head into Jensen's chest.

"Well if you learned to knock it wouldn't be an issue." Jensen pointed out as he soothed his embarrassed mate.

Shrugging his shoulders, Chris made himself at home on the empty chair. "Where's the fun in that, I like seeing what different shades of red I can make Jared turn."

A low growl escaped Jensen's lips. "Oh cool the jealousy, you know I don't see the kid like that." Chris shot back.

"I think Chris likes riling you up. Don't let him get to you." Jared whispered.

"I won't."Jensen sent a wink to Jared. "Chris as your friend I feel like it's my duty to inform you that Jared and I have indeed christened every inch of our house including that chair you are sitting on." Jensen felt his pants tightening as he recalled how Jared looked riding him on that very chair.

"Eww!" Making a face Chris shot up from the chair and sent his so-called best friend a very disgusted look. He knew that Jensen wasn't lying to him; he looked way too smug and the deep blush on Jared's face was the icing on the cake. "I don't need that kind of images in my head."

Looking very unconcerned over Chris’ feelings, Jensen shot him a smug grin. "Well, that's what you get for barging in like that. Now if you don't mind, Jared and I would like to be alone."

"Yeah, yeah I'm going. Just do me a favour and don't tell me anywhere else you two have had sex." While Chris was more than happy for his friends, he just wished they could cool it once and a while.

Jared's face was still flaming long after he heard the door slam shut behind Chris. While he wasn't ashamed of his relationship with Jensen - far from it - he just wasn't ready for everyone to know about their sex life.

Chuckling, Jensen tilted Jared's head up and pulled him in for a gentle kiss. "Chris was just teasing us. I think he's the happiest for us. Now kitten, I believe we were in the middle of a very interesting talk about your kinks." Jensen couldn't wait to hear what dirty secrets his mate had been keeping from him.

Jared didn't think it was possible for him to blush even more but he had a pretty good feeling that he was. Jared had a few kinks he hadn't told anyone about.

"Baby you know you can tell me anything, how about I start. I would love to see my kitten dressed in some pretty panties." Jensen murmured wanting Jared to feel comfortable with telling him anything.

Glancing up shyly beneath his bangs, Jared shifted a little on Jensen's lap. "I'd like that too, but I don't own any. I wasn't sure if that is something you would have liked." Jared couldn't look Jensen in the eyes.

"Baby boy there isn't anything you couldn't tell me I wouldn't find hot unless it's sharing you. Then we might have an issue." Jensen all but growled out.  There was no way that was ever happening.

"Don't worry I don't plan on sharing you. It's just…would it bother you if I called you daddy?" Jared was sure his face was flaming red as he looked anywhere but Jensen.

A jolt of pure lust surge through Jensen, "Call me daddy," Jensen ordered in a gruff voice.

Jared couldn't help but shiver at the promise of sex in Jensen's tone. "Daddy."

Jensen didn't always have a daddy kink, not until he and Jared mated and he wanted to hear Jared call him that during sex.  It shouldn't be that big of a turn on but it was. "My good little boy, you like to make your daddy happy don't you?" Jensen purred as he stared hungrily up at Jared.

Nodding his head Jared wrapped his arms around Jensen's neck.

"Good boy, I never want you to feel ashamed of something like that. I love the fact that my kitten has a kinky side." Jensen hand slipped down to play with the button on Jared's jeans a few moments before undoing the button and sliding his fingers down to undo the zipper.  He reached in to wrap his hand around Jared's already hardening cock. "We should make it a rule that you lose your underwear the moment you step foot into the house." Jensen liked the easy access he had to Jared.

Snorting at his horn-dog mate, Jared tried not to rock his hips just yet. "If you had it your way I wouldn't be wearing clothing at all."

Grinning Jensen had to admit that Jared had a point. "No clothing but you in panties." Jensen amended as he wrapped his hand around Jared's dick fully and began soft and slow strokes. He wanted to make this moment last. "I can just see you now dressed in a pretty little white lace with a ribbon on the sides tying it together," Jensen whispered as he pictured Jared dressed in an outfit just like that. "Or maybe something in pink."

Jared couldn't help but whimper slightly at all the erotic pictures Jensen was painting for him. "Please Jensen, please alpha I need you now." Jared pleaded he needed to feel Jensen in him his knot filling him.

The sound of Jared pleading for him had Jensen growling. "Stand up kitten, I need to be in you," Jensen ordered.

Jared couldn't remember the last time he moved so fast and Jensen was just as quick freeing himself from his jeans and underwear. "Right here kitten, I want you to ride me like before," Jensen ordered as he made himself comfortable on the couch.

Legs shaking, Jared watched as Jensen slowly stroked his dick and he could feel himself getting wet. Carefully Jared sat down on Jensen's lap and moaned as Jensen guided himself in.

A deep growl rumbled through Jensen's chest and echoed into Jared’s body, vibrating through to his heart; he knew he couldn't hold back any longer. Grasping Jared's hips, he thrust up into his lover's waiting body and they both groaned at the feeling of finally being complete and completely together. They both knew that this wasn't going to be slow and tender; oh, no, they were both ways too far gone for that nicety. That luxury would come later when they had time to relax and enjoy themselves. This coupling was going to be hard, fast and messy and totally, gloriously satisfying for them both.

"Ride me, kitten," Jensen ordered as he gasped Jared's hips firmly with his large hands, Jensen quickly found a rhythm and an angle that ensuring he hit Jared's prostate with each thrust.

Tossing his head back with a loud moan Jared wrapped his arms around Jensen's neck as he began moving up and down. "So deep, Jensen." He murmured. He felt so empty when Jensen wasn't in him, if he could, he would stay like this always.

Their lips clashed in a passionate kiss as their bodies moved as one; no other sound but that of flesh on flesh.

Feeling his alpha's strong chest pressed against his, Jared reached down and wrapped his hand around his own rock-hard, weeping cock and began stroking himself in sync with Jensen's thrusts. For several minutes, the study resonated with the moans and sighs of two passionate men and the sounds of flesh on flesh.

"Come for me kitten," Jensen ordered as he felt his knot beginning to form, freeing one hand from its tight hold on his lover's hip, Jensen wrapped his hand around Jared's and helped him increase the pressure of his strokes. “I want to worship at your body.”

Biting down hard on his lips, Jared struggled to keep himself from crying out in pleasure as Jensen continued to hit the spot that made him see stars with each one of his thrusts.

Already at the brink, the feeling of Jensen's powerful hand guiding his own sent Jared tumbling over the edge and spiraling into sheer carnal bliss. "Jensen!" With a throaty cry only partially muffled by his clenched mouth, Jared's body shuddered again and again with his exquisite release, his essence covering his and Jensen's hands.

Seeing the pure bliss on Jared's face and knowing that he was responsible for putting it there, made Jensen growl with both pride and pleasure as he pounded harder into his mate's body. He was completely overcome with the need to mark Jared as his and his alone. Leaning forward, Jensen kissed the side of Jared’s neck, worrying the skin and bringing up a dark bruise.

Jared was still awash in a sea of orgasmic bliss when Jensen lost what little control he still possessed and began to seek his own pleasure although somehow – and he would never be able to say how –he was able to continue milking Jared's orgasm for all it was worth. A powerful shiver coursed through Jared's body as he felt Jensen's hot breath against his neck and then the bite of his alpha’s teeth on his skin. "Daddy."

That single whispered words acted as a trigger and without warning pure, primal, animalistic need surged through Jensen’s veins and turned his blood into fiery lava. Jared’s fervent encouragement was all the alpha needed to topple over the razor’s edge he was so delicately balanced on. Roaring Jared's name to the heavens, Jensen came long and hard inside his mate, once again knotting them.

"We really need to go shopping for some panties if this is your response. How will you handle me calling you daddy while wearing them?" Jared asked as he relaxed against Jensen.

"I'd never let you leave this house and how do you feel about public displays of affection?" Jensen asked while giving his eyebrows a little wiggle.

"Maybe if I didn't think you would rip apart anyone who saw a hint of my bare skin." Jared liked the idea but he doubted his mate would be too happy with sharing him.

Okay, so Jared might have a point. "Well, then I guess we'll just have to make sure we aren't caught." Jensen could feel Jared's desire and he wanted everyone to know just who Jared belonged to.