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Fic: Loyalty Chapter 1

Title: Loyalty
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Brothers & Sisters
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Scotty/Kevin, Owen/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen and Scotty/Ianto friendship
Summary: When Ianto old friend Scotty arrives with his husband Kevin for a visit, Jack experiences a strange emotion, jealously.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Brothers & Sisters.
Author Note: This story came about while watching Scotty and under pain meds the plot bunny was born when I got hit with the idea of Scotty and Ianto been friends and Scotty giving Jack the shovel speech from Buffy. First in the ‘Love is more than a four letter word’ series

Chapter 1

Captain Jack Harkness does not do jealous.


Nor does he brood.


Nor does he sulk.


Nor does he pout, no matter what Owen claims.


And he was certainly was not having a full blown captain fit, over Ianto excitement over the visit of his friend Scotty.


Jack just can’t explain why, never having met this Scotty, he hates him. And no matter what the others say it is not because for the last few days Scotty has been all Ianto can talk about.


Nope, not at all.


Now if he could just get that threw the rest of his team. Just because Ianto is all smiley and always on the phone making plans with Scotty about what they are going to do on his week long visit, and completely ignoring Jack.


Really he is not jealous. Not at all, he’s just worried that Ianto will end up neglecting his duties. 


Nor is he lonely, just because Ianto has spent a lot of time getting everything ready for Scotty visit that Jack hasn’t had his special Ianto time.


He is perfectly fine with all of this. Yep, really, completely fine with it.


Now if the rest of his team would see that.


Jack was jealous and Tosh, Owen and Gwen knew it. The captain had been in nothing but a snit since Ianto happily announced that his best friend Scotty was coming to visit. His very happily married best friend who was bringing his husband with him, an important part that seemed to not get through to Jack.


The man has been pouting and in a full blown bear mode, it was drive them crazy. At first it had been amusing to see Jack been jealous without even noticing, but after a week of dealing with Jack it was no longer fun and someone was about ready to murder their boss.


“Where the hell is tea-boy?” Owen growled as he watched Jack continue to pace around his office, really this whole drama between the two of them was driving him to drink.

Okay to drink more.


Tosh looked up at him. “I think Ianto went up to the Tourist office, for a bit.” She told him. Owen scowled. “Well that’s just brilliant; this is entire his fault and he is escaping.” He muttered under his breath. Tosh swatted his arm. “Be nice, I think it’s wonderful that Ianto and Scotty have managed to keep up this friendship for so long. And it’s nice to see Ianto so happy.” Tosh was truly happy for her friend, she knew a lot about Scotty and couldn’t wait to meet the man who was so important to the man she consider her brother, she just hopes that Jack is able to seal with his jealous while Scotty and Kevin were here.


Owen crossed his arms, “Yes, yes, we’re all happy that tea-boy has a life outside of Jack. Well except Jack that is, but he caused Captain Brood he should be the one having to deal with him.” It was no fun dealing with a sexual frustrated and jealous Jack Harkness. “Are you sure I can’t shoot him, just once?” He asked the girls. Gwen narrowed her eyes at him. “No matter how much of a prat Jack is acting, you can not shoot him.” The Welshwoman reminded him. “Besides, I don’t think Ianto will take that too well and he is the one who makes you’re coffee.” Tosh cheerful reminded Owen. The doctor scowled, “Fine, can we at least lock them in a cell that will make Jack happy.” He suggested.


“Okay, Scotty, I will see you in a few days.” Ianto finished off his conversation with Scotty. Hanging up his phone, he could not get rid of the smile that talking to his dear friend always brought to his face. But still he felt bad for neglecting Jack. But he has just been so busy getting everything perfect for Scotty visit; it’s been nearly year since he has last seen his friend, not since Lisa.


He was numb, completely dead inside. He couldn’t even shed any more tears, they had all dried up. His heart and soul were dead, now he was just waiting for the rest of him to join them.


Curled up in the ball, dead eyes stared at the picture of the two of them. His fingers lightly trailing over her beautiful smiling face, memorizing ever detail about her. Nothing matter any more, not without her. He failed in saving the one person he needed. What was the point in going on any more? What was left in this world for him?


“IANTO JONES! YOU OPEN THIS DOOR! NOW!” The angry and worried male voice was followed by harsh pounding on his door.


The voice sounded so familiar, it filled Ianto with a warmth that had been missing since his dearest Lisa was taken from him.


“IANTO, I WILL BREAK THIS DOOR DOWN IT YOU DO NOT OPEN UP!” The voice was back, and Ianto knew that it was no idle threat.


His legs were numb and stiff from sitting for hours. Taking wobble steps he made his way slowly over to the door. Opening his door he came face to face with the one person he needed to see, “Scotty.” He whispered his voice horse from non-use.


Strong arms wrapped around him, pulling Ianto into a comforting embrace that he has long been denied. “I’m here Ianto, I’ve got you. I’m here and I’m not letting you go.” The words were followed by a soft kiss to his temple. And the tears that Ianto was so sure were dried up filled his eyes as he sobbed in Scotty embrace.


It all ways amazed Ianto that Scotty always knows when he needs him. It was hard losing Lisa, and he had been ready to give up, but his friend helped him through that tough time.


“My two most important men are about to meet. I hope Jack and Scotty get along.” Ianto whispered to himself.


Tags: crossover: torchwood/brother & sister, fic: loyalty, friendship: scotty/ianto, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: scotty/kevin, series: love is more than a 4 letter wor
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