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Fic: Loyalty Chapter 4

Title: Loyalty
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Brothers & Sisters
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Scotty/Kevin, Owen/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen and Scotty/Ianto friendship
Summary: When Ianto old friend Scotty arrives with his husband Kevin for a visit, Jack experiences a strange emotion, jealously.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Brothers & Sisters.
Author Note: This story came about while watching Scotty and under pain meds the plot bunny was born when I got hit with the idea of Scotty and Ianto been friends and Scotty giving Jack the shovel speech from Buffy. First in the ‘Love is more than a four letter word’ series.
Thanks to alchemistpotion for beta this for me.

Chapter 4

 So far, to say at least, Scotty was not impressed with Jack. Oh, don’t think for one moment that he didn’t notice the lack of ‘boyfriend’ or ‘partner’ when Ianto introduced Jack. Sure he wouldn't deny that the man is handsome, but looks don’t count for everything in Scotty’s books. And from the way Jack has treated his precious Ianto in the past, right now he doesn’t rank very high.

 Nobody gets way with hurting his Ianto, nobody.

 One week, Jack Harkness had one week to prove himself to Scotty and he had no plans on making it easy on the man.

 Kevin glanced worriedly at his husband, and at the evil looking smile that Scotty wore. Who would have known that Scotty has such an evil side to him, and was it wrong that he found it very hot? Still, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Jack, the man had no idea what Scotty would do to those who hurt the ones he loves.

 Jack forced back a growl as Scotty linked arms with his Ianto; the man was clinging to Ianto that was his job. He did not like this Scotty fellow, sure he was handsome and any other time he would be turning his charm on, but that man was clinging to his Ianto. Which is a big no in Jack’s book, only one person had the right to touch Ianto like that and it was himself.

 “I hope you don’t mind that after once we get you settled in, Tosh wanted to meet you guys for a late lunch,” Ianto’s voice brought everyone back to the present.

 Scotty beamed at his friend, “That sounds wonderful, I’ve been really looking forward to meeting Tosh, and you talk about her so much it feels like I know her already.” Scotty knew that Tosh was Ianto’s closet friend on the team. He wanted to thank her for looking after Ianto when he couldn’t.

 What does he mean Ianto talks about Tosh all the time? Jack thought, and his grip tightened on the suitcase that he had been asked to carry, I know they are close friends and Tosh is a very beautiful woman; could there be something more going on than I know? No, his Ianto needed no one but him. So what if Tosh and Ianto are close, go out together for lunch and sometimes even hours just to hang out. No, he trusted Ianto, besides Tosh was too in love with Owen to try anything with Ianto.


 Okay Harkness now you’re really getting paranoid, his blue eyes narrowed, while he knews Tosh was not a threat to what he had with Ianto, this Scotty on the other hand was. Jack would just have to keep a close eye on them, and make sure that Scotty was never alone with Ianto. Besides why would Ianto ever need anyone but him?

 So what if Ianto was going to be spending the whole week with Scotty and Kevin, showing them the sights with those Welsh vows of his, his accent growing more pronounced as he passionately talked about the home he loves so much, then taking them home to his flat each night.

 He could just see it now:

 Soft candle light flickering about the room, casting the shadows of three men lost in pleasure upon the walls and ceiling. Kevin’s hands drifting possessively across both Scotty and Ianto's sweat slick bodies, as Scotty’s mouth claimed Ianto in a sweet and slow kiss, swallowing Ianto’s cries of pleasure. Ianto body trapped snugly in between the two men his blue eyes darkened with pure lust, desire and passion for the two men holding him so lovingly.

 Jack broke himself free of the image with a growl to low for anyone to hear. Oh, hell no is anyone seducing my Ianto away from me. If Ianto is taking the week off than so am I, Jack vowed silently to himself. Ianto Jones is mine and only mine, Jack thought possessively.

 He refused to admit to even himself that the idea of Ianto with anyone but him, loving someone that wasn’t him would shatter his soul. He just couldn’t admit to anyone, especially himself just what Ianto truly meant to him, and it was a hell of a lot more than part time shag.



 The ride back to Ianto’s had been very interesting. Before they even left the airport, Scotty and Jack were drawn into their first battle, both claimed the right to the passenger seat in front beside driver Ianto. It was a stare off between the two men, as Kevin and Ianto loaded up the trunk of Ianto's car.

 Jack glared at Scotty, “I always sit in the front beside Ianto, and there is no way that I am giving my spot up,” he growled crossing his arms. His spot was beside Ianto and no one was making him move.

 Scotty eyes narrowed. “The polite thing to do would be to give me the front seat, Ianto and I haven’t seen each other in almost a year, we have a lot to catch up on,” he countered, not about to let Jack have his way.

 Jack eyes narrowed, if he gave in now, then Scotty will have the upper hand. “You can talk to Ianto all you want when we get to his place. We don’t want you to end up distracting him, now do we?” Jack asked smugly believing he had won this battle.

 Kevin could not believe the sight before his eyes. Scotty and Jack were arguing like five year olds. Part of him thought about taking the front for himself, and letting Jack and Scotty sit in the back. But he figured that Ianto would like to keep his car free of blood shed, because as things were going, if Jack and Scotty were left alone for more than minute with each other, one of them would most likely end up dead. And he was rather fond of his husband.

 Thankfully Ianto, wonderful Ianto took over.

 “Is everyone ready to go?” Ianto asked, seemly not noticing the tension between Jack and Scotty. Ianto turned to his lover, “Jack I was thinking you could drive, that way I can give Scotty and Kevin a drive by tour,” Ianto told Jack as he handed him the keys to his car.

 Heading towards his car, Kevin caught Ianto's eyes and saw the knowing gleam in them. It would seem that Ianto knew just what Scotty and Jack were up to. This is going to be an interesting vacation, Kevin thought to himself as he climbed into the backseat of Ianto’s car.


Tags: crossover: torchwood/brother & sister, fic: loyalty, friendship: scotty/ianto, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: scotty/kevin, series: love is more than a 4 letter wor
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