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Fic: All Your Secret Wishes Chapter 11

Days later

Jared couldn't believe that he was doing this but he couldn't get Jensen's heated words out of his head and he longed to do something special for his mate. Plus he longed to feel silk and lace against his skin.

Sandy McCoy grinned at Jared when he sheepishly approached her. "Hi, Jared and welcome to Silk or Satin, what brings you by?" For the longest time, she had seen her former classmate hovering outside of the store but never having the courage to come in so this was very welcome.

"Congratulations on your mating, I'm glad that Jensen finally saw the light." Sandy had a crush on Jared even though they were both omegas and usually omega/omega relationships didn't last unless they included an alpha but after seeing Jared with Jensen she knew that she never had a shot. She was more than happy to be his friend.

"Thank you. Um, that's why I'm here. I want to surprise Jensen with a gift but..."Jared trailed off.

Sandy smiled understandingly at the shy omega. "But you have no idea where to start. Come on I'll help you find something that will make it even harder for your mate to keep his hands off of you."

"Dude, Jensen already has that problem," Chad added, popping up and Jared silently cursed himself for telling Chad where he was going.

Sandy rolled her eyes. "That's what newly mated couples do. Now Jared, just point out if there's anything you like. We have some fairly tame things and we'll keep you away from the more hardcore stuff."

Pausing, Sandy studied Jared. "Actually, I think I might have something for you.  Come with me. Chad stay out of trouble."

"Would I cause any kind of trouble?" Chad flashed an innocent look that neither of them bought for a second.

"Yes!" Sandy and Jared answered as one.

Chad didn't even pretend to look upset. After all, trouble was his middle name or at least that's what his mom joked they should have named him. "You go have fun and find something nice for Jensen; I've got a few things to check out. I'll meet up with you in an hour at the food court?" Chad asked.

Nodding his head, Jared sent Chad a look of gratefulness. "I'll be there."

Once Chad was out of sight Jared turned to Sandy. "Um, actually I already know what I am looking for." While this was his first time in Silk or Satin, the store chain just for omegas, Jared had visited their websites many times and he knew just what he wanted to get Jensen.

Embarrassed Jared whispered what he wanted to Sandy whose face broke out into a beaming smile. "That's perfect and we have such a large selection, they are our best sellers."

Jared had to remember how to breathe as he waited for Jensen to enter the house.  He had heard his mate pull up a minute ago and knew it wouldn't be long before Jensen would be greeting him with a kiss. ‘I hope he likes his gift.’ Jared tried not to adjust his outfit as his nerves got the better of him.

Jensen loved coming home to find Jared waiting for him to greet him with a kiss. But today Jensen was greeted to an even better sight.  Jared was dressed in a pale pink baby doll dress that ended a little too short, not that Jensen cared, not only showing off Jared's long legs but also… "Are you wearing matching panties?" Jensen asked as he caught sight of the pale pink lace poking out beneath Jared's skirt.

Jared's cheeks turned that delicious red that Jensen loved so much. "Do you like your gift?” Jared asked in a soft voice. he had wanted to do something special for his mate and he hoped that Jensen would like it when he dressed up. He tried not to fidget from his spot on the couch.

Dropping to his knees Jensen lifted Jared’s skirt up."Baby, I love it. My little kitten got so pretty for me." Jensen loved it that his mate got all dressed up for him.

Jared let out a little giggle as Jensen’s scruff rubbed against his inner thighs; he always got a little ticklish whenever Jensen scruff rubbed against his skin. But that giggled quickly turned into a moan as Jensen's mouth descended and slowly created a trail of kisses up his thigh. “Bedroom now!” Jensen ordered.

“But what about dinner?” Not that Jared really cared at this point; not when Jensen was touching him like that.

Forcing himself to pull away from Jared, Jensen turned his heated eyes onto his mate as he grasped Jared’s hand in his. “Dinner can wait; I have something much different I would rather eat.” Never taking his eyes off of Jared, Jensen made no effort to hide just want he planned on eating.

‘I really have got to learn to stop blushing when Jensen starts talking dirty.’ Jared could once again feel his cheeks heating up as he allowed Jensen to tug them towards their room.

Licking his lips, Jensen watched hungrily as Jared made himself comfortable on the bed. “Spread your legs for me kitten, I want to see that pretty hole of yours.”

Jared shivered at the pure sex in Jensen’s tone and quickly rolled over to do as his mate asked, trying not to moan as the silky material rubbed against his sensitive skin.

Jensen didn’t move for a moment, just admiring his mate in his pretty little pink panties that he had worn as a special treat for Jensen. “You little tease.” Jensen murmured fondly, smacking Jared’s ass as his mate wiggled it in front of him.

Turning his head, Jared pouted prettily up at Jensen as he gave his behind another little wiggle. “But you were taking too long!” That earned him another little slap that had him shivering. “Oh, sir can I have another?”

“What happened to my shy little kitten? The one who would blush at my most innocent of touches? When did you turn into my very own little sex kitten?” Jensen pressed a kiss to Jared’s cheek at the faint blush that painted his boy's cheeks. “That’s not a bad thing.  I love both sides of you. I just wondered how I could have missed you becoming comfortable with your own kinks.”

“It’s all thanks to you. Being with you like this has me feeling more comfortable with myself. I like being your kitten. I like dressing up in pretty dresses and skirts for you.” Jared admitted.

“And your pretty panties?” Jensen asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his handsome face as he slowly trailed one hand down Jared’s silky covered ass.

“I really like my pretty panties.” Jared never thought that he would ever say those words or admit them out loud to Jensen, but he liked how they made him feel and he defiantly liked the effect they had on his alpha.

“And I really like them on you.” Jensen never thought that he would find panties on a guy sexy but seeing them on Jared, it was all he could do not to pounce on Jared the moment he saw them on him.

“Good thing I bought one in nearly every color then.” Jared’s admittance tore a moan from Jensen’s lips.

“You’ll be giving me a little show later on,” Jensen growled but right now he had much more important things to do, like teaching his little mate a lesson.


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