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Fic: Rising from the ashes Chapter 3

Title: Rising from the ashes
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Highlander/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Methos/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Amanda, Owen/Gwen, Owen/Cassandra, Caitlin/Tosh/Duncan, the Doctor, Martha, the Master and Sean/Thalia
Summary: After Jack left them, the remaining members of torchwood three knew they either needed to start over or fall apart. This is their journey as they begin anew and face the changes that will define them all.
Spoilers: Doctor Who S3 ‘Last of the time lords’ and for the year that never was. Torchwood S1 ‘End of days’
Rating: R
Warnings: Some Gwen bashing, mentions of past abuse all forms, torture, and brutal deaths.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who they belong to he-who-shall-not-be-named. Nor do I own Highlander. I do own Caitlin, Sean and Thalia.
Author Note: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes

Chapter 3

Tosh was the only one to notice the slight change in Ianto, didn’t seem so sad, in fact he almost seemed happy.

She didn’t know what could have cause such a change in Ianto, but she was happy to see the hurt that had filled Ianto eyes since Jack left them, had lifted somewhat.

“Coffee, Tosh?” He asked smiling politely at her.

Tosh easily returned the smile, glad to see it actually reaching his eyes for once, “that would be wonderful Ianto, thank you.” She would never turn down a cup of Ianto’s mouth watering coffee.

Ianto turned to go, “Ianto,” Tosh called softly halting him from leaving.

Turning Ianto refaced Tosh, “yes, is there something else I can do for you?” He asked.

She shook her head, “no I just wanted to say it is nice to see you happy again. You haven’t smiled like this since Jack left. I missed the old Ianto.” She told him.

Ianto was not surprised that Tosh noticed the change in him, she saw more than people think, “thank you Tosh, I am happier today, an old friend is coming to visit, he is someone I care deeply about.” He admitted, not quiet sure he could explain just what Methos was to him truly, not many could understand their relationship or the depths of the love they share for one another.

“Well, I’m glad; he must be someone special if he can make you smile.” She has seen Ianto broken far too much with his time at Torchwood.

A sudden idea hit him, “would you like to have dinner tomorrow night with us?” He blurted out before he could stop himself.

“I don’t want to impose on you.” But Tosh couldn’t help but admit to herself she was deeply touched that Ianto wanted her to meet someone so important to him.

“No Tosh I would really like for you to join us, I know Adam will adore you.” And he knew his beloved would.

Tosh couldn’t resist those pleading blue eyes for long, “okay.” She agreed and the smile that Ianto gave her could have lit the room.

“Wonderful, I should warn you that Adam is a little, well crazy sometimes, but loveable.” A fond and loving tone slipped into Ianto’s voice as he spoke.

Almost the same tone when he sometimes talked to Jack when he thought no one was listening to them. Making Tosh all the more curious as to what this mystery Adam means to Ianto.


If you asked Methos how Duncan, Joe and Amanda ended up coming along with his visit to see Ifan, he will never know.

Crossing his arm the oldest immortal glared at them, “you couldn’t have waited until tomorrow to fly out and visit Ifan? This is my time alone with him.” It should be made clear that Methos did not like to share Ianto with others; the only exception to that rule is of course their daughter Thalia.

Amanda smiled at the disgruntled immortal, “Caitlin contacted me and informed me that Ianto was in trouble, remember you are not the only one who cares for him.”

‘I should have know that this was the work of Caitlin, that woman is worse than a cold shower sometimes.’ Methos grumbled to himself.

“Cheer up old man; at least you get to see Ifan and Thalia soon.” Duncan simple statement manages to clam Methos down.

Until Amanda had to speak up, “She’ll be arriving with Sean, won’t she, I heard from Cat that they have been together for months.”

“WHAT?” Methos roared.

Amanda sat happily back in her seat; the plan ride would have been so boring, thankful she now has a ranting overprotective daddy Methos to keep her entertained. 


A shutter went through Sean body, waking Thalia up from her sleep.

“Sean, what’s wrong?” She asked sleepily, her hazel eyes still haze with sleep.

Sean winced hating that he woke her up from her much needed sleep, she hadn’t gotten much after Methos call the night before. “Nothing, sweetheart, just go back to sleep.”

Green eyes narrowed into a glare that was similar to Methos and Ianto’s. It was scary how alike she is to those two.

“I think you dad is plotting to take my head or at least plotting my death.” Sean admitted.

Thalia wanted to tell her boyfriend that he was crazy, but she would not put it past her father to try something, he does not react well to her boyfriends.

‘Hopeful tad can help keep daddy clam.’ She prayed.

“Don’t worry I’ll keep you safe from my dad.” She promised, her green eyes twinkling with amusement.

Sean’s icy blue eyes narrowed, “not funny you’re dad is one scare man.” No immortal except a few didn’t fear the immortal known as death, and Sean was not one of those few, and dating death’s daughter did not put him on Methos friends list.

But looking at the beautiful green eyed, redhead girl at his side, he didn’t care if Methos never liked him; he had Thaila’s love that is all that mattered to him.


“I’m heading out.” Ianto announced to his fellow team mates.

“You never said you were leaving early, I was hoping to get home to Rhys tonight and someone needs to do the paper work.” Gwen was not happy that Ianto decide to leave early without telling her, she is in charge after all.

Ianto rolled his eyes, “actually unlike you Gwen I do inform the team when I have to leave early. Plus I have done my paperwork, and Jack’s paperwork, you mean you need me to stay late and do your work for you. Well tonight I am not. You keep telling me Gwen that I need a life outside of Torchwood, this is me getting a life outside of Torchwood.” Ianto was tried of some little selfish girl thinking she can treat everyone like a doormat, he is not Rhys, Owen or Jack and he is not wrapped around her little finger, willing to jump through hoops when ever she flashes those doe eyes at him.

Tosh hid a smile, proud of her friend for not letting Gwen get her way, unlike the rest of the men that Gwen has under her spell. She and Ianto have had length discussions of what kind of alien she could be that makes men turning into drooling idiots around her.

Smiling at Tosh, “I shall call you later after I talk to Adam, about dinner.” Ianto pressed a gentle kiss against his best friend cheek before heading out.

“When did the tea-boy grow a pair?” Owen gruff followed Ianto out of the hub.


When it came to his beloved Ifan, Methos was not a man who liked to be kept waiting.

They had been waiting all about five minutes before Methos growled and began to pace, “where is he? What if something has happen to him? What if he has been challenged?” The oldest immortal muttered under his breath.

Joe and Amanda both turned and looked at Duncan, the same look on their faces, your turn.

“Has he gotten to the part where I am dying all alone in a back alley, declaring my undying love for him, yet?” A familiar welsh voice asked from behind them.

Methos wiped his head around so fast that every once winced.

“Ifan, you’re late.” Methos growled stalking towards his love.

Ianto could see the real worry in those dark eyes he loves so much, and he felt bad for worrying him. “I’m sorry Cariad; one of my team-mates was having issues with my leaving, early.”

“It doesn’t matter, you’re here now.” Methos murmured as he reached Ianto, wrapping an arm around the slightly younger immortal neck, he pulled his beloved into a kiss, pouring all his love and passion into it.

Clinging to Methos, Ianto easily returned the powerful kiss, and like always in Methos arms he was home.


Tags: crossover: highlander/torchwood, fic: rising from the ashes, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: methos/ianto
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