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Chosen One Ianto Idea

 I'm so glad that everyone likes my Chosen One Ianto story and I am working on more stories in this universe and that includes one crossed over with the MCU where Tony is a Chosen One as well and the Fae/Mara help out against Thanos. 

I will warn that idea does have some complications between Jack and Ianto, Bucky falling for Ianto will most likely end up Bucky/Ianto/Jack along with Steve/Tony, Carol/Tosh (I really want to write that pairing), Thor/Loki, Natasha/Tosh, Rhys/Maria Hill, Rhodey/Sam, Bruce/Valkyrie and I haven't decided on Owen's pairing yet. It is looking to be a chapter story also explaining why Rhys and Gwen are no longer together. 
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