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Fic posting

 I have two more chapters of 'In the pain there is healing' done.  I can post them both sometime this week and then due to classes I will try and post a chapter once a week to my stories. Which means I will try and post a chapter to a different stories each week, which inculdes my two new stories 'Magic Call' and 'Rising from the ashes'.

Here is how I hope it will go:
This week Chapters: 3 and 4 of  'In the pain there is healing'
Next week: Chapter 6 of Loyalty
Two weeks: Chapter 1 of 'Magic Call' and Chapter 1 of 'Rising from the ashes'
Three weeks: Chapter Chapter 2 of 'Tears of the lost', Chapter 3 of 'Reclaiming what his' and Chapter 5 of 'Belongs to you'
And then repeat

This will give me time to due my studies and work on my music table and my reel_torchwood, yes I am crazy. Hopeful I can keep to this unless on plot bunny really get's me going. Most likely I will post on the weekend, that way my studies are out of the way.
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