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Nothing Is Worth Losing You

Stardust and Dreams

Writing Update
So I seem to have an addiction to signing up for challenges. 

I have two Dean/Sam SPN Holiday Reverse Big Bang stories to write, both are coming along nicely.

I have two Reverse Wincest Big Bang stories to write, I managed to get my two top choices which makes me so happy. One of the artist is the same one I am working with on the holiday stories. 

I am writing my first ever Crowley/Sam story with background Dean/Benny.

I still need to finish my Gencest, SPN Movie and Wincest Big Bangs before focusing on my J2 big bang which I have plotted out in my notebook. 

I also hope to finish off the Year that Never Was arch of my Shifting Destines story as well as I have a Bucky/Ianto/Jack love triangle that I want to write it. I have most of it written it starts off in the Year that Never Was and somehow Bucky remembers Ianto and can't get him out of his mind, Jack has issues with it. It features possessive and jealous Bucky and Jack.

I also have a Natasha/Tosh story I start years ago and I thought I lost but found and want to finish, Tosh leaves Torchwood after she finds out she is pregnant with Tommy's child and Ianto helps set her up with SHIELD and a new life. I really like this one and I want to finish it, again it might have a love triangle between Jack/Ianto/Bucky as it has Ianto taking a break from Torchwood after the whole fallout from the Space Whale. 

I do plan on finishing my Alien Ianto story, my muse is having an issues with what to do with Gwen in the current chapter as well writing and posting the Ianto and Rhys mind erase as I finally figured out who is behind everything. I also want to do more Ianto is a Chosen One, I have an idea for the Fae vs Bills and the Master.