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Concerning Rising from the ashes

Over on I recived a review with the suggestion that I rewrite this story as they found it hard to care of my oc's, they were unhappy that I listed the pairings as it takes away from the romance, and that Methos actions in chapter 2 is not how he would have reacted to Ianto's call and that he shouldn't have called the others.

Now I am asking my self, should I rewrite this story. Because so far others seem to like it and I want to keep my readers happy. But this reviewer really got to me as it seemed there was nothing about my story that they seemed to like and I don't want to be writing something that people are just going to hate.

I like this story as it is, and really don't want to rewrite it, my brother says that I should just ingore that reviewer and keep on writing the story the way I have planned, since the rest of my readers like it and more importantly I like it.

So I am asking you all for your thoughts, rewrite or continue on the way I have planned?
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