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Fic:Always there

Fandom:CSI:Miami/CSI:New York
Pairing: Flack/Ryan
Rating:PG, a couple of swear words
Summary: Spoilers for 'Wolfe in Sheep's clothing'. Ryan is so tired of everything and needs the one person that is always there for him.
Warnings: Spoliers for 'Wolfe in Sheep's clothing' And the whole F/A pairing didn't happen.
Disclaimer: Is Ryan on CSI:NY? Has RyDo become the newest pairing? No, then I do not own.

He is tired, just so tired.

Tired of everything he does not been enough. Tired of him never been enough, tired of his co-workers, his so called friends. 

A snort escaped Ryan lips at that. Friends, yeah right. The only one's who ever cared about him, here was Alexx and Valera. And with them both gone he has no one. And that lonelness is stronger now than ever.

He knows he has made mistakes. Oh he has made some big ones. Eric and Calleigh would be quick to point that out, if it ever looked like he had forgotten. It's not like they haven't ever made their own mistakes. No, it's just Ryan Wolfe who is the lab screw up.

Why does he stay, not even he knows the answers. Maybe it's because he owes H. But damn it they should be square by now. He found the mole. He helped H with damn undercover op. It cost him more than H will ever relize.

Maybe, just maybe it's time to move on. Leave everything behind. But where would he go? What crime lab would take him, after all his mistakes? But it was clear to Ryan, he no longer has a place in Miami.

Ryan was torn out of his depressing thoughts, by the knocking at his door. Wincing in pain, he climbed to his feet. His body portesting at the movement. Reaching the door, Ryan felt his jaw drop at the person standing out there.

Flinging the door open Ryan flung himself into his vistors arms. Those strong arms he loves wrapped around him, holding him tightly to his lover's body.

Pulling back, Ryan looked into those blue eyes he loves so much. "Don, what are you doing here?" 

Those kissable lips pulled into a heart stopping smile. "Something told me, you need me babe." The handsome male answered, swooping down to steal a kiss from those tempting lips.

The events of the past few days all faded away as Ryan melted into Don kiss. His boyfriend of two years always made everything so much better. Wrapping his arms around Don, Ryan returned the kiss.

The need for air finally forced them apart. Blue eyes shone with love and worry. "What happen to you lip?" Don asking gentle stroking Ryan lower lip. The low moan that escaped his younger lover was all the answer Don needed.Something bad had happen. 

Guiding Ryan back into his apartment, Don had not missed the whince of pain that flashed across his boyfriend face. "Ryan, tell me what happen and don't lie to me." Don stated firmly leaving his bags by the door. Don lead his suddenly silent lover to his couch, pulling Ryan down beside him.

Taking a deep breath, Ryan let it all out. Leaving nothing out as he told Don what happened. "You should have seem Eric and Calleigh faces, when I gave them the casing. They wouldn't even let me explaine. I know I messed up, but as my co-workers and my friends they should have heard me out. It hurts Don, it hurts to know even after all this time and every thing that we have gone threw, they could still believe the worst in me. Why can't I ever be enough for them?" Ryan cursed himself as he felt tears bulid up in his eyes.

Don saw them and quickly brought Ryan into his arms. Once again the New Yorker found himself cursing the Miami lab for breaking Ryan. "Listen to me Ryan. You did what you had to do. And if I had been in your shoes I would have done the same thing. If your co-workers can't see that, then it is their lost.  They are not worth your tears." Don told Ryan straight. 

"I don't belong here Don, but I have nowhere else to go." Ryan whispered, snuggling deeper into Don embrace, trying to escape the world. "Yes, you do. Come to me to New York." Don stated. Shock and suprise filled Ryan as he looked up at his boyfriend. Seeing the serious look in Don eyes made Ryan heart flutter. "Really? Are you sure?" Ryan cursed himself for sounding so needy. Don nodded. "Everyone loves you in New York and you would fit right in. Mac will need to hire a new CSI soon and why not you? Please babe think about it." Don pleaded with him.

Looking into Don face, Ryan knows nothing would make him happier then to be closer to Don. Oh he knows that if Alexx and Valera were still around it would be a much harder decison, but he has nothing left at the lab. All he has ever wanted was to fit in, to be accepted by the lab. That never happen, then Don introduced him to his friends and Ryan found a home with them.

A smile crossed Ryan face, he knew his answer. "Okay."

Don blinked at Ryan. "Okay?" He repeated a little lost.

Ryan couldn't help but laugh at his boyfriend. " Your right there is nothing really keeping me in Miami any more. I will miss Alexx and Valera but that what phones and emails are for. I miss Danny and the others. Truthful they and you have been more of a family than anything I had here in Miami. It's time for me to move on." 

Letting out a laugh Don happily claimed Ryan lips in purely loving kiss one that always left them breathless.
Pulling away slightly, just enough to talk, but not far enough to lose the feel of Don breath on his lips, Ryan asked the question that had been on his mind since he saw Don at his door. "How do you know when I need you?"

Giving Ryan a quick kiss." I will always know when you need me. And I will always be here when you need me. I love you, Ryan." Don answer. 

"I love you too." Ryan whispered just before their mouths were drawn togther again. As Ryan lost himself in Don embrace, he relized it will not be easy. But with Don by his side, he will face any problems head on. Because there is no other place Ryan would ever want to be them right here in Don's arms.






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Apr. 2nd, 2009 09:02 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you liked it. After the ep I need comfort and I knew Ryan did too. Don knew Ryan needed him and just came.

I agree Ryan would be better anywhere than Miami.

I think the only reason Ryan stays is because he thinks he owes H. Horatio just doesn't relize all that Ryan has given up for him.
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