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Fic: Memories that haunt Chapter 1

Title: Memories that haunt
Fandom’s: CSI New York/CSI Miami/Criminal Minds
Pairings: Don/Ryan, Morgan/Reid, Danny/Aiden, Mac/Stella, Adam/Valera, Hotch/Garcia, Emily/Jackson (OMC) and past Ryan/Lily (OFC)
Summary: There are memories that we will treasure forever of people gone, and there are some that will forever haunt our nightmares. But in the end we will always end up making new ones.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these fandoms; all I own is Lily and Jackson.
Author Notes: This is unbeta so please forgive any mistakes. Also it is going to be a bit au for CSI New York, like the fact that Aiden is still alive and with the crime lab and there is no Lindsey in this, sorry to those who like her.

Chapter 1

The air around him was cool and crispy, the few remaining leaves blowing helpless against the wind.

Snow already on the ground covered the headstone he stood before, a black glove hand reached out and brushed away some of the freshly fallen snow that had fallen on the black headstone he started to talk.

“Winter is coming, you should be happy; I know how much you love the first bit of freshly winter snow.” He said trying to keep the emotions out of his voice.

“Your probably wondering what I am doing here. I needed to talk to you; I miss you so much, not a day goes by that I don’t miss your smile, your laughter, I miss everything about you,” A single tear fell from his eye, roll down his cheek.

“I could really use you right now, I made a decision, I’m leaving the Miami crime lab, and I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t take them hating me. I’m so tired of been made second best and never getting out of the shadow of Speed.” 

A blast of cool air hit him right in the face and a soft chuckle escaped his lips, “I didn’t say I was giving up my dream. I love been a CSI, I just can’t do it in Miami any more.” He took a deep breath.

“I took a job with the New York crime lab. It’s not going to be the same in New York without you; I remember how much you loved everything about that city, I’m just sorry that you won’t be there with me. And it will be hard because everywhere I will go in that city, I will be seeing you there and remembering all those memories that we made. Our last trip to New York that was the last time I was truly happy. I want to be happy again and I know I will not find that happiness in Miami.” He admitted softly.

Once the snow was clear he traced over the words engraved there,

                                                    Lily Wolfe

                                       Beloved wife and daughter

                              An angel taken from this world far too soon

He placed the bouquet of red and white roses on the headstone, “I love you Lily, happy anniversary sweetheart.” Ryan whispered choking back the sob that threatens to come.


“Did you hear we are finally getting a new CSI?” Aiden Burns announced as she joined Danny Messer and Don Flack at their table.

“About time, we got some new blood around here. Maybe we can finally get Flack here a date.” Danny said snagging a fry from Aiden’s plate.

The dark hair female punched her partner in the shoulder, “get your own food Messer.” She growled at him.

Don raised an eyebrow as he watched the two playfully fight, “who says I need any help in getting a date?” He asked his best friend.

Danny looked at his friend, “we all know that you are in a dating slump, no need to hide it from us,” he placed a hand on Don’s shoulder, “it not the end of the world just because you can’t get a date, don’t worry we’ll help in any way we can. I hate to see a friend suffer.” He happily told his friend.

Don let out a long suffering sigh, “remind me why were friends again?” he asked.

Aiden let out a little snort, “because no matter how hard we try we can’t seem to get rid of him.” She teasingly reminded Don.

Danny wiggled his finger in front of her face, “you pay for that later Burns.” He growled playfully at her.

Smiling Aiden leaned forward, “bring it on Messer.” She challenged him.

Snagging some fries from Aiden now forgotten plate, Don settled back into his chair to watch the show that is Burns and Messer, all the while wondering about the new CSI.


Derek Morgan was a happy man; he and his pretty boy finally had a weekend off, which meant he had no plans on leaving their bed except for eating and using the bathroom.

Spotting the object of his desires, a smile spread across his face as he moved towards his pretty boy who was too busy reading a case file to notice him, until Derek manage to wrap an arm around his waist.

Spencer Reid was getting use to been snuck up on by his boyfriend, ever since they started dating Derek had taken to trying to surprise him.

“Are you ready to go yet pretty boy? I have lots of plans for this weekend.” Morgan asked stealing a quick kiss from his boyfriend.

Reid raised a single eyebrow at Morgan, “you mean you actually made plans that involved us doing something other than been in bed all weekend?”

“You, me, a bed and a free weekend, pretty boy of course I wouldn’t have anything planned but that. Besides I don’t hear you coming up with any other ideas.”

A smile spread across Reid’s face, “you’re plan sounds find to me.” The young genius agreed.

“Than what are we waiting for?” Morgan didn’t wait for a reply as he dragged Reid out of the B.A.U.


Tags: crossover: csi miami/csi new york/crimin, fic: memories that haunt, pairing: don/ryan, pairing: morgan/reid
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