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Fic: If Only My Kiss Could Break the Spell 2

 Chapter 2


The moment he stepped through the portal, Dean Winchester couldn't keep the smile from his face as he took in the open night sky that the empty woods offered, and the moment the fresh air hit him Dean knew he was home. He wouldn't lie - there were times that he thought he would never step back on Earth again, but one thought kept him going.

He could be with Sam again.

And that was all that mattered to Dean, the one thought that kept him going during his time in Purgatory. There had been times he wanted to give up, that it got so tough, but knowing that he had Sam waiting for him gave him the strength to keep on moving. Purgatory had been hell. Okay, so it wasn’t really Hell as Dean had actually been there, but it was pretty damn close, so he felt safe to pass judgment over it.

But right now, that was behind him; he was nearly back with Sam and that was all that mattered.

Still, there was one thing he had to do before he could go looking for Sam; he first had to make a trip to Louisiana.


"This is going to hurt," Dean grumbled under his breath as he pulled out the knife that he had used throughout his time in Purgatory. Taking a deep breath, he moved the blade along the skin of his arm.

Dean would admit that it was awe-inspiring and a little creepy the way Benny’s soul lifted out of his arm above his grave. A smile tugged at his lips as Benny appeared; never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would have a vampire as a best friend.

‘Sammy would be so jealous.’ A small smile tugged on Dean’s lips as he imagined the cute little scowl that would cross Sam’s face as he did his best to pretend that he wasn’t jealous that someone else had taken Dean’s attention away from him. Hell, Dean was the same way; there was a possessive side to him that hated the idea of having to share Sam with anyone else. Sam was his and he did not share. Same with Sam, only his little brother thought he hid it better, but Dean could read Sam like a book and he knew that he had a jealous streak to match his own.

“You’re thinking about your Sam again.” Benny had seen that look many times in Dean’s eyes, and there was only one person that could put that gleam there. He wasn’t going to lie and say he hadn’t flirted with Dean in the beginning - it had been so long since he’d seen something other than the monsters that ran wild there - and he had another kind of hunger surge through him that he had played with the idea of asking Dean if he wanted to blow off some steam another way. But from the moment Dean mentioned getting back to his Sammy before the foolish kid did something stupid, he knew that he was working with a man in love and no matter how tempted he might be he would never cheat.

“Damn right I am.” It had been too long since Dean had a taste of his Sam and he wondered if he would be able to hold back once he had Sam in his sights, long enough to prove who he was before he had Sam beneath him in celebration of his return.

Dean wasn’t much of a hugger, unless that person was Sam - then he loved and welcomed the feel of Sam in his arms - but given the hell that he and Benny had survived, he was willing to make an exception. He pulled the vampire into a quick hug - and wouldn’t Sam have something to say if he learned about that.

“Stay out of trouble; I would hate to have to hunt you down,” Dean warned as he pulled away from Benny with a pat on the back.

“I will, brother. Hopefully, we can meet up again with your brother. I'm really interested in meeting this Sam of yours.” Benny wanted to know about the man who’d captured the heart of Dean Winchester.

The possessiveness that he always felt when someone else talked about Sam flared up in Dean and it took all of his willpower and the reminder that Benny was a friend - and wasn’t interested in Sam like that - to keep from snapping at him. Still, he couldn’t help but give a little warning, “Just remember to keep your hands and mouth off of my Sam and we will be golden.”

Dean was smiling, and his words might have been light, but Benny wasn’t a fool. He could see the steel in Dean’s eyes, and he didn’t miss the way Dean’s hand tightened and then relaxed on the deadly knife in his hands. Benny had seen firsthand just what Dean could do with that blade, and he didn’t want to cross him or make him his enemy.

“Good luck in finding your Sam.”

“I don’t need luck; there is no one in this world that can find anyone better than I can find that boy.” Dean knew it sounded boastful but it was the truth; he could find Sam anywhere that kid went.


"Sir, we have received word that Dean Winchester has returned from wherever he was and is on the hunt looking for his brother."

"Wonderful." Crowley knew that once Sam failed to get in contact with his brother he would be stuck dealing with a gun-happy Squirrel. "I'll deal with Dean. You make sure that nothing happens to Sam while I'm gone, or I will hand you over to Dean on a silver platter." Crowley couldn't stop his sigh at the shiver his lowly minion gave at the thought of being left to the mercy of Dean Winchester. 'Seriously, when did I stop being scarier than them?'

Crowley wondered how this could happen. He was supposed to be the feared King of Hell! He was the only one who didn't underestimate those nightmares in flannel, yet here he was babysitting one..
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