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Fic: All Your Secret Wishes Chapter 13

It was safe to say that the short time that Jeffrey had been around Jensen had developed a love/hate relationship with the other man. He could see that the man was trying to be there for Jared; to have some kind of role in Jared’s life and Jensen understood and didn’t blame him. JD had been robbed of getting a chance to know his son for the past twenty some years and Jensen couldn’t imagine not having Jared in his life so he felt for JD, but he didn’t like how JD was trying to be Jared’s father. That had been his role, and while his feelings for Jared were anything but fatherly these days, Jensen didn’t like the idea of someone taking his place in Jared’s life.

JD knew that Jensen was only playing nice with him for the sake of Jared and while he wasn't too fond of the age gap between his son and his mate he kept his opinion to himself for fear of Jared rejecting him.

The two had met up without Jared’s knowledge to clear the air.

I know you don't like me and honestly, I don't care. All I care about is that you don't hurt Jared. He needs at least one parent in his life that will be there for him." Jensen could tell that the age gap between him and Jared bothered Jeff as it did him in the start.

"Why Jared? Of all the betas and omegas out there why Jared? Help me to see why you would choose my son to mate with."

Jensen had been waiting for that question to come so he wasn't taken back by JD's plea.

"I stayed away from Jared because I was scared of how people would take our relationship. I went from his older step-father to his alpha. I tried to resist but I only made the two of us miserable. I made Jared cry and that is the one thing that I swore never to do. I also pictured Jared finding another alpha and it cut me to the core. Jared being the mate of someone else, him carrying that alpha's children and I had never experienced so much pain then picturing Jared with someone other than me."

"I love Jared and he loves me. My alpha side knew that Jared was my mate but it wasn't until Jared came of age did I find myself drawn to Jared; that I started seeing him as my mate."

JD could see the love in Jensen had for Jared and he couldn't deny that Jared loved Jensen just as deeply.

To make things worse, Jared had been spending a lot of time with Chris lately and he didn’t like it. He should be happy that Jared was spending time with someone other than him. It just didn’t mean he had to like it.

“Jared, I’m home,” Jensen called out as he entered their home and headed for the living room only to stop dead in his tracks.

Jared had a guitar in his lap and a shy smile on his face.  Jensen had never seen anything hotter. He could smell the nervousness pouring off of Jared and he felt a rush of pride feeling him that his boy would be willing to try this.

“Chris taught me some but I warn you it might be all that good,” Jared warned as he began strumming the guitar, looking down at it instead of his mate. He had gone to Chris because he wanted this as a surprise and he couldn’t ask Jensen to teach him no matter how much he wanted to. Okay, so Jared knew that it was a cheesy romantic song but honestly he couldn’t think of a better one to describe his feelings for Jensen.

When your soul finds the soul it was waiting for
When someone walks into your heart through an open door
When your hand finds the hand it was mean to hold
Don’t let go
Someone comes into your world
Suddenly your world has changed forever

Jensen was blown away by Jared’s voice. He had heard Jared sing softly to himself over the years but it was always too soft for him to truly hear Jared’s voice. ‘I need to make Jared sing more often of course only for me’ Jensen wasn’t quite ready to let others hear his boy.

No, there’s no one else’s eyes
That could see into me
No one else’s arms can lift
Lift me up so high
Your love lifts me out of time
And you know my heart by heart

When you’re one with the one you were meant to find
Everything falls in place, all the stars align
When you’re touched by the cloud that has touched your soul
Don’t let go
Someone comes into your life
It’s like they’ve been in your life forever

No, there’s no one else’s eyes
That could see into me
No one else’s arms can lift
Lift me up so high
Your love lifts me out of time
And you know my heart by heart

So now we’ve found our way to find each other
Son no I found my way to you

No, there’s no one else’s eyes
That could see into me

No, there’s no one else’s eyes
That could see into me
No one else’s arms can lift
Lift me up so high
Your love lifts me out of time
And you know my heart by heart

And you know my heart by heart

And you know my heart by heart

And you know my heart by heart

Jared trailed off, unable to look at Jensen fearing that he had just made a huge fool out of himself.

“Baby, that was wonderful.” Plucking the guitar out of Jared’s hands and putting it to the side, Jensen gathered his adorable omega into his arms and covered his face in kisses

“Does this mean you’ll stop glaring and plotting Chris’ death for hanging out with me so much?” At first, Jared had thought that Chris was only joking about him dying at Jensen’s hand. That was until he caught the way that his mate would glare at Chris anytime that he got too close him.

A grunt escaped Jensen. So he wasn’t very good at hiding his murderous thoughts from his mate. “He was touching you and you were spending so much time with him and I didn’t like it.”

A sudden thought hit Jared as he stared at his mate, "Were you jealous? Jensen, there is nothing to be jealous of."

"I know that but I just can't help it, you're my kitten and I don't like sharing you. You know this.  I snarled at everyone who used to bring you gifts and that hasn't changed just because I have gotten older." Jensen pointed out.

"You're not old." Jared couldn't help but tease his mate as he pressed a quick kiss on the corner of Jensen's mouth. He was actually flattered that Jensen loved him enough to be overly protective over him.

“Old enough to try and curbed my possessiveness and jealousy but when it comes to you baby boy I can’t. I don’t like the idea of having to share my little kitten.” Jensen admitted as he stroked Jared’s lower lip.

Wrapping his arms around Jensen’s neck Jared settled himself more comfortable on his mate’s lap. “And I love that about you. I don’t mind being yours and only yours and the more people that know it the hotter I find it.” Jared whispered out the last part, his face flushing; he still found it difficult to talk about things that turned him on.

Jensen loved the fact that Jared was still so shy and innocent. He hoped that Jared never lost that. “Maybe we should tattoo it somewhere. ‘Property of Jensen Ackles’. But then again I wouldn’t like the idea of anyone seeing your bare body. That is a sight for my eyes only.”

Stroking Jensen’s shirt-covered shoulders, Jared looked shyly up at his mate. “I picked out something new. I was thinking that maybe we should go away for a little bit? Just the two of us. Leave all this drama behind. It will still be here when we get back." Jared suggested as he ran his fingers through Jensen's short hair; he knew his mate needed a break.

Jensen groaned as Jared licked his pink lips, already picturing the surprise his little kitten had for him. “You spoil me. I was thinking the same thing - that the two of us should take a vacation somewhere. We never did get away to celebrate our mating and I would love to show you the world. Maybe even somewhere private where it can be clothing optional.” Jensen added a silly eyebrow wiggle that had Jared chuckling.

“I like that idea. I could save my new outfit for then to ensure that this vacation truly happened.” Jared wasn’t above-using blackmail to ensure that Jensen took some time off; his mate worked too hard it would be nice of them to have some time for themselves.

“Think about it. No work, no friends and no outside responsibilities.” Jared nipped at Jensen’s ear. “Just the two of us having slow lazy sex,” moving down he nibbled on his mate’s neck, “Or sex that leaves me feeling you for hours, where I am so fucked out that I can’t move.”

“Maybe we can work on making a baby,” Jensen managed to whisper out. It was very hard to think around Jared when his mate got like this and it was taking all of his willpower not to tackle Jared back onto the couch and show his mate just how much he liked the idea of endless sex with him.

Jared felt his heart skip a beat at the mention of children.  He longed to carry Jensen’s child more than anything. “Are you sure you want to have a child with me? Besides you, I didn’t have much guidance in what it’s like to have a loving mom. What if I turn out to be just like her?”

“You could never be like Amanda, she may have given birth to you but that doesn’t make her a mother.”Jensen kissed him. "And a baby sounds like a really good idea. We still have our honeymoon to take. Where does my baby want to go?"

Jensen's interest was piqued when Jared looked a little nervous and embarrassed. "Come on Jared, where does my little kitten want to go?"

"Paris. I've always wanted to go to Paris with you." Jared admitted in a soft voice.

"Then Paris it is." When Jared looked up at him with wide eyes Jensen brushed a soft kiss across his lips. "I've always wanted to go to Paris with you as well."

“So I can finally stop worrying that if I breathe around Jared you won’t rip my head off?” Chris clapped Jensen on the shoulder as he reached out and snagged his beer. “That glare doesn’t work on me. I taught you that glare.”

“You’re lucky that I’m not in the mood to go looking for a new best friend,” Jensen muttered as he signalled for another beer. Jared had suggested that Jensen to make it up to Chris for looking like he was going to kill him.

“You love me bitch and you know it.” Chris taunted as he took a long sip of his stolen beer. “So did you like Jared’s surprise? I’ve got to give that kid credit, he sure knows how to play an instrument. I think it’s those long fingers of his. The way they moved across the strings was nothing short of a work of art and damn near one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.” Chris teased as he grinned at Jensen. He loved riling up his best friend and it was just so easy to do.

A low growl rumbled deep from within Jensen’s chest as he glared at his so-called best friend.

It took a moment for Chris to realize that Jensen was growling which amused Chris all that much more.

“Why do I stay friends with you?” Jensen snapped out clutching his bottle tighter.

Chris grinned at Jensen. "Because I keep you in line and I made the mistake of giving you my last cookie in first grade and you never left."

"Jerk, I gave you my cookie." Jensen reminded him.

Shrugging his shoulders Chris couldn't look like he could care less. "Whatever you say, sunshine. You know you’re going to miss me when you’re in Paris.”

“Right.” Jensen drawled out. “Because I will have my beautiful mate with me in one of the most romantic cities in the world I’ll be thinking of you.”

“Bitch, you’ll be lost without me.” Chris shot back.

Yeah, there was a piece of Jensen that was going to miss Chris but he and Jared had earned this trip and he couldn’t wait.

Jared couldn't believe he was doing this; that he had brought Jensen to Silk and Satin to pick him out new panties that he would be wearing on their trip.

"I think we should get enough that you could wear a new pair every day we are there," Jensen suggested with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Jared felt himself turning red but he didn't deny that he liked the idea of wearing panties under his pants as the two of them explored Paris. "Do you think you would be able to keep your hands off of me knowing what I was wearing underneath my jeans?" Jared asked, snuggling into Jensen's side.

"Kitten, I can barely keep my hands off of you now; that won't change." Jensen reminded him.

"Well, I guess today is a good day to test your willpower. I'm wearing the green ones that match your eyes." Jared whispered hotly into Jensen's ear.

Sliding his hand down Jensen cupped Jared's perky ass in his hand. "You mean to tell me that right now the only thing between your bare skin and those jeans are scraps of fabric held barely together by some thread? Oh, baby ,you and I will be having a long talk at home about teasing your mate." Jensen wondered if he could get away with slipping his hand underneath Jared's jeans and copping a quick grope.

"Think of it as a test.  You can't try anything until we get home and no, you can't rush through our errands," Jared informed his mate.

Jensen's eyes narrowed as he growled out, "You're going to pay for being such a tease."

"I'm looking forward to whatever punishment you come up for me." Jared placed a kiss on Jensen's cheek before slipping out of his hold.

"Such a tease," Jensen muttered under his breath as Jared wiggled his hips. This was going to be a long shopping trip but so worth the reward that was to come.


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