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Fic: If Only My Kiss Could Break the Spell 7/7

 No one was surprised that Dean didn't come back out after making sure that Sam was tucked away safely. Jody, though, made sure that Dean got something to eat as she took him in some lunch - a lunch that she left on the table as she watched Dean and Sam sleep curled up around one another. She did her best not to make any noise; the last thing she wanted was to disturb them or wake them up.


Dean was having the best dream in the world: Sam's mouth was working its magic on him as he worked his way down Dean's body.

"Dean. Dean, wake up, big brother. I don't want you to miss the show," Dream Sam teased as he drifted his hands up Dean's shirt to lightly scrape his nails along Dean's abs.

It took Dean a second - sleeping, really sleeping, meant your head in Purgatory, so Dean had to adjust - and the moment it hit him that he had a wide awake little brother on his lap, sleep was gone from him.

"Sammy? You're okay?" Dean trailed his eyes over every inch of Sam, followed by his hands, which wasn't easy given that Sam was on his lap.

A soft smile, the smile that only Dean got to see, appeared on Sam's face.

"Yeah, I'm okay, Dean. I'm back to normal."

That had Dean hiking an eyebrow, and a little noise escaped Sam's mouth as he found himself flipped over so that he was the one underneath Dean.

"Oh, I think I need to give you a full body check just to make sure." Dean knew that they had to deal with Amelia, but right now nothing was more important than making sure Sam was okay.

The dirty smile that appeared on Sam's face sent a wave of pure lust through Dean, lust that was only heightened as Sam wiggled his body against his. 'Oh yeah, Amelia could wait.' Nothing was more important to Dean in this moment than making sure Sam was okay. Stroking his thumb over Sam's lower lip, Dean claimed Sam's mouth with his own.


"How much longer am I going to be stuck here? The spell should have worn off by now." Amelia was bored and she wanted to get away from these people.

"It has." A smirk appeared on Benny's face as the sounds coming from the house reached him. "It sounds like Dean is giving Sam a full body check-up just to make sure that everything is back where it belongs and there are no other hidden surprises," Benny informed them.

"Okay, we will be staying out here for a while." Jody knew all about the boys’ relationship with one another and it didn't bother her, but she thought of them as her boys and she did not need to walk in on them in the act; that would be awkward for everyone.

Letting out a growl, Amelia sunk back into her seat. The moment the spell had been finished, the cuffs had been put back on and she was trapped there until Dean or Sam gave the word that she was let go. She wasn't a fool though - it was all up to Sam if she was free to go or not; only he could decide her fate.


Sam was in heaven, or as close to heaven as he’d ever gotten, wrapped up in Dean's arms.

"So I take it I'm back to normal?"

Grinning, Dean ran his hand down to rest upon the ass he had just been in and gave it a squeeze, loving the yelp and then glare he got from his brother.

"I'd like to give you another full body check-up, but it looks like you are okay," Dean said with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

Sam would love nothing more than to stay put in Dean's arms, but there was still something to discuss.

"We need to talk about what we should do with Amelia."

"I already know what I want to do to her, I'm just not sure if you would agree to it," Dean muttered out as he instinctively tightened his grip on Sam.  

Sam could understand what Dean was feeling; if this had been Dean who had been cursed he would have never let her go.

"We can't let her go, can we?" Letting a witch go, one that already had tried to attack them - who is to say that she wouldn't do it again? - was a bad idea.

"I gave her my word, Sam, but that was only until you were turned back." Dean knew that unless they could bind her magic, there was no way to let her go.


"They are deciding your fate, my dear, and it doesn't look good," Crowley murmured as he appeared next to Amelia. He liked the witch - anyone who could mess with the Winchesters was someone he'd like to keep an eye on.

"I knew that before they disappeared. You don't live long if you mess with one of the Winchester brothers as long as the other one is around. That's why I tried when Sam was alone." Amelia wasn't a fool; she knew her fate.

"But my dear, you didn't count on me." Crowley grinned as Amelia's eyes turned to him. "I can always use another witch, especially one that has messed with the boys so much. Work for me and I will get you out of here."

"Anything sounds better than death." She held up her cuff-encased hands. "You have a deal."

Taking Amelia's hand in his, Crowley winked at Jody and Benny who had just realized what was happening.

"Tell the boys thank you for the new addition to my collection. I wouldn't have found her without them."

"Crowley, you son of a bitch!" Jody wasn't sure why they were so surprised that Crowley would take off with the witch. Nor was she surprised that her shout brought a very hastily dressed Sam and Dean running.

"What's going on?" Dean demanded, gun in hand as he looked around for any sign of trouble. The moment his eyes landed on the empty spot that Amelia had basically claimed as her own, a growl escaped his lips. "Crowley?"

Benny nodded his head as he informed Dean, "Took her, brother."

Sam tried and failed not to bristle as Benny called Dean brother. Dean had explained who the vampire was and, while he didn't like it, he would do his best to hide his jealousy. After all, he knew that Dean was his.

"We should have known that Crowley would do something like this. A witch who managed to turn one of us into a merman? There is no way that Crowley would let her go."

"Well, we can't do anything about it for now. But Sam, it is so good to see you back to normal." Jody crossed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Sam.

Dean watched as Sam sunk into Jody's hold, and he turned his attention back to Benny.

"Thanks for your help."

"No problem, brother." Benny pulled Dean into a quick hug, one that had the younger Winchester brother watching. "I'll be seeing you. Keep my number if you need help again."

No one was sure who was more surprised when Sam made a move towards Benny with his hand out to the vampire.

"Thank you for keeping my brother safe. I don't know what I would have done if Dean had been truly lost to me." Sam thanked Benny when the vampire took his hand; he might not like Benny all that much just yet, but he knew Benny played a big role in Dean's survival.

"He had you to come back to - that is what kept him fighting." Benny figured that this was a big step for Sam. "Jody, I'll see you later." Benny knew that he was going to be stopping by to visit from time to time.

"You better. I'll walk you out." Jody could read her boys and she could see that they needed a moment alone.

"That was big of you, Sammy," Dean whispered as he pulled Sam back into his arms. It would be a while until he felt comfortable letting Sam out of his sights.

"As long as Benny knows that I am the only brother you will know in a carnal sense, then I think I could get to like him," Sam admitted.

Cupping Sam's chin in his hand, Dean grinned when Sam gulped as he saw the heat and lust in Dean's eyes.

"Never Sammy. You're the only one I need and the only one I will ever want like this," Dean promised, and he sealed that promise with a kiss underneath the moonlight. Sure, there was still Crowley to deal with, and the fact that he had Amelia in his hands, but none of that mattered at that moment in time but the feel of Sam back in Dean's arms where he belonged.

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