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Hello everyone!

I am back from my mini vacation and feeling a little better. But I do have a little announcement, due to my schedule and everything that is happening in my personal life right now I will most likely only be updating on the weekends either friday or saturaday. I will try and post one chapter to two stories each weekend.

Because I have signed up for two gift exchanges and reel_torchwood I will be trying to finish up some of my stories. So I am going to be focusing on four stories right now.

They are:
From Torchwood:
'In the pain there is healing', 'Magic Call' and 'Rising from the ashes'

and my CSI Miami/CSI New York/Criminal Minds: 'Memories that haunt'

I will be still working on 'Belongs to you' and 'Loyalty' but they will not be updated as much as the other four.

This weekend expect a new chapter to 'In the pain there is healing' and 'Memories that haunt'.

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