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Fic: Loyalty Chapter 6

Title: Loyalty
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Brothers & Sisters
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Scotty/Kevin, Owen/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen and Scotty/Ianto friendship
Summary: When Ianto old friend Scotty arrives with his husband Kevin for a visit, Jack experiences a strange emotion, jealously.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Brothers & Sisters.
Author Note: This story came about while watching Scotty and under pain meds the plot bunny was born when I got hit with the idea of Scotty and Ianto been friends and Scotty giving Jack the shovel speech from Buffy. First in the ‘Love is more than a four letter word’ series.
Thanks to alchemistpotion for beta this for me

Chapter 6

This is the way it should be,’ Jack thought happily as he and Ianto followed the waiter to their seat, ‘Just me and Ianto alone, no Tosh, no Kevin and especially no Scotty tagging along.’ Of course as they were been seated Jack claimed the chair next to Ianto, no way was he letting anyone else sit beside his Ianto. Possessively he draped his arm over the back of Ianto’s chair, making his claim clear.

Ianto Jones is his damn it and he is going to make damn sure everyone knows it.

Especially Scotty!

Ianto found it hard to resist the urge to smile at Jack’s actions. Jealous and possessive Jack is not someone he has ever had directed at him, it felt wonderful to have Jack’s attention completely on him for once.

Still that doesn’t mean he is going to let Jack or Scotty kill each other. He jut needs to figure out a way to keep those two from doing serious harm to each other as he tries to get them to be friends.

Okay at least get them past Jack’s unneeded jealous of Scotty and Scotty’s over protectiveness and need to do physical harm to Jack.

And here he was hoping for a relaxing week off.

Jack was pouting, since this morning he finally had Ianto all to himself and his sexy Welshman was lost in thought. ‘Do I have to strip naked to get Ianto’s attention on me?’ Jack wondered to himself. Debating with himself, he decide not to go with that plan, knowing Ianto would be embarrassed and would most likely not forgive him for getting them kicked out of the restaurant.

“This is a nice place, we should come here again, just the two of us.” Jack comment brought Ianto back from his thoughts.

Arching an eyebrow he turned to face Jack, “are you asking me out?” he questioned.

Jack sent him a small bashful smile, “well we never did get to have our date and I think it’s time we changed that. So what do you say Mister Jones will you join me for dinner?” Jack asked uncertainly, not understanding why it was suddenly so important to him for Ianto to say yes.

Ianto decided that nervous Jack was adorable. “I would love to Jack.” Reaching over he grasped Jack hand that rested on the table.

Blue meet blue and everything but them faded as they entered their own little world.

Jack was just about to suggest they head back to Ianto’s and finish what they started this morning, only for the current bane in his life to chose that moment to enter in the restaurant.

Scotty raised an eyebrow at the possessive way Jack was hovering over Ianto. It was clear the man had no plans on letting go of the Welshman any time soon. And from the look on Ianto’s face he was quite happy with Jack arms around him. And Ianto’s happiness was the only thing from stopping him from marching over there and ripping Ianto away from Jack and taking Ianto far away from all the hurt that Jack has caused him.

“Before you do anything rash, think of Ianto’s happiness. That is all that matters,” Kevin reminded his husband softly.

A sigh escaped Scotty’s lips; he knows his husband is right. Ianto’s happiness was the most important thing and for some reason Jack makes Ianto happy. Still that doesn’t mean that Scotty has to like Jack.

“Fine, I’ll be nice to Jack.” Scotty almost sounded put out at that idea. ‘For now,’ Scotty added silently to himself.

Kevin wasn’t to sure if he should trust that gleam in Scotty’s eyes. Narrowing his eyes Kevin studied his husband face. It had been far too easy to get Scotty to agree to this. ‘He is up to something, there is no way Scotty would agree to be nice to Jack, and I didn’t think it was possible but Scotty truly hates Jack Harkness.’ Kevin knew he would be a close eye on his husband; he didn’t want this vacation to end with Scotty in jail for the murder or at least attempted murder of one Jack Harkness.

And here Kevin was looking forward to having a nice relaxing vacation free from his crazy family; he didn’t count on the growing rivalry between Scotty and Jack.

Tosh glanced worriedly between the two couples, Jack was less than thrilled to see them arriving, she has a feeling from the look in his eyes he was going to try and seduce Ianto into leaving early to finish what they started this morning. Only problem is it looks like that Scotty has no plans on letting Ianto and Jack out of his sight. ‘So much for a nice, relaxing lunch,’ she thought to herself. ‘At least Owen and Gwen aren’t here to make things worse.’ Tosh dreaded to think what Scotty would do to Jack if he caught Jack fawning all over Gwen.

‘Scotty would kill Jack.’ Tosh had no doubt about that, the little time she spent with him and from what she learned about Scotty from Ianto, the man is fiercely protective over Ianto.

While Jack may have claimed one seat beside Ianto he forgot about the one on the other side of his Welshman, just as he was about to escort Tosh to that seat, Scotty beat him to it and pulled out the chair beside Jack.

Blushing Tosh utter a soft “thank you” to Scotty not use to been treated by as a lady by anyone other than Ianto, Jack and Andy.

Once Tosh was seated Scotty quickly claimed the seat next to Ianto, pulling Kevin down into the seat beside him and next to Tosh.

Jack scowled as Ianto turned and smiled at Scotty, once again his Ianto attention was on someone other than him.

It took all of Tosh will power not to giggle at the pout that had spread across Jack face.

It seems that the Captain did not like no longer been the only man in Ianto’s life.

‘Hopefully Scotty visit will finally open up Jack eyes to how much he truly cares for Ianto,’ Tosh though with a fond smile.


Tags: crossover: brothers&sisters/torchwood, fic: loyalty, friendship: scotty/ianto, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: scotty/kevin, series: love is more than a 4 letter wor
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