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Fic: All Your Secret Wishes Chapter 14

Jared could hardly believe where he was and who he was with. He was in Paris, France with Jensen. He was in the most romantic city in the world and with the only person he would ever want to be with was right beside him.

Wrapping his arms around his legs, Jared rested his head on his knees as he stared out at the cloud filled sky of Paris, he still couldn’t believe that he was here with Jensen of all people in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Okay, so he hadn’t seen much of the city except for the views from their room, but Jensen hadn’t been lying when he said that he and Jared would barely leave their room during their first week in Paris. Not that Jared minded, he loved having his mate all to himself, no friends or family to disturb them.

Leaning against the door, Jensen drank in the sight of Jared looking like a dream in the moonlight. Lifting up his glass of whiskey to his lips, Jensen took a sip, loving the familiar burn down his throat. Pushing away from the door, Jensen entered the , the bottle of whiskey in his hand as he moved towards the tempting sight of his mate.

Jared greeted Jensen with a smile full of nothing but pure love for his mate as he shifted on the bed to welcome his mate with open arms. Placing the bottle and glass down on the small night table, Jensen smoothly slipped onto the bed and lay his body flush against Jared’s. For a moment neither moved, both just enjoying the moment.

Jared’s eyes fluttered closed as Jensen reached out and cupped his cheek “None of that kitten, I want to see those beautiful eyes.” Jensen purred as he slowly stroked his thumb across Jared’s baby smooth skin, he would never get tired of touching his mate.

Jared let out a little purr. He loved it when Jensen started letting out his alpha side out.

"That's it kitten, purr for me," Jensen whispered. He loved hearing Jared purr for him.

Jensen didn't think himself a possessive man. That was true until it came to Jared. Then he would freely admit that he went a little overboard in his possessive side when it came to his mate.

Jensen had never been a kinky man, he had never thought that a man wearing women's underwear could be sexy, but man he was changing his tune when it was Jared dressed in panties.

His kitten loved the feel of them against his skin and Jensen loved finding Jared wearing a pair underneath his pants.

"I think I like the pink ones the best," Jensen admitted as he stroked his thumb across the pink lace that Jared was currently wearing.

"I like them too," Jared admitted with his face burning red. He never been into kinks but with Jensen it was different.  He liked the way Jensen looked at him when he wore them and he liked how they felt against his skin.

"My pretty little kitten, getting all dolled up for me." Jensen purred as he wrapped his hand into Jared's hair and bent his head to claim Jared's lips in a sweet kiss.

Slipping his hand into Jared's panties, Jensen wrapped his hard around the hardening cock, using the pre-cum as lube as he slowly stroked his hand up and down Jared's cock.  There was no rush to his moments; he wanted to take this nice and slow.

Jared loved it when Jensen got like this; when there was no rush, no hurry, just the two of them enjoying each other's bodies. Oh don't get him wrong, he loved it when it was fast and rushed and oh-so-deep that he was feeling Jensen for days afterward.  But C this was special.

Arching his back while thrusting his hips upwards Jared looked up at Jensen and he swore that Jensen could see all the love he had for him. "I don't want to come until you’re in me." Jared breathed out; he wanted tonight to last for however long it could.

"If that's what my Jared wants then that is what he will get." Jensen wanted nothing more than to be buried inside of Jared. "Do you want to turn over or stay face to face?" Jensen asked as he gave one last flick of his wrist before removing his hand.

"Face-to-face," Jared answered as he lifted his hips, allowing Jensen to remove his panties.  Face-to-face was one of his favorite ways of making love, followed by him riding Jensen for all he was worth.

"Face-to-face it is." Jensen was happy that Jared chose face-to-face because he loved being able to watch Jared as he experienced the pleasure he was getting.

Jensen loved working Jared open with his fingers.  He knew that Jared's own slick was more than enough to loosen him up for Jensen, but Jensen liked the intimacy that came from opening up Jared himself and from the sounds Jared was making he agreed.

Tonight Jensen took his time in working Jared open. He lost track of how long he been working his finger in and out of Jared before adding a second one. So far he had been staying away from that bundle of nervous that was Jared's sweet spot.

A fine sheet of sweat was clinging to Jared's skin and he was a moaning mess by the time Jensen worked his third finger into Jared. He knew that his boy was more than open enough.

"Jensen, please." Jared pleaded. He couldn't take any more teasing; he needed to feel Jensen in him now!

"I know baby, I know." Jensen understood what Jared needed. It was the same thing he needed and that was to be in his mate.

Jared never felt as whole than when Jensen was buried deep within him.

Covering Jared's body with his own Jensen thrust slowly into Jared, refusing to go fast, he wanted this to last for a while.

The soft meowing noises that Jared was making were music to his ears. "Nice and slow baby, there's no need for us to rush. I have all night to make love to you and that's what I'm going to be doing."

They moved together as one, slow and gentle. Several times they had to pause to keep themselves from coming to early. Jensen and Jared moved together, locked in an intimate dance; their bodies flush together as they became one. They were two halves of the same soul, they were complete.


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