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Fic: Memories that haunt Chapter 2

Title: Memories that haunt
Fandom’s: CSI New York/CSI Miami/Criminal Minds
Pairings: Don/Ryan, Morgan/Reid, Danny/Aiden, Mac/Stella, Adam/Valera, Hotch/Garcia, Emily/Jackson (OMC) and past Ryan/Lily (OFC)
Summary: There are memories that we will treasure forever of people gone, and there are some that will forever haunt our nightmares. But in the end we will always end up making new ones.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these fandoms; all I own is Lily and Jackson.
Author Notes: This is unbeta so please forgive any mistakes. Also it is going to be a bit au for CSI New York, like the fact that Aiden is still alive and with the crime lab and there is no Lindsey in this, sorry to those who like her.

Chapter 2

 A week later

“Now you make sure to call me the moment you land. And I want regular updates.” Alexx Wood sternly informed Ryan as she hugged her baby tightly.

“I promise Alexx you will be the first one I call.” Alexx was one of two that he will miss from the lab.

“Hey, what about me,” The demand was followed up by a punch to his arm.

Wincing Ryan released Alexx to rub his throbbing arm, “I figured you been hanging around Alexx place waiting for the call.” He informed Valera.

The blond narrowed her eyes, knowing she could never stay mad at Ryan especially when he flashed those puppy dog eyes at her. “Fine I will let it slide this time, but I want regular updates too mister, just because you are moving to New York doesn’t mean I won’t hunt you down if you forget about us in Miami.” She growled poking Ryan hard in the chest.

“Okay Max, enough of the abuse. I won’t forget about you. The bruises you leave on me are a big reminder.” Ryan backed away quickly as the blond threaten to hit him again.

Despite the tears in her eyes, Alexx smiled at the picture the two made, she had always thought those two would make a cute couple, but knowing about Lily and seeing the way Ryan looked at Eric, and she knew these two would be nothing more than friends.

The boarding call of Ryan’s plane broke through Alexx thoughts and she fought back the urge to knock her baby out and keep him here, but she knows he needs a fresh start and a chance to find a team that will accept him. Something he never got here.

Wrapping Ryan in a hug, “you be happy baby. This lab has broken you and I want nothing more than you to find some happiness that you were denied here.” Alexx murmured into Ryan’s ear.

Ryan tightens his gripe on his adopted mother, wishing that Alexx was coming with him. “I love you mom.” He whispered into her ear.

Alexx felt tears of sorrow and happiness fall from her eyes, “I love you too son.”

“Okay enough of the crying or you’re going to make me start.” Valera spoke up.

Pulling away from Alexx slightly, Ryan freed an arm and pulled Valera into a hug with them. “I am going to miss you both.” Ryan didn’t want to let either woman go.


Pulling off his shades Don smiled as he entered a small bar and grill.

A dark hair male with cheerful blue eyes widened as he spotted Don, “well look what the cat dragged in.” The man cheerful greeted.

“Hey Jackson, how’s it going?” Don asked seating himself at the bar.

Knowing Don was off the clock he poured him a glass of beer, “not bad, my brother-in-law is moving to New York, so I’ll be helping him get settled in this weekend.” Jackson informed Don.

“He was married to Lily right?” Don asked. Jackson and he had meet a years ago, back when he was just starting out as a cop, one of his first cases involved a robber at Jackson bar. He knew about Lily.

A sad smile spread across Jackson face, “yeah, he had a rough time after losing her and I guess the people he worked with made his life even tougher. I’m just glad that he is getting away from Miami before they destroyed him.” It was clear that Jackson obviously had no love for his brother-in-law co-workers.

“Wait, didn’t you say he worked as a CSI?” Don asked.

“Yeah, he worked with the Miami crime lab, why?” Jackson asked.

A smile spread across Don face “because he has got to be the new CSI that everyone is talking about. I’ll be working with him. Maybe I should offer my help this weekend, get a chance to know him before we started working together.” Don offered out causally.

“I think that would be a good idea, given the treatment he got from his last team, I think he would be happy to know that you guys are nothing like his old team.” Jackson happily agreed.

‘Plus I think you would be perfect for Ryan, and it was about time he found some happiness. Lily didn’t want him to mourn her forever.’ A match making plan began to form in Jackson’s head, he knows his sister wanted Ryan to be happy more than anything and he thinks that Don could make Ryan happy.


Entering the B.A.U, Reid found himself yanked into a supplies closet, something he was use to since he started dating Morgan, but only it wasn’t his boyfriend that pulled him in.

“Garcia, what’s wrong? And why are we in a closet?” Reid asked with worry as he took in her distress.

“I need your help in keeping something from my chocolate muffin. He can’t ever know, please tell me, you will help keep this from him.” Garcia pleaded with the young genius.

“Um, Garcia it might help if you tell me what I need to keep from Derek?” He asked in confusion.

“I may have, spent the weekend with a member of the team.” Garcia refused to look Reid in the eye.

“Like as in a girls weekend with Emily and J.J?” He asked.

Garcia shook her head, “trust me sweetie, if it was a girl’s weekend there would be no problem in our love muffin finding out.”

It dawned on Reid, “oh, yeah Derek would have a fit. Um so who is it?”

Garcia took a deep breath, “Hotch,” she admitted.

‘Derek would kill him.’ Reid had no doubt about that.

Taking a look at Garcia he knows there is more to this than a one weekend fling, “Garcia, how do you feel about Hotch?” He asked.

Garcia looked at him with a tear smile, “I think I’m falling in love with him.” She admitted.

Yep, Reid defiantly needs to keep this from Morgan. ‘So much for a peaceful day,’ Reid thought to himself.


Tags: crossover: csi miami/csi new york/crimin, fic: memories that haunt, pairing: morgan/reid, pairing:don/ryan
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