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Fic: All I want for Christmas is you Chapter 1/2

Title: All I want for Christmas is you
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Oliver/Clark, Lois, Tess, Chloe, the team, Bart/Chloe and Tess/Lois
Summary: Every year the Daily Planet host a Christmas charity bachelor auction and this year biggest bachelor looks to be Clark, too bad no one told Clark or his boyfriend Oliver.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville, darn it.
Author Notes: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes and I will have the second chapter up on Friday.

Chapter 1

Unknown place and secret meeting is taking place to discuss a matter of the greatest importances.

Lois Lane looked at all those gathered. “We all know why we are here.” She started the meeting.

Only to be interrupted by Bart, “for the free food.” He grinned biting down into his pizza.

Lois rolled her eyes. “No, we are here because we are all fed up with Oliver and Clark keeping their relationship secret from the world. They are miserable and making us miserable the long it is kept secret. It is time to do something.” Lois pounded her hand on the table.

“That sounds nice and all that, but how are we going to do that?” Victor asked.

A sigh escaped Lois lips as she admitted, “I don’t know that is why we called this meeting.” Lois pointed at herself and Chloe.

“Just use Oliver biggest weakness.” Tess spoke up from the side where she was leaning against the wall.

“And just what is Oliver biggest weakness?” Chloe asked looking at the Oliver’s two exes.

A smile came to Tess face. “Haven’t you noticed its Oliver, not Clark with the fake dates? Imagine what will happen if say Clark was part of a charity bachelor auction?” Tess asked.

A wicked smirk spread across Lois face as she figured out Tess plan. “Like the one the Christmas one the Daily Planet is hosting? And if Clark did get sighed up, somehow, been the nice guy he is he wouldn’t back out. And if Oliver should somehow find out, there is no way he would let anyone win a date with his Clark, now is there?” Lois asked.

That is the Lois, who Tess fell for.

And with that a plan was formed as General Lois addresses her troops.


Clark Kent could only stare at his partner and best friend like they were crazy, he really hoped his super hearing was acting up. “I’m sorry could you repeat that?” He asked politely really hoping he had misheard.

Lois mischievous smile did not easy his worry at all. “Sorry Smallville your hearing is just fine, we sighed you up for the charity auction.” She told him happily.

Clark turned to Chloe, not able to believe that his best friend was in one this, “please tell me this is one of Lois’s jokes?” He pleaded.

Chloe gave him a softer smile, “sorry Clark I’m afraid it’s not. Just think of it this way it is for a good cause.” She reminded him.

“Besides if no one bids on you, we will.” Lois happily told her friend.

Clark wanted to groan, he has no idea how Lois comes up with these ideas and he doesn’t understand why he just can’t say no to them. “What about Oliver, he is not going to be too happy about this.” He reminded them of his boyfriend, okay so only the two women with him and Oliver’s team knows they are dating, but still Clark knew his boyfriend would not be to happy with Lois plan.

Lois crossed her arms. “Oh who cares about Blondie, he is the one who wants to keep your relationship secret,” she waved a hand silence Clark protest, “Yes, yes, it a secret to keep your from been exposed in newspapers, tabloids and for your relationship to be used against you and But Clark, we have both seen how much it hurts you when Oliver shows up at some event with a vapid, hussy on his arm. It’s time Oliver and you made your relationship known. And nothing will want to make Oliver get a move on, than you benign bid on.” Lois told him.

Clark didn’t want to admit it but Lois was right, it did hurt when ever Oliver arrived with fake dates, and seeing his all over tabloids with a different girl. Maybe Lois does have the right idea, and he really can’t back out, it is for charity after all.

“Alright I’ll do it, but you’ll let me tell Oliver before either one of you say anything to him or any of the other guys. What?” Clark did not like the sheepish look in both Lois and Chloe eyes.

A silent conversation went on between the two cousins, until finally Lois shoved Chloe forward, the blond smiled at her friend, “I think Oliver might already know, Bart was with me when Lois informed me you got accepted.” She admitted.

This time a groan escaped Clark mouth, as much as he likes Bart he knows the speedster will blab to Oliver in no time.

“I got to go,” Clark told the two women, he has some damage to fix.

Lois and Chloe shared a smile as they watched Clark leave their apartment, plan ‘Get Oliver to stop been an idiot’, was a go. They could only hope that Bart did his job.


Besides Chloe, no one was more happy when Oliver and Clark finally got together than the team, what, they could only take so much of those two dancing around each other and never making a move, just been general idiots when it came to each other, it did get very annoying.

But yet while they finally were together, Oliver had this crazy idea that it would be better for them to keep their relationship a secret.

It was making both of them miserable, and thus making the rest of them miserable.

“Olla, boss man,” Bart called out in a cheerful voice as he came out of Oliver kitchen with a plate full of food.

“Please tell me, you did not just clean out my full stocked kitchen, and you have better have not, I was making Clark dinner tonight.” Oliver demanded to know.

Bart grinned, “No worries boss man, I left plenty of food for you and my main man.”

Oliver felt the beginnings of a headache forming; all he wanted was a nice romantic meal with Clark. “Please tell me, that none of the rest of the team is planning on dropping by?” This was his alone time with Clark and he didn’t like the idea of having to share his boyfriend with their friends tonight.

“No, just me, I just stop by before I went to visit my Chloelicous, I wanted to make sure you we’re okay with Lois sighing Clark up to be in some bachelor auction?” He asked innocently.

Oliver froze before turning slowly to face Bart, “what bachelor action?” He asked in a deep growl.

“Heeh, my amigo hasn’t told you yet, I take it?” Bart asked fighting the urge to run as Oliver glared at him.

“No, he hasn’t.” Oliver growled crossing his arms.

Bart knew that this was part of the plan, but damn it he forgot how scary Oliver can be when he is angry; and he is very possessive over Clark. “Well look at the time, I gotta go.” With that parting remark Bart was gone in a blink.

‘If only he could move that fast on missions.’ Oliver thought to himself before he remember the situation at hand, his Clark was going to be bid by a bunch of woman who will be falling all over themselves to bid on his sexy boyfriend. There was no way he was letting his boyfriend be fought over like a piece of meat for the highest bidder to try and seduce his Clark.

“I take it from that look on your face that Bart has already been here and informed you of Lois plan?” Clark voice brought Oliver back from his murderess thoughts.

Taking one look at his boyfriend, Oliver stalked over to him and claimed his boyfriend in a deep kiss, poring ever inch of love and possessiveness he felt, making sure to remind Clark how he felt.

Clark was untaken back by the depths of the kiss, but melted into Oliver hold and returned the kiss.

Smiling into the kiss Oliver began backing Clark up towards his couch, he could work on a plan later; right now he has a boyfriend to seduce and make love to.


“I need a bigger couch.” Oliver announced a few hours later running his fingers threw Clark’s tussled dark locks, looking at the man laying half on top of him.

“Given how many times we end up on this couch that might be a good idea.” Clark agreed.

“So I take it there is no way to get you not to do this auction?” The blond questioned.

Shifting Clark looked up at his boyfriend, “I can’t Oliver; it’s for a children charity.”

Oliver knew he had lost the battle at the look in Clark eyes, and he couldn’t not demand him not to do this, so there was only thing he could do he was going to have to make sure that no one but him won Clark.


Tags: fandom: smallville, fic: all i want for christmas is you, pairing: clark/oliver, pairing: tess/lois
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