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Jody had no love for Crowley, and if she saw him again she would most likely shoot him - not that it would do much damage unless she was aiming for his head, but it would make her feel good - but she would admit that he did prove to be useful once and awhile.

Now, Jody had planned to be nice and on her best behavior to talk to the woman to find out if she had really been involved, but when the door opened, closing the distance between them, Jody said nothing as she let her fist fly and punched Amelia in the jaw.

"That was for turning Sam. Once you get back on your feet I'll punch you again for keeping Sam a prisoner in your bathroom until he managed to get help."

Jody knew she could be overprotective of her boys. She just couldn't help herself; they had suffered and lost so much, and it wasn't surprising that they clung to each other.

A small whistle reminded Jody that she wasn't alone as Benny stepped up beside her.

"I think we better take her back to the boys before you do some real damage to her."

"I have no clue who you people are but I'm calling the cops," Amelia spat out.

"Oh, sweetheart, don't think us fools. We know who you are and we know what you did to my dear Moose," Crowley drawled out from behind Amelia.

"Who the hell do you think you are? And put that down!" Amelia snapped as Crowley poured himself a glass of wine.

"I'm the King of Hell, my dear witch, and you did a serious crime by turning a Winchester into a merman. Not that I blame you - him being wet is a delightful sight, but I'm afraid to say that his big brother is rather on the possessive side and doesn't like to share." Crowley was enjoying this far too much.

He wasn't a fool; he’d survived this long by not underestimating the nightmares in flannel. So when Dean disappeared along with the angel, he knew that Dean would find his way back. And if something were to happen to his dear Sam, well, Crowley had seen firsthand what happened to those who harmed a single hair on Sam's head. So he’d made sure to keep his eyes on Sam, but then that blasted witch had to set her sights on the younger Winchester and Crowley just knew that she was going to be a pain in his ass.

'And I was right.' The moment Crowley had stared down at the unconscious form of the youngest Winchester, who had a rather fetching looking tail, he had known that there would be trouble once Dean got back.

"Dean Winchester is dead." Every contact she had said the same thing - that Dean Winchester was gone, and it left his precious baby brother open. The moment Amelia found Sam, she had known it to be true; the youngest Winchester was a broken mess without his brother and easy prey for her and others who wanted to be the one to brag about taking out a Winchester. Turning him into a merman was a sudden decision, but it made him an even more fetching prize.

"Oh no, Dean is back and you are at the top of his list." There was no mistaking the glee in Jody's voice as she told Amelia that little piece of news.

For the first time since she had targeted Sam, Amelia felt worry filling her and she reacted on instinct as a spell began to fall from her lips.

"Sorry love, none of that." With a snap of his fingers, Crowley silenced Amelia before the first bits of her spell could fall from her lips and witch cuffs appeared on her hands, binding her magic. "Now, I believe that you have an irate elder Winchester to meet."

Jody wasn't sure what to think when Amelia disappeared.

“Where did she go?" Jody demanded.

"She's been specially delivered to the Winchesters. Please tell Dean that he owes me." Crowley winked at Jody and then turned his attention to Benny. "You, I might like you. You are going to bring out the jealousy in the younger Winchester and that is going to be fun to watch. Till next time." With smirk, Crowley was gone.

"I really hate it when he does that," Jody growled under her breath. Benny didn't want to tell her how much she sounded like Dean - he liked being undead.

"Shall we head back?" Benny asked, nodding towards the car that was waiting for them.

"I think we can take our time. Trust me, you do not want to interrupt Sam and Dean when they are in the middle of their reunion. Let's do lunch or what passes for lunch with you." Jody patted Benny on the shoulder as she passed.

Benny couldn't fight back his grin; he was enjoying his time with Jody, but a part of him wouldn't have minded getting a chance to see Dean and Sam lost in each other.


Laid out on the same rock that Sam had been on when he first arrived, Dean was enjoying the sight of Sam moving through the water. He licked his lips and he wouldn't lie - he couldn't wait to lick the water off of Sam's chest.

When a small sound reached Dean's ears, forcing him to take his eyes off Sam and move them to the woman who appeared out of nowhere, the top of his lips curled into a deadly grin.

"Crowley, you son-of-a-bitch, it looks like I owe you." Making sure that Sam was too busy, Dean moved towards the small beach.

Amelia Richardson climbed to her feet, rubbing her sore throat and vowing to hunt down the so-called King of Hell, only to take a step back as she found herself with a gun in her face; her eyes flickered over the barrel to see herself staring into the emerald eyes of Dean Winchester.

“You’re supposed to be dead.”

“What did you do to my brother?” Dean growled out instead as he resisted the urge to shoot the woman in the head.

“I’m sure I have no clue as to who you are talking about.” The last she had heard was that Dean had disappeared with no chance to return. It was why she targeted Sam; the poor boy was lost without his brother and easy prey for her. But now she was face to face with Dean and his wrath.

A smirk curled on Dean's lips as he spat out, “Sam wouldn’t sleep with you.”

Amelia could only stare in shock at Dean.

“No! Sam was broken; your death destroyed him - he was easy prey.”

“What did you do to my brother?!” Dean snarled as he cocked the gun at Amelia. "I won't ask again."

“I turned him into a merman, what does it look like?” Amelia taunted while rolling her eyes.

For a moment Dean could only blink before his rage came rushing back to him.

“I know that - and all because he wouldn’t sleep with you. Lady, you have got some issues to work on. I want to know how to turn him back."

“I have issues? Your precious Sammy couldn’t see anything but you; he was a broken mess. I saved him; he was close to stepping over the edge. He would have been dead if it wasn’t for me,” Amelia shot back.

‘He would have been dead.’ That statement sent Dean reeling; there was no way that Sam had been that bad, right?

A dark chuckle escaped Amelia’s lips as she took in Dean’s shock. “You don’t even see it - Sam is in love with you; you are the other half of his soul. He couldn’t find you; he had no way of bringing you back, and it left something broken inside of him.”

Dean knew all of this. After that mess with Ruby, and his past with Lisa, Dean had thought that they could never once again have what they did. There had been a time when he would have never dared to dream or to hope that Sam might feel the same way as he did. He had wanted nothing more than to make Sam his - it had eaten him up when Sam fell for someone else - but when Sam admitted that he loved him more than he should as a brother, Dean had spent the night showing Sam he wasn't alone.

“You’d be wrong if you thought Sam was alone in his feelings. There is no one I love more than that kid, and he is mine. He has been mine since the first time I held him. I will rip apart this world to find him if I need to.” Dean pressed the gun closer to Amelia's forehead. "The only reason you’re not dead yet is because you are going to tell me how to turn Sam back into a man.”

“What makes you think I’ll help you?” Amelia refused to show fear over the fact that she couldn't access her magic.

“Because you know I’m a man of my word, and I will give you a slow and painful death using everything I learned in Hell at Alistair’s hands; I will let your pleas stir me on. I will make you beg for death over and over again until I get tired of your voice and rip out your vocal cords,” Dean growled out, and Amelia knew he meant every word.

“Well, too bad, you’re out of luck. I have no clue where your brother is. He is long gone." Amelia hoped that while Dean hunted down Sam it would give her enough time to make her escape.

The last thing that she expected to see was a smirk curl on Dean's lips as he nodded over his shoulder.

"You mean that Sam?"

Any chance of escape fled as Amelia watched the sight of Sam's powerful arms move through the water, and she could feel the lust building again just like she had the first time she laid eyes on Sam.

"This isn't possible. How could you have found him?!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Dean could see the moment Sam heard Amelia's voice in the way that he stopped swimming and just seemed to be floating there.

“The King of Hell knew that if anything happened to Sam while I was gone, I would have hunted him down and used him to show every little thing I picked up in Hell, so he did his best to keep an eye on Sam. That is no joke lady; I have seen things that would give you nightmares, and if you don't turn my brother back to normal I will keep my promise and make you know pain like no one living has ever experienced," Dean growled.

Amelia knew she was beaten; the Winchester was one of the most feared hunters to live, and with the cuffs on her arms she was powerless to stop them.

"It won't be easy."

"I don't care. You turned him, you fix him," Dean demanded once again, feeling the urge to shoot her where she stood. But he wouldn’t do that, at least not until Sam was himself once again - then he would figure out what to do with her. ‘Hell, I already know what I want to do with her.’ It wasn’t often that Dean liked to call out his experiences in Hell, but when it came to keeping Sam safe he was more than willing to do whatever it took.

Holding up her hands, Amelia rattled the cuffs on her wrists as she pouted at Dean.

“A little hard to do anything while cuffed.”

A laugh escaped Dean’s lips.

“Lady, you must think I’m stupid. There is no way I am letting you go. You don’t need magic to fix this. Oh, and if you dare to even look at my Sam funny, it will be the last thing you do.”

Amelia knew a promise when she heard one, and Dean Winchester wasn’t a man to make them lightly.

Dean was torn; he wanted nothing more than to return to the rock he had been resting on, watching Sam as he moved through the water, waiting for the moment when Sam would swim up to him - a shy, almost bashful look in his eyes, and a shy smile on his lips - and Dean would once again find his breath taken with the knowledge that Sam was his. That, out of everyone they had ever met, Sam loved him and wanted to spend his life with Dean. But on the other hand, he couldn’t leave Amelia unattended; she was a witch and their enemy - after all, she had been the one to turn Sam into a merman, and while Dean found it pretty hot, he still wanted his Sammy back.

‘Man, I hope that Jody and Benny get back soon; I know that they would happily keep an eye on Amelia for me while I made sure Sam was okay.’ Dean knew from the way Sam was treading water but keeping his distance from the shore that he wasn’t coming any closer. Not that Dean would want him to; he wanted Sam as far away from Amelia as he could possibly get while staying within eyesight of Dean.

The corner of Amelia’s lips curled up into a small smirk as she noticed as well that Sam was keeping his distance from her.

“I want your word, Dean, that when I have turned Sam backed to normal you will let me go, unharmed.” She refused to let any fear show as the weight of Dean’s full rage and anger was once again directed at her. “If you don’t promise me my freedom then I won’t help Sam.”

Dean’s jaw clenched so tightly he was surprised that he didn’t break it. He wanted nothing more than to put a bullet in her head, to be rid of her and to pay her back for all the pain she’d caused Sam. But the truth of it was, he knew that she wouldn’t do anything until he gave his word - and even though it pained him, he forced out, “Get to work sweetheart. The sooner my brother is back to being normal, the sooner you’re out of our sights.”

For a moment Amelia and Dean just stared at one another, neither willing to be the one to look away first. They both knew that their truce was only temporary, one that would only last until Sam was back to normal, and then it would be left to fate to see who got off the first and possibly only shot. 



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