May 2nd, 2021


Lost Bird

Fandoms: MCU/Batman Comics
Pairings: Dick/Tim, Bucky/Tony/Steve, Peter & Tim and Bucky & Tim
Summary: Outcast from his pack Tim Drake-Wayne is broken. An omega needs it pack and he thought he had found one with the rest of the Wayne family and that he had found his alpha in Dick but now cast aside Tim is left adrift.
Steve Rogers will be the first one to say that Bucky has a habit of picking up strays and he isn't at all surprised when Bucky brings home the abandoned omega Tim. It takes time but slowly Tim finds happiness with the Avengers and possibly found the pack he always wanted. So, of course, that is when the Batfamily arrives wanting their lost bird back. Can they prove to Tim that he is wanted by them? That he is pack? And will the Avengers even let them talk to Tim?

WIP Read Chapters 1 to 13 on AO3