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Another story updates

My RyDo fic is coming along nicely. The first chapter is nearly done and I have a pretty good idea where the story is going. My muse is addicted to this pairing and is flowing with idea's. Hopeful I don't get to busy and lose time to write.

My Eric/Ryan title Never Enough is been rewritten. It just didn't have the right feel to it. I need it to fit with where my RyDo is going. So far the rewrite is going good. This version is flowing so much easier. I should have it done by sometime next week.

And I think I will be doing a third part. I think a meeting with the two teams would be intresting. Ryan new family meets those who hurt him. It will also deal with Ryan and Eric seeing each other one year later. Ryan has moved on, but has Eric? This will be a Flack/Ryan, I am not sure wh Eric will be with. But that will not be started till my RyDo is done.

I also find alot of insperation from music. I hear a song and think this would make a great idea of a story and would fit so perfect with a pairing I write it. So I am also working on a set of short stories and one-shots set to different songs. And it really helps with writers block.
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