backrose_17 (backrose_17) wrote,

New story idea

Okay my Eric muse is protesting the lack of my Eric/Ryan stories and has hit me hard with a story idea.

Ghostly matchmakers Plot: Trapped in the afterlife, unable to move on Speed wants to know why. His answers come in the form of Selena Wolfe another stuck spirit. Only she choose to stay, worried about her twin brother Ryan and the lack of future she see's. Speed and Selena both see the overwelming loneliness about to engulf Ryan and Eric. And decide the only way to help them is get them togther. Easier said then done when dealing with those two. Of course Selena maybe dead but that doesn't mean she still can not make Eric life a living hell. Couples: Eric/Ryan, Speed/Selena and maybe Horatio/Calleigh
Tags: eric/ryan story ideas
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