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Fic: It's a broken hallelujah Chapter 5

Title: It’s a broken hallelujah
Fandom’s: Supernatural/CSI Miami
Pairings: Dean/Ryan/Castiel, Gabriel/Eric, Sam/Valera
Summary: AU of the CSI Miami ‘Wolfe in sheep’s clothing’. Ryan is a prophet. And his Archangel Guardian has decided to play match maker. Gabriel will do whatever it takes to keep her charge safe. Four chapters: done.
Disclaimer: I do note own Supernatural or CSI Miami, I do own Gabriel

Chapter 5

Ryan cursed his archangel for leaving him with this mess. ‘Thanks a lot Ariel.’ He silently sent to his angel. A comforting hand on his shoulder reminds him of Valera presences at his side. Taking a deep breath he lifted his head to face his team.

“I am a prophet. The woman you all just meet is my guardian, my archangel Gabriel.” Ryan blurted out. Eric, Horatio and Calliegh just stared at him. Valera smirked, “I think you broke them Ryan.” She cheerful informed her friend as she waved her hand in front of Eric’s unblinking eyes. Taking great joy in seeing the smug three brought down a notch. Their treatment of Ryan of late had been pissing her off, and today had been the straw that broke the camels back. The fact that Ryan went missing and they were barely worried finished off whatever hopes Valera still had that they cared for Ryan.

‘Oh momma Alexx is going to be pissed when she learns Ryan is leaving.’ A wicked looking smirk spread across her face at the thought of what Alexx is going to do to the rest of the team when she learns that Ryan is leaving. ‘I wonder if any of them are going to survive.’ She wondered to herself.

Once he realized that Valera was going to be of no further help to him Ryan sighed as he thought of the best way to explain everything to the team. ‘Wait, why do I have to tell them anything? It’s not like they actual give a damn about me or anything.’ Ryan growled to himself. Seriously why should he let them in on the biggest, most important secret of his life, when they barely give him a second thought? Alexx and Valera are different, they truly care about him. In fact if he had to tell anyone in the lab it would be Frank and Natalia, they have at least proven that they care about him.

“Given what has happened I believe that Ariel has the right idea, consider this my two week notice.” Ryan announcement broke whatever hold everyone own thoughts had they focused on.

“All right, than consider this my two week notice too, oh I can’t wait to meet the yummies.” Valera happily added, her mind slipping into a daydream of the Winchesters and their adorable angel. Casting a sly look at Eric as she asked innocently, “Say Ryan since you’ll be getting busy with the sex god and the angel; can I have the brood one?”

Ryan choked on air and a muffled curse leaving his lips as he felt his cheeks heating up. ‘Oh god between Ariel and Valera my face is going to be red permit.’ His eyes widen as another thought hit him. “How am I going to tell Alexx that I’m leaving to join three guys on the road? She is going to go into momma bear mode.” Ryan buried his head in his hands.

Eric shook himself out of his shock. “Wolfe, you can’t be seriously about leaving? Do you really except us to believe that we just meet an angel and a demon?” This was nothing more than some messed up dream.

Horatio nodded, not quit able to grasp what they just witness. “Indeed Mister Wolfe, I do believe that the past 24 hours have been tough on all of us, I’m sure there is a sensible reason to everything that has just happen.” He added.

Ryan and Valera just gaped at the two men and Calleigh who nodded her head in agreement with what they just said. The blond southern bell sent them a smile, “I’m sorry but are we suppose to believe that I was posed by a demon to keep you and Eric apart, because I just can’t imagine that happen.”

Looking back Valera will be very pleased with herself in able to holding back her temper for so long. “Excuse me; did you say what you have been through the last 24 hours? If I recall correctly and I do, it wasn’t you that was kidnapped and tortured by the Russian mob, no you were all safe at home not giving a fuck about any team-mate that you couldn’t get a hold of. Here’s let me explain everything in ways I am sure you will all be able to understand. Ryan was kidnapped by Russians, his archangel laid complete waste to them, she than removed a demon from Calleigh in front of you’re very eyes. Think about what she could do to this lab if you try and keep Ryan here,” crossing her arms she glared at Eric, Horatio and Calleigh angry fuelling her actions, “Since Ryan has began here, not once have any of you tried to make him apart of the team. Last night proved how little all of you care about Ryan, we are leaving and there is not a damn thing you can do or say that will keep us here.” Valera finished off in a snarl.

The dark hair lab rat turned to Ryan a smile on her face as she bounced back to his side. “I think we are done here. Time to go pack and watch you tell Alexx we’re leaving.” Valera smile only grew as Ryan blanched. Linking her arm with Ryan she dragged him out of Horatio before the others could try and get Ryan to change his mind and before she let them have another piece of her mind.

Castiel could only blink as he watched Gabriel double over in laughter. “Sister are you all right?” He asked concern evident in his voice. Icy blue eyes filled with amusement, “I’m fine Cas. Goodness do I love that girl; she is going to be just what Sammy needs.” Gabriel informed her confused brother. “I was under the belief that you’re prophet was a man?” Gabriel will admit that Castiel looked down right adorable with a confused puppy-dog look on his face. Taking pity on him she decide to explain, “You’re information is correct, however he will not becoming alone with him shall be his friend Maxine Valera. She will play an important role in keeping Sam away from Ruby.” Castiel nodded grateful that like himself, Gabriel still had hope that Sam could be helped. “Dean and Sam will be arriving in Miami in three days.” He informed her. Gabriel nodded, “Good Ryan and Valera will be ready.”

Gabriel was very happy her plans where coming together nicely. ‘Now all I need to do is keep Delko from Ryan until Dean arrives,’ grinning almost wickedly at Castiel, ‘oh dear brother you have no idea what is coming you’re way.’ She nearly crackled, but then remembered just who she is.

Castiel eyed his sister worriedly and a little weary, she was up to something and that sent shivers down his spine. Gabriel was truly frightening when she was plotting something. And from the way she was looking at him, whatever she was planning involves him in someway, ‘I wonder if it is too late for me to be reassigned?’

Just then Gabriel let out a crackle and Castiel began worrying about his immortal soul.


Tags: crossover: csi miami/supernatural, fic:it's a broken halleujah, pairing: dean/ryan/castiel
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