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Fic: If Only My Kiss Could Break the Spell 3

 Sam was missing. Every single one of their contacts hadn’t heard from him, and Dean knew that something was wrong - Sam wouldn’t just up and disappear without leaving a clue to help Dean find him.

“Hang on Sammy; I’m going to find you.” Dean didn’t have a clue where to start looking for Sam, but that had never stopped him before. There wasn’t anyone who knew Sam better than him.

So when he got a message telling him to come to Rufus’ cabin, he felt his heart skip a beat and he sure hoped that car he borrowed could make it there. ‘Man I sure miss my other baby.’ Dean couldn’t wait to be reunited with Sam and the Impala; it had been too long since he had either one of them under his hands.


"Sammy!" Dean could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he entered Rufus’ cabin. It had been too long since he last laid eyes on his brother, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

"Sorry, Moose is unable to meet you." Crowley rolled his eyes skyward as he found himself staring down the barrel of Dean's gun.

"Really?" With a flick of his hand, the gun was yanked out of Dean's hand and into his own. Still, Crowley wasn't surprised when he found himself pinned against the wall with a pissed off Dean in his face.

"What have you done with Sam?" Dean snarled out, slamming Crowley’s head against the wall.

"If you want answers, I suggest you release me." Crowley could see the war raging within Dean, until the need to know where his brother was ultimately won.

"Talk," Dean ordered gruffly as he let Crowley go and took a step back from the demon.

Straightening out the wrinkles to his suit, Crowley could sense a new hardness to Dean. He would have to tread carefully; this wasn't the same Dean Winchester who’d went...  wherever he did. This one was even more dangerous than the one that left.

"I've done nothing to Sam. You have a witch to thank for that. I've been looking after our dear Moose."

"What happened to Sam?" Dean could feel his grip on his anger and fear slipping the longer Crowley remained silent. "Talk, now! Because I don't think you want to experience the new tricks I picked up in Purgatory."

Now that set alarm bells off in Crowley’s head. For Dean to have survived there he would have had to improve on his already legendary hunting skills. Humans did not survive Purgatory.

Reaching into his suit jacket, Crowley rolled his eyes as Dean let out a growl.

"Easy there, tiger, I'm just giving you piece of paper that contains the address to where Sam is."

The moment the piece of folded paper appeared in Crowley's fingers, Dean snatched it out of his grasp. Rage-filled green eyes glared dangerously in Crowley's direction.

"This better not be a trick," Dean snarled, his whole body humming with danger.

"It's not. If you don't believe me, call that pretty sheriff of yours." Having done his good deed, Crowley wasn't going to wait around for Dean to unleash all his pent up rage; no Dean could use that against the witch when he found her. “But you might want to deal with that other name first; if you wait until you see dear Sam, there might not be much left of her.”

Dean knew that Crowley would bail the moment he gave him the address; the demon had a high sense of survival. 'Hang on Sammy, I'm coming for you.' The fact that Jody was with Sam eased Dean’s worry and he felt just a little better knowing that she was with him, but the other name on the piece of paper had Dean’s interest and he had a feeling that he was going to need some backup.


If Benny was surprised that Dean had called him for help, he didn’t show it. He just asked Dean where he wanted to meet and promised he would be there as quickly as he could.

“What do you need brother?”

“I need help. Apparently this chick knows what has happened to my Sam, and according to my source it's better I meet with her first, otherwise she won’t be breathing for long.” Dean might not fully trust Crowley - hell, most of the time he wanted to gank him and be done with him - but he knew that Crowley wouldn’t lie about this, not when he knew firsthand what Dean would do to those who harmed Sam in any way.

Benny could see the war in Dean’s eyes and he knew what the man had chosen before he even opened his mouth.

“But you couldn’t do it; you need to see that Sam is safe first with your own two eyes.”

There was no denying what Benny said was true; Dean needed to see with his own eyes that Sam was okay.

“Let’s do this brother; I’ll follow your lead.” Benny hadn’t met Sam yet, but he felt like he knew him from the way Dean had talked about him and he couldn’t wait to meet the kid.

Taking a deep breath, Dean moved away from the car that he hoped soon he would be able to stop using and moved towards the impressive looking house and knocked on the door.

The side of Dean's jaw clenched tightly as he found himself face-to-face with a gun.

"Hey, Jody, nice to see you again,” he drawled out as he smiled at the woman. “How about you move the gun out of my face?”

Jody wasn't a fool; Dean and Sam had taught her well.

"Yeah, nice try. I'm not letting you in until you prove yourself to me."

Dean couldn't have been prouder. He knew that Sam was safe with her.

“Have it your way, Jody.”

Jody watched, never once lowering the shotgun in her hands, until Dean had passed all of the tests that he and Sam had taught her. Lowering her gun, Jody let a smile cross her face as she moved to hug him.

"Dean, it's so good to see you again."

It had been so long since Dean had felt the touch of another human, and while he wished it was Sam that he got to hug first, Jody was nice too.

“It’s good to see you again, too, Jody.”

"Sam really has missed you," Jody whispered in Dean's ear as she pulled back and smiled at him. "And he's not the only one. Now for your friend..." She gestured towards the man standing behind Dean.

"Yeah, about him," Dean drawled out. "This is Benny and he's a vampire." Shooting his hand out, Dean grabbed the barrel of Jody's gun and aimed it back downwards. "Look, I can't explain right now, but trust me - he is a good guy."

Jody studied Dean and then Benny.

"Fine, but if he does anything to hurt Sam or you, I don't care how good of a friend he is - he will be out on his ass with a bullet in said ass."

A smile tugged at Dean's mouth. That was his Jody.

"Did you shoot Crowley?"

The smile that appeared on Jody's face was answer enough for Dean; still, he did enjoy hearing, "What do you think? Of course, I did. And it felt good." Nodding towards the cabin she was standing in front of, she continued, "You'll find Sam back in the small lagoon behind the cabin."

Raising an eyebrow, Dean shot Jody a look.

"Don't ask me how the King of Hell has this place. I don't really want to know.”

Before Benny could take a step past Jody, he felt the barrel of her gun against his chest and he found himself staring into a pair of dark eyes that promised pain.

"Dean trusts you and that's good enough for me, for now. But if you do anything to hurt either of those boys, I don't care how good of a friend you are to Dean - I will kick your ass," Jody vowed. "And you might not be a good friend to Dean but you will never replace Sam's role in Dean's life and if you are a threat to Sam then Dean will kick your ass; even if it hurts to do so he will because Sam is his whole world."

This wasn't the first time that Benny had heard this speech; Dean had made it very clear in detail what he would do to him if he hurt Sam in any way. The vampire felt touched on Dean's behalf that he and Sam had such protective friends. "You have my word cher, I will not harm a hair on Sam's head."

"You'd be safer to vow to keep your lips and mouth off of Sam; Dean doesn't share." Jody knew how possessive both boys were over one another; they had never learned to share each other with others, and she doubted that they were suddenly going to learn. “You’re staying here with me while those boys have their reunion; there is much they need to talk about.”

A grin appeared on Benny’s face as he took in the fire in Jody’s eyes.

“I have no problem, lass. I would love to get to know you.”

A smirk tugged at the corner of Jody’s lips; she would give the vampire credit - he was charming, but she knew that the Winchesters and she had become immune to such charms.
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