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Fic: Memories that haunt Chapter 3

Title: Memories that haunt
Fandom’s: CSI New York/CSI Miami/Criminal Minds
Pairings: Don/Ryan, Morgan/Reid, Danny/Aiden, Mac/Stella, Adam/Valera, Hotch/Garcia, Emily/Jackson (OMC) and past Ryan/Lily (OFC)
Summary: There are memories that we will treasure forever of people gone, and there are some that will forever haunt our nightmares. But in the end we will always end up making new ones.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these fandoms; all I own is Lily and Jackson.
Author Notes: This is unbeta so please forgive any mistakes. Also it is going to be a bit au for CSI New York, like the fact that Aiden is still alive and with the crime lab and there is no Lindsey in this, sorry to those who like her.

Chapter 3


New York City Airport


Blue eyes scanned the crowd smile lighting up his handsome face as he spotted who he is looking for. “RYAN!” He called out heading towards the man.


A smile spread across Ryan face as he spotted the familiar over six foot tall form of his brother-in-law and friend. “Jackson,” he headed towards his friend.


An oof escaped Ryan lips as he found himself engulfed in a giant bear hug.


“It’s good to see you Ryan, I’ve missed you bro.” Jackson cheerful told his friend.


“I’ve missed you to Jackson, but I kinda need to breath.” Ryan reminded the former collage football player.


With a sheepish smile Jackson released Ryan. “Sorry I forgot how tiny you are.” He teased Ryan.


Ryan glared playful at the other man. “Well we can’t all be over six foot former football players.” He said with a smile as he punched Jackson playful in the arm.


Jackson just threw his head back and let out a laugh that made all others who heard it want to join in.


Jackson Carter is the guy that is everyone’s buddy, he can be the goofball and the joker when so one needs a good laugh or a pick me up, he is also the kind of guy that will drop everything for a friend in need.


Ryan truly doesn’t know how he would have survived losing Lily if he didn’t have Jackson there to be his support during the roughest time of his life.


A strong arm dropped around his shoulder. “Lily loved this city, so no more sad thoughts. Okay?” Jackson sternly reminded Ryan.


Ryan ducked his head, feeling a lit blush covering his cheeks; Jackson knew how to read him better than most. He also knows that Jackson is right Lily wouldn’t want him to mourn her forever and if she were here, she would smack him over the head for daring to be sad in her city.


Ryan sheepishly met Jackson gaze. “At least you don’t smack me over the head, like Lily would have done for been sad in her favourite city.”


Jackson let out a laugh, knowing his sister would have done just that. “Time to go, my stomach is calling for food.” To agree to that point Jackson stomach let out a growl.


Ryan couldn’t contain his laugh. “Let’s go get food in that thing, before you scare anyone.” He grabbed his bag.


Jackson pouted. “It’s not my fault that I’m hungry. I had to miss lunch to come pick up you. Besides you’re just jealous that I can eat a ten course meal and not lose my six-pack abs.” Jackson teased Ryan.


“Really then how do explain those love handles, I see.” Ryan teased back poking Jackson in the side.


Jackson sniffled. “Fine just for that, I won’t tell you what I know about your new team-mates.” With his head held high Jackson stalked away from Ryan.


Ryan could only stare with his jaw hanging open as his friend and brother-in-law walked away from him after dropping his little bombshell. Only one thought ran threw Ryan’s head. ‘How the hell does Jackson know my future team-mates?’


With a growl Ryan chased after his friend planning on getting answer from him.


Jackson fought back a mischievous smile as he heard Ryan rush to catch up with him. His plans for match making had begun.


‘This is what Lily would want, you to be happy again. And I think Don could make you very happy.’ Jackson was sure of that and he is going to have fun setting these two up. ‘I wonder if I can get Aiden and Danny help?’


Catching up to Jackson, Ryan was a little worried at the plotting gleam in Jackson eyes.




“You want me to do what?” Danny couldn’t help but blurt out.


Don just grinned at his friend. “I volunteered us to help Jackson brother-in-law move into his new place.” He restated slowly for his friend.


Danny glared at the other man. “Not that I mind helping out, but didn’t you think it might be nice to ask me first, you know, just to make sure I don’t have plans this weekend?” Danny asked, before taking a sip of his coffee.


“And give you a chance to come up with some excuses to not help, I think not. So I asked Aiden and she happily agreed.” Don said with a smile before taking a bite out of his hotdog.


“Why the hell would you need to ask Aiden for? She doesn’t control my life.” Danny exclaimed.


Don just rolled his eyes. “I hate to tell this to you buddy, but we all know who wears the pants in your relationship, and it ain’t you.”


Danny wiggled his chip in Don’s face. “Just you wait until you fall in love, them we will see who wears the pants in your relationship,” he warned Don.


Don looked like he just won the lottery. “So you do admit that Aiden is the one in control of your relationship.”


Danny sulked as Don laughed.




Reid had mange to avoid Derek for most of the day, once the rumours began to spread that he was in the supply closet with a hot blond.


He suspects that Garcia has a hand in this.


His luck ran out at the end of the day as Reid once again found himself pulled into an empty supply closet.


Reid meet the darken eyes of a ticked off Derek Morgan.


“So pretty boy care to tell me who this hot blond is and why you were in a supply closet?” Derek questioned, while pinning Reid to the wall.


Reid gulped, he knows that tone, and they won’t be leaving here until Derek gets his answers.


“Pretty boy,” Derek tone dropped to a husky tone.


Reid whimpered, that was another tone he knew all to well, it was Derek’s bedroom voice.


“It was nothing. Garcia just needed to talk to me and she pulled me into here.” Reid blurted out.


Morgan narrowed his eyes; his pretty boy is keeping something from him. But he knows that Reid will not tell him anything about his talk with his baby girl.




Wiping his brow, Ryan forgot how tiring moving furniture was; his white t-shirt was drenched in sweat and already clinging to him. He desperately wanted a shower, but knew that this was just the start.


‘I just have to have a longer shower, later.’ Ryan promised to himself.


The ringing of his doorbell broke Ryan from his dream of a hot shower and been clean.


“That’s probably you’re new co-workers, they agreed to help move you this weekend.” Jackson called from the kitchen.


Taking Jackson word for it, Ryan opened the door and met the most beautiful blue eyes and his world shook for the second time in his life.



Tags: crossover: csi miami/csi new york/crimin, fic: memories that haunt, pairing: don/ryan, pairing: morgan/reid
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