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Who knew rants could lead to story idea's

I am so sick of Miami, I miss the old Miami.  Before these newest ep I was full of idea's for Eric/Ryan fics, but now I have nothing. After my big RyDo fic I had plans to start a Eric/Ryan, not so much any more. I have no desire to write anything that has Ryan still in Miami. I do however have tons of idea's of where Ryan has enough and leaves Miami. So here are my new stories I will be wirtting sometime.


Fandom:CSI:Miami/CSI:New York
Pairing:Flack/Ryan with Mac/Stella and Danny/Adam
Summary: Set after the two newest CSI:Miami ep. Ryan is tired, so tired, of everything. And Don knows this. This time when he leaves Miami, Ryan will be leaving with him.

Pairing:Nick/Greg, Flack/Ryan, Danny/Adam
Summary:Adam and Greg will no longer stand by and let the Miami lab destroy Ryan. They plot to get their friend far from them and their plan involes one Don Flack Jr.

Fandom:CSI/CSI:Miami/CSI:New York
Pairing:Nick/Ryan/Flack, Danny/Greg, Mac/Adam
Summary:"Nailed" When learning of Ryan injure, Nick and Don fly down to Miami to care for him. Can they convince Ryan it is time to leave?

Pairing:Gibbs/Ryan, Tony/Abby and past Speed/Ryan 
Summary: This was not what Tony was expecting when his cousin Ryan can to vist. This broken shell is not his cousin he remebers. Tony will do everything in his power to help his cousin. He just never expected Gibbs to be so protective over Ryan.Can they bring back the old Ryan or has his co-workers damaged him to greatly?

Pairing: Dean/Ryan/Castiel, Sam/OC
Summary: Dean is not the first human Castiel has looked after. Before him was Ryan. Seeing the pain his former charge is going threw, he sends Dean and Sam to Miami. Dean finds himself growing feelings for the broken CSI, can he and Castiel be enough to heal Ryan?






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