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Fic: In the pain there is healing Chapter 12/25

Title: In the pain there is healing
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Donna, Andy/Kathy, John/Tosh, Doctor/Isabella, James/Jenny, Tom/Martha and Mickey/Jake and mentions of John/Ianto
Summary: How long can one person takes being the second choice before they break? And have Ianto and Rhys reached that point?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gwen bashing
Spoilers: Torchwood S2 ‘Meat’ and ‘Something Borrowed’
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, I am willing to take ownership of Ianto and Jack since RTD can not take care of them. I do own James and Isabella and all other original characters.
Author Note: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes.

Chapter 12

“Do you think we should try and save tad?” James asked softly.

Bell shook her head, “we can’t, it’s a fixed point in time. Besides who knows what kind of damage we could do to the timeline if we try and stop this. But hey remember everything is going to be fine, we are proof of that.” She reminded her brother.

“If were here when Doc and the TARDIS saves tad, I’ll kiss the Doctor.” James muttered under his breath.

“Oh hell no, if anyone is kissing this version of the Doctor it’s me. I always thought his tenth version was hot in a geek sort of way.” A dreamy look entered Bell’s eyes, one that James was use to, she got it when ever she thought of the Doctor.

The possessive tone was something new.

‘I’m going to have to keep her far away from this version of the Doctor; I have no doubt that she jump the Doc giving the chance.’ James shuttered at the imagine that his thoughts produced.

“So the plan is to stay out of time’s way without messing anything up, I can do that.” James confidently told himself.

“Yeah, we are so going to screw something up.” James pouted at his sister reply.

“We’re going to be with tad and dads, what trouble could we possible get into?” James countered.

Bell raised a single eyebrow, “would you like a list?” She asked in a deadpan voice.

James narrowed his eyes at his sister, “been away from the Doctor makes you cheeky, I don’t like that.”  


Jack knew he still had a lot to fix with his relationship with Ianto; he still had a long way to go before Ianto truly believed that he was not second to Gwen. And he vows here and now he will do whatever it takes to make Ianto see the truth that he is completely and hopelessly in love with Ianto Jones.

But for now, Jack is happy to be here with Ianto curled up in his arms, staring up at the stars.

Ianto hated to break the comfortable silence that he and Jack were experiencing but the question needs to be asked, “What are we going to do about the twins? We can’t leave them alone when we return to Cardiff, who knows what kind of trouble they will get into.”

Jack wanted to groan, he wasn’t even a father yet and already these two kids were ruining his romantic time with Ianto, he is going to have to do something about that in the future, no way is he giving up naked time with Ianto.

But he knew Ianto is right, give what he has heard about these two, trouble seems to find him and there is now way he is leaving them alone, he is not chancing them screwing up something that ruins his future with Ianto. There was only one thing to do.

“I guess where going to have to bring them with us.” Jack declared.

Ianto knew Jack was right, it was the only option, leaving those two alone is surely asking for trouble.

Letting out a sigh, Ianto snuggled closer to Jack as he shivered from the cool night air, “well tell them when we speak to them in the morning.” He murmured somewhat sleepily. 

Jack noticed it immediately, “come on love, time for bed.” Jack ordered climbing to his feet and helping Ianto up.

While he didn’t want the night to end, Ianto knew Jack was right. His nice comfortable hotel bed was calling for him.

Hand in hand the two walked back into the hotel.

Reaching Ianto’s room, Jack pouted as he knew he have to go the night without Ianto by his side.

“Jack if you promise to behave, you could spend the night.” Ianto offered shyly.

Oh Jack was so tempted, he didn’t sleep unless Ianto was there, he kept the nightmares away, but he didn’t want to push Ianto into something he didn’t want.

Ianto saw the conflicting emotions in Jack eyes, “Jack, I can’t sleep unless you’re beside me, you keep the nightmares away for me.” Ianto admitted.

“You keep the nightmares away for me too; you help drive away the memories from that year.” Jack admitted softly, “If this is what you truly want Yan, then I would love to.”

“Just to sleep Jack, nothing more,” Ianto reminded Jack, he wasn’t ready to resume their physical relationship just yet.

Jack nodded, “you are in control here Yan, and I won’t ask you for anything more than you are willing to do.” The immortal told his lover.

Smiling Ianto unlocked his hotel room, only to stop when he saw the bouquet of flowers sitting on the small table. ‘Oh dear, I forgot about those.’  He needed to keep Jack from seeing the card.

Oh course Jack was use to noticing every small detail, and he knew for a fact that these rooms did not come with a standard bouquet.

“So Ianto who is the flowers from,” Jack purred wrapping his arms around Ianto’s waist, slowly placing a trail of kisses along Ianto’s neck.

“No one, there was no card.” Ianto found it hard to focus as Jack mouth was doing wicked things to his neck.

“Really, no card, then what is that laying beside it?” Jack asked continuing to torment Ianto with his actions, latching onto a piece of skin and slowly began to work it over.

Ianto could only moan as Jack continued to play dirt.

Knowing there was only way he would get a chance to look at that card, he released Ianto’s neck, whirled him around in his arms and precede to give Ianto a sensual, mind blowing kiss, he unleashed all the passion and love he felt for Ianto into that kiss.

Ianto fingers clutched at Jack shirt, quickly been overcome with the powerful emotions in this kiss, not even the night since they talk before returning Tommy to his own time has Jack ever kissed him like this, it was very hard to cling to any doubt that Jack really did love him.

The kiss lasted for several moments as both men poured every once of feeling they held for one another.

Finally it was the need for air that forced them to part.

Panting, Jack groaned as Ianto lust blow eyes stared back at him, oh how badly he wanted to lower Ianto onto that bed and make love to him for days. ‘Slow Jack, slow.’ He reminded himself.

“I think a cold shower is in order.” Jack whispered so tempted to take another kiss from those lips.

“Together or separate,” Ianto asked in a huskier voice than normal.

Jack chuckled deeply, “I think a shower together would defeat the need for a cold one. Your room so you go first.” Jack forced himself to move away from the temptation that is Ianto Jones.

“Right, I won’t be long.” Stopping only to grab his night cloths Ianto calmly entered his bathroom with his heart pounding.

Jack eyes locked firmly on Ianto behind a leer spreading across his face as he watched Ianto leave.

Once the door to the bathroom shut, Jack eyes became serious as he eyed the note that Ianto did not want him to read. Casting one last glance at the door, he picked up the note and was surprised to see a familiar handwriting.

A deep growl escaped Jack lips as he finished reading, “try your best John, there is no way I am giving up Ianto without a fight. I won’t lose him, certainly not to you.” Jack vowed.


“Hello and how can I help you?” The clerk at the airport asked a sunny smile on her face.

“When’s your earliest flight to Cardiff?” Gwen asked.

“Tomorrow morning, is that soon enough,” Came the answer.

A satisfied smile spread across Gwen face, “that is just perfect.”

‘Soon Jack I will be in your arms, like I was always meant to be. There is nothing left to keep us apart.’ Gwen knew the moment she told Jack she was a free woman; he would waste no time in making her, his.


Tags: fic: in the pain there is healing, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: john/tosh, pairing: rhys/donna, twinverse
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