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Writing Projects

Okay so I'm finally seem to be getting my muses back all I need is my laptop back from the repair shop and I will be good to go. 

In November I will be posting three new J2 fics, two as part of the J2 Reverse Big Bang and one with the SPN Reverse Big Bang.
I also have an End!verse Dean/Sam Wincest based in S8 of SPN for the Wincest Big Bang coming soon. 
As well as a J2 take on the Mummy for SPN Cinema. 

I also have a long awaited MCU x Torchwood focusing on Ianto mostly coming soon for another Big Bang. This story is one I have been wanting to write for a while I can't give much away but it will be a what-if and one I have been longing to write for a while.

I also signed up for the Reel_Merlin I'm doing Star Wars a New Hope with Morgana as Han, Arthur as Leia, Merlin as Luke and Gwaine as Chewy it will be Merlin/Arthur and Gwaine/Morgana. 

I plan on finishing off all my ongoing Torchwood fics as well as my H/C bingo card, my prompt tables and my serendipity claims table. 

I have a Supernatural con this week coming up and in my spare time I plan on writing on my IPad. 

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