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So a Little More Help

So I've been working on a Torchwood x Eureka x MCU story for my April hurt/comfort bingo crossover challenge and it's being a bit of a pain. It's basically a what-if of Torchwood what if the TARDIS showed Jack the fates of Ianto, Tosh and Owen and after his permission set for new paths one where Jack didn't return right away. 

Ianto of course is connected to SHIELD and Tosh would fit in beautifully within Eureka and that connects the two when SHIELD's top scientist along with Tony come to Eureka. The only issue I have is where Owen should end up. Should he join SHIELD as a doctor with all of his knowledge of aliens he would be a welcomed addition or should he end up at Eureka with Tosh? And no Owen/Tosh is not the pairing I could never get into them, Tosh is paired with Natasha as I have fallen in love with that pairing.

Gwen will not be in it besides in a flashback and a mention of what she is doing but that is all.  It's coming along nicely and I hope to have it ready in time for the due date it's just Owen that is giving me trouble so any suggestions on where he is and who you would like to see him paired up with would be welcomed, I will list below the pairings that are happening so you know who Owen can't be paired up with. 

Confirmed pairings:
Natasha x Tosh 
Bucky x Ianto x Jack Harkness
Nathan x Jack Carter
Tony x Steve
Phil x Clint
Possible Rhys x Maria Hill 


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