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Yes, another update

Okay since Christmas is in a few days I thought I would let you all know what is going to be happening with my stories. As of wed that is the last day I will be updating, most likely until the new year and those updates will be two Christmas stories, one featuring Santa John Hart the other is a Smallville fic with Oliver/Clark.

On New Years I will hope to have two New Years fics, one is the Brother and Sister/Torchwood fic, it turned out to be better as a New Year fic, the other will be a demigod!Ianto bringing Jack to meet his true parnets.

Now the reason I won't be updating for a while is today was the first chance I got to see my grandma since she has been in the hospital and she is not doing good at all, I need to be around to help out my mom, I am also looking at transfering to a different Collage for the winter classess, one that is closer to home so I will be around more to help out if my grandma gets better.

Now I have a question for all of you, in my story "In the pain there is healing" I wrote that in the year that never was Jack had to make a choice between who would live between Ianto and Gwen and Jack chose Ianto, this all happen in Chapter 15 of the story. Now I recived a request to do a one shot showing Jack making that choice, so my question is would you like to see that because I am up for writing that.

So that is all I hope everyone has a happy hoilday.
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