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Quick Update

 So I've been having a bit of a dry spell with my Janto muse but good news is it has returned and I've started writing on my Alien Ianto series again and my other Janto stories I written they are up on AO3 but I plan to start posting them here.  

As for Magic Call and my Star!Ianto series they are coming along slowly. I suffered a major computer failure a while back that included a virus infection that corrupted a lot of my files and sadly those were two stories that I lost, I am working on them but they are taking time. 

I have been writing a lot for Spn these days and while that doesn't mean I have lost my love for writing Janto I just sign up for so many challenges based on SPN because that is what I have been itching to write these days. 

I do have a DC/Doctor Who/Torchwood story planned with Tim Drake traveling with the Doctor to save Bruce Wayne and end up saving Ianto, Tosh and Owen as well. 

Just know that I feel so bad for the long wait in my story but last year was tough for me, this year has been better and my goal is to finish off all of my ongoing stories by the end of the year, all but Alien!Ianto I am rewriting that whole series. 

I did sign up for a slash challenge and my story will focus on Jack x Ianto x Tony possible Steve as well along with other pairings such as Bucky x Sam x Dean, Clint x Coulson and I'm playing around with the idea of May x Tosh for fun. Ianto will be the main character for that one and I'm having fun writing it so far. 

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