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Fic: Phoenix Song Chapter 1

Title: Phoenix Song
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, the Doctor/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen, Owen, Donna and original characters
Summary: Ianto Jones had searched for his mate for so long until fate leads him to Jack Harkness but time and time again Jack's actions have stretched their bond to the breaking point and it is on the verge of snapping all it will take is one finale action to break the thin thread. When Gwen begins her speech it's not just Jack's bond with Ianto that is in danger of breaking but the one between the team, which could spell disaster for Torchwood when someone comes seeking the Phoenix Force.

The Phoenix Force was considered a myth, something that had been lost over time and became nothing but stories to tell but Ianto Jones knew differently.

Ianto was dying he could feel himself getting weaker and weaker as the days went by and not one of his teammates or his so called lover noticed.

It was to be expected the Phoenix cannot survive if rejected by its true mate and even if he tried fooling himself Ianto knew that Jack would never accept him as his mate not when he was too busy making eyes at Gwen.

When Ianto first met Lisa Hallett he had been so sure that he had met the love of his life, that she was the one his Phoenix would see as his bond mate, the one he would share his life with forever.

It was not meant to be, Ianto Jones that man who was made of fire watched as his world burns around him but he hadn’t been ready to give up on Lisa, he still believed that she was his other half and for months he fought to keep her alive, ignoring what his Phoenix side was telling him that Lisa was already lost to him.

He will never know if he had kept her in agony all those months for a foolish hope or if she had been lost the moment that the cyber implants were put in her and he was fooled by a monster all that time.

Captain Jack Harkness, sexual appetite had been well known around Torchwood and Ianto had hoped that he would appeal to him enough to give a job within Torchwood Three; Ianto had felt his world shift the moment he laid eyes on Jack Harkness and his soul sing.

He had found his mate.

Ianto had fought his call to Jack and every time that Jack went out on the prowl and came into the Hub smelling like someone else Ianto felt his fire dim a little more but he fought it he had Lisa to care for.

Then Gwen Cooper arrived and Ianto felt a little more of his spark fade the way Jack looked at her and she looked at him, he knew that she was going to be trouble.

Time and time again Ianto watched as Jack fawned all over Gwen, forgiving her every mistake and treating her like she was a princess who could do no wrong, seemingly uncaring about how he was hurting the rest of them.

How he was hurting the man who was supposed to be sharing his bed.

Ianto Jones was a fool he knew that Jack didn’t take their relationship serious; he had just been a bed warmer until he could have Gwen in his bed.

When Jack died Ianto had been so close to letting his flame burn out, to let his song sing as he turned to ashes, for what was a life worth living with his mate dead? It didn't help that he hadn't had a chance to say good-bye. Ianto had never hated Gwen until that moment she had stood with them all against Jack to save Rhys the man she claimed to love yet she refused to be removed from Jack's side to go check on him.

What no one knew was that Ianto had written up his resignation there was nothing keeping him in Torchwood and planned on placing it on Tosh's desk then walking away.

That was when Jack woke up and kissed Ianto with such tenderness and longing that it made Ianto's heart soar and wonder why Jack had never kissed him like that before.

Ianto felt his phoenix side singing with joy that he didn't even mind when Gwen volunteered him to go with Tosh and Owen on a coffee run only to come back and once again have his world crumble around him when Gwen asked them where Jack was.

The distance between him and Jack took a heavy toll on Ianto as he found himself getting weaker and weaker but he said nothing to the others even though he knows that Tosh and even Owen knew something was wrong with him.

Ianto would be forever thankful for such friends as Toshiko Sato and yes even Owen Harper they helped him during his toughest times.

Then Jack came back and asked Ianto for a date, a date that Ianto had accepted with a weary heart he had overheard Jack's conversation with Gwen and once again found himself wondering if he was Jack's rebound.

'Jack Harkness why must you be so complicated?' Ianto was tired of Jack running hot and cold with their relationship. Ianto could still taste Jack on his lips when he kissed him that night before they sent Tommy back, he swears he could feel Jack finally letting him in.

That wasn't the feeling Ianto was getting now, his fire that had soared for Jack returning his feelings was being snuffed out at every cruel word falling from Gwen's lips and Jack once again refused to defend any of them. Ianto knew that Jack would once again let Gwen have her way regardless of the hurt it would cause the rest of them.

Once again Jack was proving that they didn't matter not when it meant keeping Gwen happy and in that moment Ianto felt his bond with Jack completely snap.
Tags: fic: phoenix song, pairing: doctor/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto
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