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Why wont these plot bunnies leave me alone?

CSI:Miami Plot: A one-shot. Ryan learns to let go and move on from the Miami lab and Eric. Set to the song Not meant to be by Theory of a deadman. Couple: Eric/Ryan

CSI:Miami/CSI:New York Plot: Sequel to above story. It has been four months since Ryan left Miami and started working at New York. Vowing never to fall for a co-woker again,Ryan finds keeping that vow harder than he thought when a certine blue-eye det takes an intrest in him. Can Don help Ryan open his heart again? Couples: Flack/Ryan, Mac/Stella, Danny/Adam, Hawks/Valera

CSI:Miami/Buffy the vampier slayer Plot:Set during 'Nailed' and slightly AU. Ryan has always kept his family a secret, what if there was a reason? When your sister is the dark slayer, you become easy prey for her enemies. So when baby sister decides to vist, been injured probely isn't a good thing. Hopeful her friends can keep her from killing Eric. Couples: Eric/Ryan, Speed/Faith, Horatio/Xander, Angel/Spike, Calleigh/Dawn.

CSI:New York/CSI:Miami/CSI Plot: Danny and Greg are worried about their friend Ryan. They know he has been having a tough time been accepted by the Miami lab. When Ryan is shot with the nail they decide enough is enough and plot to get Ryan out of Miami. And what better way then by a certine det. Matchmakers Danny and Greg are detmird to get Don and Ryan togther, but one person stands in their way, Eric Delko. In the battle for Ryan heart who will win? Couples:Flack/Ryan/Eric, Nick/Greg, Speed/Danny, Mac/Adam, Horatio/Stella, Warrick/Catherine, Gil/Sarah, Hawks/Calleigh.

CSI:Miami Plot: AU. When Ryan started working at the lab he never expected  to be torn between two men, Eric and Speed. What is a poor boy to do when they both want in his pants? Couple: Speed/Ryan/Eric maybe Horatio/Calleigh.
Tags: eric/ryan, faith, flack/ryan, speed/ryan, xander
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