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Newest fic's

These are my latest stories I am working on.
Fandom:All three CSI series
Pairings: Flack/Ryan, Nick/Greg, and Danny/Adam. Plus minor pairings.
Summary: Adam and Greg can no longer stand back and watch the Miami lab destroy Ryan. They have a plan and that plan inculdes one Det. Don Flack Jr.

Title:Bleeding love
Fandom:CSI:Miami/CSI:New York
Pairing:Flack/Ryan/Eric, Mac/Adam, Hawkes/Natalia, Stella/?
Summary: Spoilers for 'Wolfe in sheep's clothing.' Eric owes Ryan a long over due apology.And relizes he may lose Ryan for good when he meets Don Flack Jr. Can Eric make everything right before he loses his Ryan to New York and more importantly to Flack?

Title:To be with you
Fandom:All three CSI series
Pairings:Flack/Ryan/Nick, Danny/Greg, Mac/Adam
Summary:'Nailed' After learing of Ryan injure Nick and Don fly down to Miami to care for him. Can they convince Ryan it is time to leave?

Title:Cupid's mistake.
Pairing:Eric/Ryan, Horatio/Speed, Cupid(OMC)/Arianna(OFC)
Summary:Arianna life was never been easy been the right hand person to Cupid. And when Cupid's arrow mistakenly hits the wrong people,it is up to Arianna to make things right. She thought her life was troublesome working for Cupid, it's nothing compard to what Miami brings her way. Now she must find away to right the wrong and bring togther two soulmates who can't stand each other. She is going to have her hands full in getting Eric and Ryan toghter.

Title:White Knight
Pairings:Eric/Ryan, Horatio/Speed, Jade(OFC)/Tara
Summary:What if Tara didn't head to Sunnydale? What if she ran to her cousin Ryan? Will Tara finale find a piece of happiness in Miami?
Tags: fic ideas
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